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Global Transformations (November, 1998)

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Global Transformations (November, 1998)

Something In The Air?
In an unheard of loss in the sport of pigeon racing, some 2500 pigeons disappeared the weekend of Oct. 17.

According to Associated Press, about 1,800 out of 2,000 pigeons vanished during a 200-mile race from northern Virginia to Allentown PA. In a separate race from western Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, 700 out of 800 birds never returned. Ordinarily, the swift-flying birds return to their lofts in a matter of hours with only a bird or two turning up missing. "I've never seen anything like this," says Earl Hottle of Allentown, veteran pigeon racer of 37 years. "Nobody can explain it."

Something in the Water?
That same week, (Oct 11-17), a beaching of over 160 whales occurred along Tasmania's east coast. In a massive volunteer action, about half were returned safely to the water. Of that group, an estimated 40 repeatedly re-beached.

A separate group of 66 whales beached less than 100 kilometers to the north. Of this group only 9 were successfully rescued.

Something in the earth?
That we are in a time of change should not be new information to anyone these days. Something is going on, and just about everybody can feel it. Speculations are running wild. The public is presented with a veritable potpourri of both causes and probable effects; everything from Armageddon to our zealot space brethren. And as always in the past, when people are faced with a great unknown, fears come to the foreground and reason is lost in the wind.  But we have the ability to change; we need not react in the same way this time... or in the future.

An Appeal to Reason
The earth is changing. It has changed many times in the past, and will change many times in the future. Change is a constant viewed over long periods of time. During times of accelerated changes within the earth, magnetic fields fluctuate. Pigeons and whales and many other forms of consciousness navigate using the magnetic gridwork. When it fluctuates, their navigational instincts go haywire temporarily. Pigeons get lost and whales beach. And we humans are effected, too.

Because we rely less on our innate instincts and more on our intellect, it seems obvious that this is the area where we would begin to feel the effects first. Are you easily irritated lately? Do you feel time is speeding up? Do you seem a little off center? Are things that you handled in stride before getting you bogged down and depressed? Are you getting easily confused? Do you exhibit allergy, flu like, or other symptoms that are unexplainable? Do you feel like you're running faster and farther but still falling behind? It could very well be the effects of the earth's altering magnetic field. According to the USGS, The Magnetic North Pole is moving at an unprecedented rate of over 200 feet a day.

Strength In Numbers
Now, more than any time before, it is important to keep in tune with your inner self. (And this applies to whether you believe it's the magnetics, photon energy, or our space brethren) Yes, it may be more difficult to stay centered during times of greater fluctuation, stress, and change, but there is ample support available. Tighten your associations with other like minded individuals. Attend meetings, lectures, or meditations where the focus is on strengthening the inner relationship. There is not only strength in numbers, there is support also. And if we do not support one another through these changes, who will?

Whatever your personal beliefs are, community of spirit and working together for the benefit of all will bring a much more pleasant outcome than fear.

by Simon Hunt, founder of Spiritual Endeavors, co-designer of, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy, (which can be found in the Bookstore) facilitator of "The Gatherings" in Las Vegas, graphic artist & Internet designer and co-instructor of the Personal Development Series of Thought Construction and Conscious Creation; Creating Your Own Reality based on the Seth material. 

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