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Web-Ring information
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The Planetary Awakening Network
is an association of networks devoted to positive planetary transformation.

Network Information


The Planetary Awakening Network came into being in April, 1998 as an international coalition of networks. The original purpose was to create an international emergency alert system in which participants could use their interdimensional skills to help bring about a healing to planetary crisis situations.  From that beginning point it has developed as an e-mail based international communication network for the exchange of ideas, resources and information among those involved in some form of conscious raising activity as mentioned above.



The purpose of association is two-fold:

1) To provide an international communication network for the exchange of ideas, resources and information, and

2) To provide a planetary emergency alert system for light workers to be able to collectively use their interdimensional tools (meditation, prayer, ceremony, etc.) to bring about a positive resolution to specific crisis.

Currently we have over 540 networks from 40 countries, representing almost 150,000 people. Some of these "networks" are informal and as small as five people; the participant and a few friends - while others are large networks of a thousand or more.


Participation In The Network

You may register to participate in the Planetary Awakening Network by filling in the form below .

Although your full name, address and phone number are requested (for purposes of verification if necessary), your address & phone number will be kept confidential and will not be forwarded to other participants.

Once you register, you will receive a copy of the current Network Directory. Additions will be forwarded to you periodically as new   registrations are received.


Participation In The Web-Ring
(Web-Ring temporally defunct)

All registered member networks with a web site are invited to participate in the Planetary Awakening Network Web Ring. Member networks without web sites please

For information on how to become an equal partner in the Web Ring please click the Web-Ring Information link at either the top or bottom of the page.



Q: I don't have a website. Can I participate?

A: Yes. There are a number of large networks who do not own web-sites. In parts of the world the Internet is not easily available and FAX is the common method of quick communication. Some networks are entirely email based. 

Q:  I don't have a network.  Can I participate as an individual?

A.  You may not have a large or formal network, but perhaps you participate in an ongoing group of some kind or simply have a circle of concerned friends who you would be willing to alert  in the case of a crisis.  If so, you could consider this as your network and your participation would be welcomed. We ask for a minimum of at least 5.

Q:  How would I send something out through the Network?

A:  Each participant is provided with the e-mail address of every other participant. This will allow you to send something out to all participants and potentially to their networks.  You may also post a notice on the Network Bulletin Board which is sent out with each new set of additions. All that is requested is that you follow the e-mail guidelines which we have established.

Q:  As a  participant will I be required to forward information to my network?

A. Absolutely not!  You always retain the right not to forward any information which you feel is not appropriate or not sufficiently important to share with your network.

Q:  Are there different levels of  participation?

A:  Yes.  There are three choices:

(a) "Alerts Only" - Planetary emergency alerts only.

(b) "Weekly" - A maximum of one non-personal e-mail per week from another participant

(c) "Unrestricted"  or a willingness to receive any information anytime with the understanding that you may request removal from some ones list if you receive either too much info or info which is not of interest.

Q: If I find that participation creates too much e-mail or I receive unwanted e-mail, how can I disengage?

A:  If you receive unwanted or too much mail from another participant, you can simply ask to be removed from their mailing list - and still remain as a Network participant.  Or, you can change your "receipt of e-mail frequency" status.   If you choose to drop out  altogether, you can notify the coordinator and have your name removed from the list. 

Q: I have a question which isn't addressed here. Who can I contact?

A: If you have other questions, please contact Michael Lightweaver at Michael serves as the coordinator for the PAN.

To register, please fill in the form below. 

Please Register Me As A Participant

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Telephone Number (confidential)

Fax Number (confidential)

E-Mail Address

Website URL

Size Of Network  Indicate with a specific number, the number of people you could contact directly within 12 hours in case of a crisis - either in person, by phone, fax or e-mail.

Project or Group Name

Project Description  (35 words maximum)

E-Mail Frequency  (pick one)

ALERTS = I wish to be sent only Planetary Emergency Alerts.
WEEKLY = I wish to be sent no more than one non-personal e-mail per week from another participant
UNRESTRICTED = I am willing to receive e-mail from others with restriction, with the understanding that I may request removal from some ones list if I receive either too many e-mails or info which is not of interest.

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