Global Transformations (October, 1998)

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Global Transformations (October, 1998)

Global Transformation Pause a moment and let the concept take hold. The more you dwell on it, the more magnificent and glorious the visions can become. Don't rush; enjoy your reveries to their fullest. When you're done, know that you have added to a powerful force that is already bringing those global transformations about. Thinking of it in this way, you will find there is much less fear involved than dwelling upon those "catastrophic" earth changes. And each time you let your thoughts flow into this area, without fear, you are not only contributing toward manifesting those transformations more quickly, you are awakening to your own awesome power.

Your own awesome power is a good thing to be aware of during this time of change. And awakening to that power is the most sensible thing you can do to prepare for the coming changes. It may just be the only thing that will get you through them.

A grand display, and awakening, on a global level occurred recently as millions of individuals became aware of their power. The display was the manifestation of sorely needed rain in two drought stricken and fire ravaged areas in Florida and Mexico. A global meditation organized by Barbara Wolf ( along with a few other international groups, coincided with an experiment fostered by Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio ( Depending upon the group, people were asked to pray, meditate, or just think about it raining in those areas. There were two different dates organized; one for Florida, one for Mexico. In both cases, contrary to every national and international weather forecast by every agency, it began raining in the targeted areas within 48 hours after the group events.

Millions of people world wide rejoiced at their success. Lives were saved, property was saved, and the planet has a much smaller scar to heal and repair. It was truly a most wondrous and compassionate display of our innate ability to create the seemingly impossible. And all within 48 hours!

The awakening takes a little longer. It is till going on. The internet is still buzzing as the people involved come to the realization that the power to create the impossible is real it does work and we can utilize it. "My God, do you know what that means?"

To this author, it means that there are a lot more people awakening to their innate abilities, seeking the needed wisdom to utilize them properly, and contemplating the word "responsibility" much deeper than they ever have in the past.

As already stated, I believe that awakening to this power is of utmost importance. You see, I believe that we collectively manifested the earth changes to force us into changing and awakening to our innate abilities. So if the changes are coming to make us change, if we change before the changes, then we can change the changes.

Think about it. If we can collectively change the planet's weather twice, it stands to reason we can do it again. Earth quakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, and such, are merely part of the earth's interior weather system.

So to me, it's all just a matter of timing. We can awaken now or awaken later. But we will awaken. And a number of possible futures are awaiting quietly in the wings. It really is an interesting situation we have put ourselves in.

In news closer to home, since the publication of last months article drawing attention to the tremendous geological activity on the California Nevada border, earth tremors have decreased there by over 80%.

by Simon Hunt, founder of Spiritual Endeavors, co-designer of, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy, (which can be found in the Bookstore) facilitator of "The Gatherings" in Las Vegas, graphic artist & Internet designer and co-instructor of the Personal Development Series of Thought Construction and Conscious Creation; Creating Your Own Reality based on the Seth material.

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