Are We Really Sure Who We Hate?

Dear Friends,

As you all know by now, the United States is perpetrating genocide upon the people of Iraq in a senseless war. If you listen to the mainstream media, all you will hear is rhetoric that comes from governmental press releases and an endless stream of military analysts. The truth, as you might expect, lies elsewhere.

It is ironic that the government speaks of a war against Hussein when no such thing is possible. Cruise missiles are not that precise and the resulting explosion covers large areas. Make no mistake - this is a war against the people of Iraq. The classic technique for eliminating a country's warmaking ability is to destroy the infrastructure that keeps the common people as well as the military healthy - that includes the ability to make food, water, and medicine.

To hear the rhetoric about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" is maddening. The U.S. is the world leader in the manufacture, sale, and use of weapons of mass destruction. In fact, in the 1970's, a company in Maryland sold Iraq the "seed stock" for its chemical warfare program.

The atomic bomb that wiped out Hiroshima killed 300,000 people. The U.S. imposed sanctions on the people of Iraq (Sadam eats very well, thank you very much) have killed 500,000 children alone. In Iraq today, the most serious weapon of mass destruction is a bottle of water - water tainted with disease because of the sanctions. Without medicine, diarrhea means death to many children and elderly.

In order to get reasoned information on this tragedy, here are some suggestions about how to stay informed with links to important sites:

1.Please visit Pacifica Radio's Watch on Iraq website. They will keep you informed about the truth of what is happening and will tell you about anti-war demonstrations around the world. You WILL NOT hear about these dissenting views on the mainstream television, radio, or print media.

2.Write your congressional representatives and the President. Tell them to stop this now. I was against impeachment until this action. Now I say "throw Clinton out."

3.I wrote a "Healing Our World" article on the sanctions in early 1998. Sadly, it is still relevent today. Please check it out.

4.Visit Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now site for in depth coverage and additional links.

5.Visit the Peace Action website for information about anti-war activities and links.

6.Visit the website of Voices in the Wilderness, an organization devoted to ending the sanctions against Iraq.

7.Call your local TV, radio stations, and newspapers. Tell them you want to hear some dissenting views.

8.Stand up for what you know in your heart is right. Defend the truth with family and friends. Take a stand. Join a demonstration.

We all need to light candles and pray for sanity, for truth and an end to a Presidency filled with lies and deceit.

I wish you peace,


Jackie Giuliano

Jackie Giuliano, Ph.D., is a Professor of Environmental Studies for Antioch University, Los Angeles, and the University of Phoenix Southern California Campuses. Please send your thoughts, comments, and visions to him at  and visit his web site at

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