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Trail of Joy

O SI YO'(Greetings), Simon and to all My Relations at Spiritual Endeavors

O SI YO'(Greetings) My brothers and sisters, and all our Relations

My name is James and I am the son of Hiawatha, grandson of Ada Vann, seventh generation from Chief Joe Vann and Cherokee (Bird Clan) born at Tahlequah, Oklahoma on September 14, 1946. But even more important, I am a member of the family of people called Native Americans, that indigenous group of people that have from the beginning of time and still do live here in the Americas. We are one of the four parts of humanity.

On March 10, 1995 my wife Norma our five daughters and I started the first walk of the four journeys given in vision. We began in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and arrived on May 10th at New Echota, Georgia. The walk was called "THE TRAIL OF JOY, THE RETURN", it was done to complete the circle that began with the "Trail of Tears" and to reconnect the spirit of our people back with the lands of our ancestors. The Creator is calling for our people to move back to the spiritual road, this journey is needed to rekindle the sacred fire and spirit back in the people and all mankind. We need to reestablish spiritual centers and places for the clans mothers in the East and across the land where the roots of many families were torn out by the " RELOCATION". This relocation known as the "Trail of Tears" by many, affected all the indigenous people and divided us. The "Trail of Joy, The Return" walks and journeys are just another step in the healing. This is not only for our family, it is for all of humanity.

On May 10, 1996 my family and I began the second journey of the vision, back along the path of DeSoto. That journey started from where he died in southeastern Arkansas, about 5-10 miles north of what is now known as Arkansas City and traveled back along his route to south of what is now known as Tampa Bay. Planting trees for cleansing, for life and peace in each of what are now states where he traveled leaving so much death and destruction along the way. These trees are for a sign of renewal,forgiveness and rebirth. If the "Trail of Tears" and subsequent removals were the end of a way of life for the people of the southeast, then DeSoto's journey was the beginning of that end. It was a way of life that had lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. This is true all around our Mother Earth where humanity was brought so much death and destruction to humanity and to all our relations in the name of discovery and God.

We have, and will continue to travel and visit with our relations along the way, to visit with the Elders and the children, to share the visions and to share the call for a great Gathering of the Children of Mother Earth. We are losing our young ones to the modern world at an alarming rate, many are not seeing the beauty of their heritage and traditions that bind them together and to our Mother Earth. It is our prayer that with each journey, humanity will begin to have an even greater understanding and appreciation of each other, that once made us a great people. Prophesy has been given that there would come a time when we would be at a crossroads. The Elders have said that we are now there and it is time for all of our people to come back to the spiritual oneness that bound us to our Mother Earth and each other before European contact. Grandfather William Commanda once wrote that "forgiveness is the key to the awakening of the true meaning of love and understanding."

This year we will begin the third of the four journeys given in vision. On June 21st. there will be a pipe ceremony at sunrise to celebrate the beginning of this third journey and to join with others around the world in prayer for the healing on humanity and our Mother Earth. It will be held at the place where DeSoto first landed near what now is known as Bradenton, Florida. We ask for your prayers for humanity, for all of our relations and the Journey that will take us back to the seat of the Jaguar, in the lands to the south. On this journey we will enter the lands to the south near Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula. From there we will go on south into the lands of Belize and Guatamala, and then turn northwest to the coast of the Pacific Ocean then circle to the north and east into Mexico City. The journey will take between two to four months. This journey will accelerate the awaking that has been fore-told by many cultures around the world, and now cannot be ended. This journey to the south is to make preparation for the fourth and final journey which will take us full circle around our Mother Earth gathering her children that will complete the vision. We will awaken a place there in the land of the Jaguar for the Children from the four directions to come and gather again as we did once and will do again. On January 31, 1996 in Santa Barbara, CA we were shown that the four doors were opening for the return of the Children. As we have journeyed away so shall we return, coming full circle.

We have had several offers from people to do posting to the internet for us. Ana M. Robles-Rhoads(of Taino decent) <> in Gainesville, Florida will work with us on funding and support while we are on the journey. If you wish to help in some way, please visit our site at <> or contact Ana.

Our only source of funding for this Journey as in the past is the kind and loving gifts given by you and others like you who care. We need your support now. We wish to extend our heart felt appreciation and thanks to you all for your past, current and future support in this effort. Contributions may be sent to the address below or contact Ana as noted above. In faith I come to you, in accord with the spirits of our ancestors, Creator and Mother Earth.

Your Brother,

James Duncan, "The Gathering" of Mother Earth's Children
RR 2, Box 2233 - Thayer, MO 65791
E-Mail - <> Website - <>

(A prayer given to me on the return trip from the White Buffalo in Janesville, Wisconsin in Oct. 94.)

"I Give Thanks"

For this Day, this Time, this Place, this Journey,

For those who have journeyed to me, with me, from me,

For all of my Relations, For all of my Ancestors, For the Ancient ones,

For all that I have been given, and not given, For that I've been able to give

And most of all, For my Mother the Earth, without whom I would not EXIST.

(as given to me by The Ancient One, The Creator, James Duncan, Oct 12, 1994)

Note from webmaster:
The above letter was received bright and early Thanksgiving Morning, 1997. It will be kept here long after this Thanksgiving is a forgotten memory for this message is timeless and in our hearts always.
James Duncan, "The Gathering" of Mother Earth's Children RR# 2 Box 2233, Thayer, MO 65791 USA Home - 417 264 7717 E-Mail: Website:

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