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The Planetary Awakening Network
is an association of networks devoted to positive planetary transformation.

There are over 300 networks representing 33 countries involved in the association at this time. It is growing every day.

Our intent as an association of networks is to link with one another for the purpose of becoming acquainted, exchanging information and exploring ways of working together synergistically to make this transition a gentle and positive experience for the highest good of all.

In the Planetary Awakening Network all participants come together as equals, no matter the size or scope of their network. There are no "leaders", and no "followers"; just people working together. Participation in the network is totally free and voluntary.

Participation is appropriate for all those involved in consciousness raising efforts related to human relations, peace, health and healing, spiritual development, ecology and the environment, and planetary and galactic citizenship - to name a few.

It is our understanding that we are in the midst of a major planetary transition which is described in many ways by many belief systems. This transition involves an awakening of a new consciousness in the human species which has been described in various ways, including, but not limited to...

There is a sense that we are in the midst of an "evolutionary leap" which involves, not only humanity, but all Creation and the Earth herself.

For information on how you can become part of this free growing network click on the Network Information link below.

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