Ichabod and Lilly

by Therese Morin

Theres a legend thats been spoken of and handed down thru time

Bout a fat ole cat called Ichabod end a mouse named Lilly- Mime

For Lilly was a mimic born possessed of talent rare

As mischievous as she could be she just plain didnt care.

When Ichabod walked a certain way then Lilly did it too

Exaggerating every step behind him and she knew

That should he catch her in the act hed surely feel the Lout

And that would be the end of her of that there was no doubt.

Now, Ichabod did love to snooze on a tree stump big and round

At times hed sit and ponder things which he thought quite profound.

Hed spend long hours in the shade just lazing time away

Hed pick at this and swat at that sometimes till end of day.

The stump that housed old Ichabod was home to Lilly too

'Twas at the bottom that she lived a hole shed gnawed anew

Avoiding him at any cost became her favorite game

Tho Lilly knew that neath the bluster Ichabod was tame.

And now and then hed see her from the corner of an eye

But catching her was too much work hed do it bye and bye

Shed tweak his nose and knot his tail or pull a whisker out

And then and there hed had enough and chase her all about.

Some days did pass where nothing happened peace did seem to reign

As Ichabod slept our Lilly thought up ways to cause him pain.

On one occasion she had tied his tail to his hind legs

And on awakening Ichabod did taste some bitter dregs

He hatched a plot he thought would work hed catch her unaware

And just pretend to be asleep till he felt she was there

And then hed pounce upon the mouse to teach her a thing or two

And contemplate her for his lunch for it was overdue.

Now Ichabod did get his chance alas it came and went

For as he thought about his scheme his anger just got spent

What if I squash the little pest he asked himself one day

Who will I have to haunt me then who will I find to play?

So Ichabod and Lilly-Mime continued in their mode

She taunted him he lunged at her all in the same abode

How long they carried on like this no ones left to tell

For at the bottom of it all they loved each other well.

Tis said that Ichabod and Lil have gone to who knows where

And all thats left is just a stump to show that they were there

Except that every now and then it seems that one can see

A fat ole cat called Ichabod bounce Lilly on his knee.

?1997 Therese Morin

by Therese Morin
Therese has been a pianist for many years and has worked with many notables and stars such as Barbara Streisand - and her own songs have been recorded by various artists through the years. She has recently become an ordained minister and is seeking a publisher for her channeled fables, of which this is one. You may contact her through web@spiritual-endeavors.org

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