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Becoming Involved

 If you are:

     seeking a greater understanding of your Self and/or your environment,
     striving to live with peace, love and joy in your heart,
     seeking to gain a better understanding of your inner, or spiritual nature,
     quietly practice your own spirituality
allowing others to believe and practice what is right for them
     honoring other's beliefs and spiritual path even though they may be 
     quite different from your own,

 You are already involved. 

Thank You!


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And if you would like to further your involvement and assist S-E in spreading these concepts to over a million people a year, we can certainly use your help. 

Spiritual Endeavors is an all volunteer organization financed through your contributions.

We welcome your energy in what ever form it is given.  We are especially appreciative of energy given as financial contributions and in any of the following ways.

Volunteer List
(There is no special importance to the order of this list.)

Can you lend a hand writing or researching grants?

Tell a friend about Spiritual Endeavors.

Make a cash donation.

Become an Angel.

Have S-E design or host your website.
( contact web@spiritual-endeavors.org )

Contribute an article, essay, or insight.

Patronize OUR ANGELS;
They are our largest contributing Sponsors.

Visit The Gatherings when in the Las Vegas NV. Area.

Translate and host this site in another language.
(please contact us before you do - there are some legalities involved)

Link your site to Spiritual Endeavors
( )

If you are the spiritually aware non-profit attorney that we have been seeking,
please let us know who you are! We are in great need of your services.

We are especially looking for those individuals who believe in the philosophies of Spiritual Endeavors interested in sponsoring Gatherings in all parts of the world. Contact web@spiritual-endeavors.org

If you are a speaker, author, facilitator, or have a special talent of a spiritual, holistic, or environmental nature, talk to us about being a Guest Speaker at The Gatherings. Contact web@spiritual-endeavors.org

If you are planning an event of any kind in the Las Vegas area, contact us regarding available space at our facility. Contact web@spiritual-endeavors.org

We are currently seeking property in the Taos, Angel Fire, Eagle Nest, area of New Mexico, USA and other locations to be utilized as a retreat.

Donate a VHS video camera (full size) & tripod.

Donate a color computer monitor.

Donate a cordless microphone, sound mixing board, sound system, or video mixing system.

If you know of any way to help which we haven’t mentioned, please bring it to our attention.

Thank You!


Spiritual Endeavors could not exist without your support and financial contributions.

If you enjoy utilizing this site,
please help keep it open.

Click "DONATE" to make a donation 
via the web using a credit card 
or a PayPal account

Or Send Contributions to:

Spiritual Endeavors
c/o PO Box 35798
Las Vegas, NV 89133

We thank you for your support!