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Arise & Awaken

by Simon Hunt

Wake up! Snap out of it! Something's going on... and you need to wake up! You've fallen into a trance or something, and you need to rouse yourself. You think you're awake but you're not - and as you've been sleeping, all kinds of hideous things have been happening.

I know that you think you're awake; your eyes are open, and you've been performing various motor functions and skills - after all, you are reading this. But you're still not really awake! You've been going through these actions as if you're in a trance, or under a spell or something, and you're not really awake; you're not really aware. It's very hard to explain the state you're in, but if you'd just snap out of it, you'd see what I'm talking about.

Let me put it another way. Things aren't really as you think they are. The thoughts you think aren't really your thoughts. You think them because somebody else wants you to think them. And the same applies to your actions. You do what ever it is you do because you've been programmed to do it. You don't realize it, but you've been programmed to think, act, and feel only within certain prescribed parameters. The bottom line, straight and simple, is; you are not really who you think you are - You think you are someone other than your own True Self.

You've been sold a complete bill of goods, right down to the very basics. What you believe, what you think is right or wrong, good or bad, what you should and shouldn't do, even who and what you think you are. But it's all a dream, an illusion, the result of the indoctrination, and programming you've been subjected to. But underneath all this, the real YOU still exists.

You came into this life with a plan and a purpose. And you have an awesome power at your command. It lays silently inside, waiting... But you need to wake up and remember. Remember who you really are. Remember what you came here to do. And remember the awesome power. It is of great consequence that you do. I do realize that this must sound pretty crazy to you. But let me assure you; it is the truth. I wish there was something I could say or do that could instantly snap you out of it, but it doesn't work that way.

Waking up is a process. Plato described it clearly in The Republic. (Book VII; The Cave) And even though that was over two thousand years ago, he wasn't the first. The Vedas, the oldest written records of mankind, are road maps left behind by awakened ones. They tell of the various techniques and methods they used to wake up from this somnambulistic, dream-like state that we human beings live in.

Imagine that! The very first entry into the journal of mankind is a call to awaken. It tells us that we human beings are not who we think we are; it calls upon us to awaken from this sleep like state, and remember that we are so very much more than we think we are. And it describes the power. And ever since, Artists, Saints, and Poets, throughout all the ages, have endeavored to call our attention to this higher and truer state of existence.

There is a revolution of light going on. It started a long long time ago. Long before even The Vedas were written. Progress has been slow; Our physical sciences have by far out paced our spiritual sciences. But things are speeding up now. The Artists, Saints, and Poets, have a new ally. Recent advances in the field of Quantum Physics have forced a change to the very way we perceive reality.

The line that separates Physics from Metaphysics is being quickly erased; it's getting hard to tell one from the other. "Systems Thinkers", scientists that see the interrelationship, and the interconnectedness of all things; that see you, and I, and all that exists, as part of the One, are getting a foothold in the scientific community. And history has shown us, that once an idea takes hold in science, it soon becomes common understanding.

But we need to wake up to the revolution. We need to remember.

As a past teacher of mine used to say. "It's hard to save a drowning man when he doesn't think he's drowning - He'll fight you to the bitter end." So let me try once more to call your attention to sleep like state we are existing in. Let me ask you this: If you were aware and awake, would you stand by and do nothing while a small child withers away in agony, and dies a slow and torturous death? I think not; I think you would act very quickly and decisively to stop it. But if you were asleep, well, that's another story; it could go on indefinitely, until you woke up. And it will, and it does.

With every two seconds that passes, another child in this world dies of starvation, or some easily preventable disease. That's one now... And another one now... And again now... And it goes on and on NOW happening every other second NOW of every hour of every day. NOW In the time that you spend reading this article, over three hundred more children will have painfully, and senselessly died. And that's very sad, indeed. It becomes sadder still, because there is enough food, knowledge, and medicine to go around. There is enough to go around, and nobody has to die from want.

But we need to wake up and become aware. We need to realize, that not only as individuals, but as a species, we are drowning. And for the first time in history, we human beings have the ability to take all the other species, and the entire planet, down with us. We had better wake up, and soon. Collected data shows that there are any number of different ways that we might be going under for the third time.

Every year, another area of Rain Forest, the size of Oklahoma is obliterated; permanently destroyed. And an uncounted number of various types of plant and animal life are lost to the earth forever. The Rain Forests are being bulldozed at such a frantic rate, there is not even time to harvest the wood, so they burn it! And as any child in the fifth grade can tell you, the Rain Forests are the major suppliers of oxygen for the planet.

Now the starving children, and the choking planet, are not the worse things we allow to happen as we sleep walk through our days. No not even by a long shot; there's some really downright scary stuff going on. There are guys making designer viruses, that even a small amount let loose into the atmosphere, could wipe out all human life on earth. And even though the old Soviet Union is gone, the fifty thousand or so nuclear bombs that could enshroud the planet in a nuclear winter and bring all life on earth to an end - they're still here! And new bombs are still being developed, right now, as you read this!!!

And there's the ozone situation, and the global warming. Not to mention the deadly legacy of plutonium that we are leaving to our children's children's children... And even their children's children's children... With every passing micro-second, we are producing this stuff, and there's absolutely no way to get rid of it!!! It's going to stay deadly and poisonous to all physical things, for a period of time that is longer than we human beings have been living on the face of this earth!

Now I'm not issuing a call for a new wave of environmental protests here; [See article on protesting war] there's so very much more involved than that. You see, all these situations, the hunger, the Rain Forests, the global warming, the whole bag of nuclear worms, the chemical and bacterial weapons, and so many many more; Native American rights, women's rights; any of the hundred million ways that man shows his inhumanity to other men; they're all just symptoms of the real problem. And as medical science is slowly coming to understand, merely treating the symptom does not cure the disease. Ah! But heal the disease, the real problem that is causing the symptoms, and all the symptoms will simply and naturally cease to exist.

Albert Einstein said, "The problems we create at this level of technology can not be solved at this level of technology." This most assuredly applies to consciousness as well. The problems we create at this level of consciousness in which we exist, can not be solved at this level of consciousness. We must expand our consciousness; achieve higher, and deeper states of consciousness. In other words, we need to arise and awaken.

Now please don't get me wrong here; I am not in any way trivializing environmental activism - or activism of any kind for that matter. I wholeheartedly endorse it. I think that it is only right that every human being actively take responsibility for their existence, and their destiny.

But let us not focus our attention, our energy, and our activism, on the symptoms; let us instead, focus on the real problem at hand - lack of consciousness. Let us all strive to arise and waken. We will find that one awakened person can accomplish so very much more than ten thousand who are asleep. Let us all strive to remember who we are; to discover the real and True Self that resides within us each, and the awesome power we hold inside. When we do, we will find that all these social, political, and ecological injustices will vanish, as quickly as a dream with the sounding of the morning alarm.

Wake up, dear friend. Arise and awaken!

Simon Hunt

by Simon Hunt, founder of Spiritual Endeavors, co-designer of, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy, (which can be found in the Bookstore) facilitator of "The Gatherings" in Las Vegas, graphic artist & Internet designer and co-instructor of the Personal Development Series of Thought Construction and Conscious Creation; Creating Your Own Reality based on the Seth material. 

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