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Let us examine the act of conflict. In the simplest of terms, in general it is two opposing forces confronting one another. By definition, if one force opposes another, then the energy produced by the struggle will be negative energy.   No matter how 'right' one side may be, or how 'wrong' the other, in effect, both sides are producing negative energy because the concentration is on hostility.

However, if another element, that of positive energy, is introduced into the arena, then there will be a change in the parameters under which the conflict is played out. Instead of two forces producing negative energy, there is a third, and this one is producing positive energy.

When there is a change in a system of two negatives that has kept a conflict thriving, and this change is in the form of positive energy, that of Peace, Love, and Light, then conditions become viable for a resolution of conflict.

That is the theory on which the network called Global Meditations is based.

This network, or any similar network, can be used as a tool to enable large numbers of people world wide to inject positive energy into conflicts so conditions can become viable for a resolution of conflict. The theory behind the feasibility of having large numbers participating is analagous to candles being used at the same time to produce light, which is energy. The more candles, the more light.   The more people contributing positive energy focused on one subject, which, in the case of a conflict, is two negative forces, the better chance to change the parameters of the conflict in order for a resolution to take place.

Global Meditations, via the Internet, makes it possible to bring large numbers of people together at the same time so their energies are coordinated and focused on a given problem. The real thrust of the Global Meditations network is to put out a call for help so all consciousnesses can concentrate on positive energies at a given time to help create a well or wave of positive energy that makes a resolution of conflict possible. In other words, the network coordinates, integrates, focuses.   Today, because of the Internet, the Global Meditations network can reach an estimated 15,000 people within four days of a message being sent out.

Barbara Wolf

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Global Meditations

Hello Everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network.

Your brothers and sisters across the planet will be busy in June. Here are some events. Other months are listed on http// --------

May 28-June 11, MOROCCO. 8th WORLD SACRED MUSIC FESTIVAL, Fez, and visits to ancient Roman city of Volubilis; Moulay Idris, ancient Arab citadel and cradel of Sufism in Moroccan society; Moulay Yacob, hot springs; and more. Contact Joseph-Mark Cohen,; Tel 250-229-2227. Or, Hamid of Sarah Tours, Tel 800-267-0036. http// -------- 

May 31-June 2, Woudschoten Conference Centre near Zeist, Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS. Heart and Soul of Learning Conference to explore the role of the heart in human learning/professional learning environments, both scientifically and practically. Heart-Brain exercises, Kinesiology, and learning to solve problems using the heart. Post conference intensives, June 3-5. Contact Annelies Verloop, http// --------

 June 1-2, Wailea, Maui, HAWAII. Communication and Self-expression Workshop, 'ACTING FROM THE HEART Connecting Passion, Mission & Power' with Richard Hatch. Contact Marianna, Tel 808-891-0719. -------- 

June 1-13, SWITZERLAND, Landegg International University, CH-9405 Wienacht/AR. Two courses in International Conflict Resolution, taught by Professor Dietrich Fischer, Pace University, New York, and Professor Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov, Swiss Centre for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and others. For information and registration, contact; Tel +41-71-898-0566, or +41-71-898-0505, or on-line http// -------- 

June 1-15, IRAN. Sacred sites and power places of Zoroastrism and Shi'a Islam, with Martin Gray. Contact;; Tel 604-925-3831 or 888-881-7455 http// http// --------- 

June 4-11, Dubrovnik, CROATIA. The Alchemy of Peace Building Integrating Spiritual Vision and Active Citizenship. Sponsored by Praxis Peace Institute, and co-sponsored by The Institute of Noetic Science, and the Fetzer Institute, and others. Contact Georgia Kelly,; Tel 707-939-2973; Fax 707-939-6720 http// -------- 

June 6-9, Near Boekesteyn, THE NETHERLANDS, in a nature reserve near an organic farming area with trails for walks and bicycle rides. Seeds of Wholeness Science Systems Spirit, An International, Interactive Conference, organized by The Foundation for Environmental Consciousness (Stichting Milieubewustzijn) and the International Institute of Inclusive Science (IIIS), University for the Science of Peace. Contact; Tel +31 (0)35 655 9359; Fax +31 (0)35 655 9360 http// -------- 

une 7-9, Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO, The James A. Little Theater. THE PROPHETS CONFERENCE ~ SANTA FE POETS, MYSTICS, MAGICIANS. Bringing together Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, Stanislav Grof, Norman Shealy, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Tom Robbins, Krishna Das, Fred Alan Wolf, Howard Martin, Laurie Monroe, Ralph Metzner, Hank Wesselman, Ilona Selke, Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann, Kevin Ryerson, to facilitate our awareness, creativity, understanding, and transformative evolution. Contact; Tel 888.777.5981. http// -------- 

June 7-9, Otsiningo Park, near Binghamton, NEW YORK STATE. 23rd Otsiningo Pow Wow, with Allegany River Indian dances, Aztec fire dances, music and stories, arts and crafts, Indian food. Contact; Tel 607-729-0016 http// -------- 

June 7-11 events, EGYPT. Peace Conference, June 7; Gathering at the Great Pyramid, June 8; Oasis Desert Peace Prayer Group Retreat, June 9-11. Contact Sharon Hamilton-Getz,; Tel/New York 212 271-3281; Tel/Cairo 011 20 105089074. -------- 

June 7-17, ATLANTA, Georgia. Atlanta Shamanic Astrology Chart Analysis Intensive, with Daniel Giamario and Anyaa McAndrew. Contact Anyaa in Atlanta at (770)640-1236. -------- 

June 8-9, Bilthoven, THE NETHERLANDS, Natuur College. "Transformation Through Sound" workshops with sound healer Chris James. Contact Natuur College,; Tel +31 6 553 8608. http// -------- 

June 10, 10 am- 5 pm, Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO, Unity Church of Santa Fe. THE DAY OF COCREATION workshop, presented by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Hank Wesselman, and Gregg Braden, following The Prophets Conference. Contact Tel toll-free 1-888-777-5981 in the US and Canada. Registration on-line, http// -------- 

June 10-15, Derry/Londonderry, NORTHERN IRELAND. UNU/INCORE International Summer School to study concepts of conflict resolution. Contact Julie Shouldice,; Tel +44 (0)28 71 375500; Fax +44 (0)2871375510 -------- 

June 12-18, Greenwood, SOUTH DAKOTA. Native American teacher, Golden Eagle, presents "TEACHINGS OF THE SEVEN". Teachings to be held in daily sweat lodges. Camping only. Contact, Tel 605-384-5200 http//

Note from Barbara June 18-22 is Sundance at the Solstice. Nearby location. -------- 

June 13-23, Solstice. Nohwiki Bagowa, Alpine, CALIFORNIA. "Eagle's Rite of Coming Home Summer Solstice Gathering." Camping on site. Hosted by Maria Yrac???b???r???. Contact Maria,; Tel 619-659-5136 http// --------- 

June 15, SAN FRANCISCO, Global Peace & Love Day. The Miracle of Love celebrated at the Rotunda, City Hall, with the bringing together of musicians, artists, performers and producers. Contact -------- 

June 15-July 13, Monterrey, MEXICO. The 2002 Latin American Student Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, hosted by The Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution (IIMCR), in partnership with Tec de Monterrey and The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University. Contact IIMCR,; Tel 202-347-2042; Fax 202-347-2440; 1424 K Street, N.W., Suite 650, Washington D.C. 20005, USA. http// -------- 

June 17-July 1, Summer Solstice Tour, "In Search of the Black Madonna", with Josh Schwartzbach, who channels Ezekiel. Following the trail of Our Divine Mother across four EUROPEAN countries, numerous centuries, and an abundance of Sacred Sites. Contact Josh Schwartzbach, Eja Magical Journeys,; Tel 800-327-1632 http// -------- 

June 19-23, L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Quebec, CANADA. Solstice "Love" Festival, a 5-day gathering of Light Seekers and Servers, hosted by Jean Hudon, Earth Rainbow Network. Contact http// -------- 

June 19-25, Solstice, COSTA RICA. Rejuvenation Retreat in a magnificent, remote cloudforest to recharge one's life swimming, hiking, hot springs, vegetarian meals, meditation, drumming, dancing, bonfires, Solstice celebration. Contact Rick Johnson, -------- 

June 20-22, Fredrikstad, NORWAY, Institute for Journalism. PEACE JOURNALISM, a training and lecture program on Ethical Reporting of Conflicts and Challenges after September 11, 2001. Contact John Y. Jones,; Tel +47-2245-1814. Information and registration on http// -------- 

June 20-23, WALES, UK. Song of the Heart workshops with sound healer Chris James. Contact Steve Hellaby,; Tel +44 1483 723 313. http// -------- 

June 21, SOLSTICE, Phoenix, SOUTH AFRICA, near Durban. Phoenix is a settlement founded by Mahatma Gandhi. WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER DAY ceremonies with Native American Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. Contact http// -------- 

June 21, SOLSTICE, Pipestone, MINNESOTA, Spirit of Peace Powwow Grounds. Tour of the sacred quarries. Free camping. Contact Gloria, http// -------- 

June 21, SOLSTICE (June 22 optional), FRANCE. WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER DAY gathering at the beach called "L'ESPIGUETTE", near GRAU DU ROI, about 25 miles southeast of Montpellier. Free gathering, hosted by Collectif 144, to share ideas, exchange information. Hourly meditation groups, bonfires to celebrate the Solstice. Nearby camping sites, parking. Contact Steve & Agn???s,; Tel +33 (0) 467 725 591 http// --------

 June 21-23, St. Augustine, FLORIDA. "Alchemy of the Earth" workshop, with Gary Hoffman, who will teach Harmonizing Earth Energies, Geomancy, Dowsing, Sacred Geometry, Communicating with Nature and More. Contact Marilyn Edwards,; Tel (904) 826-0866 http// -------- 

June 21-23, Campground near Hazleton, PENNSYLVANIA. "A Decade Later.... The Medicine Continues", a tribute to honor Sun Bear's life and vision, marking the anniversary of his passing, and celebrating Wind Daughter's 7th year as medicine chief of the Bear Tribe. Contact The Bear Tribe, Tel 251-665-0499; PMB 223, 3750-A Airport Blvd., Mobile, AL 36608. -------- 

June 21-23, Solstice. Eugene, OREGON, Nicki Scully Retreat Center. Solstice Celebration for women, with Nicki Scully and alchemist Gloria Taylor Brown. Drumming, chanting, fire circle led by Imani. Contact; Tel (541) 484-1099 or (800) 937-2991. Information/registration on http// -------- 

June 21-24, Solstice. Trout Lake, WASHINGTON STATE, Sattva Sanctuary. Near Hood River, 70 miles from Portland, Oregon. "The Heart of the Heart Conference" to celebrate the Solstice. A multi-cultural, multi-dimensional spiritual gathering. Contact Contact Brett, Tel 319-866-9560 or 319-573-3020; or James Gilliland; Tel 509-395-2092. http// http// -------- 

June 21-25, Calgary, CANADA. THE G6B, the PEOPLE'S SUMMIT, offers a forum to generate and discuss ideas and solutions promoting economic activities beneficial to people living in all parts of the world, and which reflect full respect for human rights and the environment. G6B means Group of 6 Billion -- reflecting the entire global citizenry. Contact Lynn Foster,; Tel 403-202-0638. -------- 

June 22-23, Idaho Falls, IDAHO, Shilo Inn Suites Hotel, 780 Lindsay Blvd. "Harnessing The Power of Creation", with Ronna Herman, Archangel Michael, Tobias, Geoffrey Hoppe. Contact Shirley White, Tel (208) 538-5402, or Kebbie Wheller, Tel 208-785-2505 http// http// http// -------- 

June 22-23, San Antonio, TEXAS, Unlimited Thought Bookstore. Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing Intensive to explore Kathara "Core Template" healing and Keylontic Science. Subjects of study The "True Tree of Life" and how it supports manifestation, DNA activation techniques, Physical/Mental/Emotional/Miasmic healing techniques, the truth of the "Indigo Children", Cosmic Structure and Universal Field Physics, Ascension mechanics, Stellar Activation Cycles, and more. Sponsored by the Energy Medicine Association, http// -------- 

June 22-23, South Bristol, NEW YORK STATE, Shimmering Light Farm. Herbal Solstice Workshop with Judith Berger, author of "Herbal Rituals", to learn how wild 'weeds' and garden variety herbs can be incorporated into our every day lives for health and vitality. Includes weed walks, preparing and enjoying herbal meals, and making herbal medicinal preparations. Contact Deb Denome, -------- 

June 24-30, Oslo, NORWAY. Visionary Voice, Sound Healing workshops with Chris James. Contact Oyvind Solum,; Tel +47 6691 0105 http// -------- 

June 24-28, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA. Intensive training program for Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Global Development, with Johan Galtung and Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen. Contact http// -------- 

June 25-July 6, Florence, ITALY. Creativity workshop to help individuals believe in and develop their creative process through a series of writing and drawing exercises. Contact Karen Bell, http// -------- 

June 27-30, Custer County, SOUTH DAKOTA, southern Black Hills. The 2002 Gathering of Eagles. Specific location on 40 acres in Custer County, near Pringle, off Pleasant Valley Road. This is a gathering of all people from all nations uniting spiritually through sharing and respecting each other's traditions and philosophies of life. Contact Clay Uptain,, or, http// -------- 

June 29, Canon Frome Court, Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK. Workshop, 'Dancing the Maze and Spiral', with Lynn Frances. Contact Liz Wooster,; Tel 01531 670203. --------

 July 1, LONDON, England, St. James Church, Piccadilly. The Big Sing, with sound healer Chris James. Contact Tel +44 207287 6711. Also, JULY 6-7, LONDON, Transformation Through Sound workshops. Contact Ravi Mehra,; Tel +44 1784 251007. http// -------- 

July 1 -19. WASHINGTON D.C., American University. The Peacebuilding and Development Summer Institute, offered through the School of International Service. Training program to give foreign aid workers, government officials, and conflict resolution practitioners practical skills to complement their daily work in war zone areas. Contact Aimee Teplinsky, Program Coordinator,; Tel (202) 885-2014. -------- 

July 2-6, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. International Peace Research Association Conference (IPRA) -- Peace Education in Different Countries and Contexts. Contact Information and paper proposals, Veslem???y Wiese, Telemark University College, Pb 203, 3901 Porsgrunn, Norway, email -------- 

July 2-14, JOURNEY TO TIBET. The Ra Kendra Centre, Philippines, will be celebrating its annual Festival of Remembrance on July 9 at Tashi Lumpo, Shigatse. Also, a Love-Peace-Goodwill ceremony at the Potala, Lhasa. Daily meditations and round table discussions. Those who wish to join, contact Rashmi Singh, ========= 

Peace, Love, and Light, Barbara Wolf

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

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