A Good Reason To Stop Protesting War!

by Simon Hunt

I have been watching the last few days, with saddened heart, the escalation towards an unwelcome situation in the mid-east. I do not care to include what that situation is escalating towards in my reality. With my soul, I look forward to that point in our future when the last act of violence committed on this planet is nothing more than a curious fact of ancient history.

There is much that we can do to bring that future reality closer to our present focus, and perhaps the first step is deciding our own course of action. For myself, realizing that the energy we give to our thoughts adds the creative force that manifests those thoughts within our physical reality, I decided to stop thinking about war. I give no energy to that topic. I stopped hating it. I stopped trying to stop it!

You see, by the very act of thinking about something, we tend to perpetuate it - by very the energy we focus on alleviate it. Realizing this basic law of manifestation and conscious creation, it becomes obvious that the way to rid ourselves of a circumstance or situation is through focusing on it opposite. In the case of war, that would be love, peace understanding, compassion, acceptance, tolerance, and respecting the integrity of life, etc.

Thinking "STOP WAR" gives energy to the concept of war, thus perpetuating itand in a very real sense, contributes toward creating it.

Thinking "START PEACE" on the other hand, creates that loving space or vibration in which anything that is not in resonance with peace simply can not exist.

This is, as already stated, a basic law of creation, be it consciously creating or unconsciously creating. In the earnestness of the endeavors to resolve the mid east situation some may be tempted to not give due consideration to this simple basic truth. To those, I would ask you to try the following experiment.

The next time you sit down to eat, focus on not knocking over that glass on the table. Think to yourself, "Im not going to spill that glass." Feel it as strongly and with the same intensity of emotion that feel towards stopping war; "IM NOT GOING TO SPILL THAT GLASS." Hold the thought in your mind; chant it like you would chant a slogan at a anti-war demonstration. NO MORE SPILLS! NO MORE SPILLS! Really get into it "Its so wrong and wasteful to spill things Im never going spill anything ever again There should never be any spills anywhere Its against my principles to become involved in spilling or becoming involved in a spill Im going to get involved in stamping out clumsiness and there will be NO MORE SPILL! etc."

Bet you already know whats going to happen!

So why not apply this principle in our heartfelt endeavors to create a peaceful planet. Let us no longer focus on stopping war. Let us instead start waging peace.

As a post Script:
The President of the US has explained his concern in the situation is that he "doesn't want the horrible nuclear, chemical, and bacterial weapons of mass destruction to be held by the wrong hands". I can only ask, "Are there any right hands?"

Simon is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, co-designer of spiritual-endeavors.org, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy (which is available in the S-E Bookstore)   graphic artist & Internet designer, and co-instructor of the Conscious Creation series; Creating Your Own Reality based on all the Seth material written by the late Jane Roberts. 

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