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Mayan 13 Year Count Down
Beginning December 21, 1999
to December 21, 2012

by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

December 21, 1999 marked the beginning of the last 13-year cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which ends on December 21, 2012. I was in Palenque with a small group of spiritual adventures during this time. We traveled to this site because Palenque is a solar marker for Winter Solstice. At sunset the Sun shines through a 3-story tower, activating the Hall of Records anchored in a chamber underneath this small plaza. It was at this time that spirit guided me to write this article outlining the energy and creative potential possible for Earth and Humanity in the these last 13 years of a 104,000-year cycle.

It was clear this is a cycle of time (13 years) when will change life as we know it. At the end of this 13-year period our lives will be significantly different. Each cycle of time, no matter how big or small, builds energy like a capacitor. This is why the last days or years in these cycles are the most powerful and transforming. Each cycle, no matter how big or small, also carries an evolutionary intention that was set by the collective whole at the onset of the cycle. Many things we are experiencing now were set into motion 104,000 years ago, 52,000 years ago, 26,000 years ago When a cycle shifts, so do the intentions. Big cycles of time affect larger natural laws, and huge intentions that mold our world. Little cycles of time affect smaller and natural laws and subtle intentions.

When big cycles shift to a new higher cycle, we can expect big changes in every area of our life and big changes in our experiences of reality. But we are not at the mercy of an angry creator or Mother Earths whims. We are part of the Great Creator and our bodies are part of Mother Earth. We have just as much to do with what manifests in our reality as the stars above, the planets, the creative force of the universe, and the creator Gods of all the religions of the world. We are part of all that is. We are as responsible for the things we celebrate as the things we grieve over. During the next 13 years we are being asked to own this fact, to brave unknown territory and to create new paths of light in the jungle of uncountable possibilities ahead. We are being asked to become the New Pioneers.

Mayan calendars do not dictate the way we live, rather they issue and define creative energy that we use with our free will to create anything we desire. We can use it to pray, heal the past, to send love to our all our relations and even to dream a new world into manifestation. We are moving past the time to follow, or to give power to something or someone outside ourselves, into a time to empower our divine creative process. The energy of the next 13 years is for us to USE as an unlimited supply of cosmic fuel from which to create. To understand the energies and focuses of the next 13 years will help one manifest with greater clarity and passion. We always know when we are moving out of alignment of our passion. We get bored, depressed, sleepy, uninspired, etc. When we flow with the universe, our passion for life awakens and life becomes rich and rewarding again. But aligning with our destiny can be a journey in itself.

It is the last 13 years of a 104,000-year cycle. It is truly time to stand up and take responsibility and begin to dream a new world into reality. It is time to let go of those things that are not serving humanity, Earth, the heavens, our family and ourselves. This takes great courage, as there is not going to be anyone ahead of us showing us the way any more. We are the leaders now.

The 13-year cycle listed below are based on 2 Mayan Calendar counts. I like to honor these 2 counts, as they are the most widely used in the world today. Even though there are arguments to which calendar is right, I feel that each has some deep and interesting insights to offer us and are both valid when we stay open and have respect for all perspectives.

The Mayan Astrology Count is based on my book "Mayan Astrology" and can be ordered by contacting me at the address at the end of this article. This count is a frozen count calendar using March 21 as Mayan New Year and is based in many sources of modern interpretations of the Mayan calendars. My fiends in Guatemala also call this count the Yucatec count as much of the information used is from the Yucatan area of the Maya lands

The Kiche Count information comes from many Traditional Mayan sources I personally collected over the last 3 years in Guatemala. Information was given orally as well as in printed form. The Kiche Count is also called the true count or long count and is still being actively used in many areas of Guatemala by Aj Kij (meaning Mayan Daykeeper / priests). The Mayan Calendar End date of December 21, 2012 comes from this count. December 21, 2012 is 4 AJPU and is considered by many Mayan researchers the last day of this 104,000-year cycle.

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