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Spiritual Endeavors is an independent nonprofit educational organization for the advancement of
Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental awareness, dedicated to expanding
consciousness, and awakening Self knowledge.


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Spiritual Endeavors sitemap showing areas of Spiritual New Age Channelings, Seth, Holistic Health, Environmental, Ecology, Enlightenment, Metaphysics, New Age Channelings, Environmental and Holistic Awareness, Seth/Jane Roberts World Peace

There is a larger
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consists of nearly 30 sites...

That's an enormous amount of material to manage!

To facilitate ease, we've built various Pavilions to house similar sites.

The image (site map) to the right is a  visual representation of the Pavilions.


Each Pavilion is independent, has it's own unique design,
look, and atmosphere.
Some Pavilions are very large and house multiple sites.


Navigating is easy.

Every main page of a Pavilion has an index - as well as links to all other main pages in the domain. If you are new to the web, you may find more helpful hints for navigating on the
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These are the pavilions of S-E and what you will find there.

The MANY PATHS Pavilion keeps growing and growing. Presently, it is organized like a rather large building with 9 different wings, each housing a different category of information.

? Basic Spirituality
? Channelings From Around The World
? Extended Abilities
? Health & Well Being
? Inspirational Stories
? Mother Earth
? Native Cultures
? Peace On Earth
? Phenomena
? Resources
  (Global Meditations updated bi-weekly)
? World Peace

The EVENTS pavilion is a world wide events calendar for Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Events. Listing your event here is free. There are wings devoted to:

? Africa
? Asia
? Australia
? Central / South America
? Europe
? USA / Canada
? Global - Beyond Boundaries

SETH And His Many Offspring Many of toady's spiritual leaders began their personal journey through the Seth Material. It still remains on the cutting edge, and is the basis of what they are teaching and sharing. Yale University preserves the Seth Material for all posterity - it's that potent!

The NEW BEGINNINGS Pavilion houses the internet version of the Spiritual Endeavors newsletter.   Subscribe Free!

? With a new magazine-like style that lets you flip through the pages!

The OUR ANGELS Pavilion houses the web sites of individuals and organizations who have chosen to help support Spiritual Endeavors by having us design and/or host their web pages.   Be An Angel

In the 
BOOK STORE, you can save up to 40% on any book tape or CD.  A special section features works straight from the authors.

The FREE STUFF Pavilion contains free offerings from Spiritual Endeavors and friends.  Free Readings, Books, Games, Previews, etc...

The GIFT SHOP offers a selection of ooohs & aaahs
for the spiritually, holistically or environmentally inclined.

The LINKS Pavilion is where you'll find links to other like minded and informative sites.

The ABOUT S-E Pavilion contains information about Spiritual Endeavors;   
how it began, how it's growing, its needs, its services, and its plans for future growth, and how to become a guest speaker at S-E.

We enjoying hearing from our visitors; what you like, what you don't like, what we can do to help, and what you can do help.


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We hope you enjoy many visits to Spiritual Endeavors.