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An independent nonprofit educational organization
for the advancement of Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental awareness,
dedicated to expanding consciousness, and awakening Self knowledge.

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General Information

Spiritual Endeavors is a public forum which maintains a large repository of spiritual, holistic, and environmental information, methodologies, thoughts, insights, and all types of spiritual material, available to all through free weekly Gatherings, workshops, seminars and retreats, books, mailings, audio and video tapes, and the World Wide Web site.

Spiritual Endeavors explores the powerful all encompassing nature of Self, bringing people and ideas together by providing educational sources and opportunities that promote spiritual awareness and holistic understanding for all. (Because of the all encompassing nature of the Self, in our eyes, it would become foolish to try and separate our spiritual nature from our physical health or our environment. So... ) Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of humanity through the spirit of unity and cooperation, by providing educational opportunities that encourage the growth of our spiritual, holistic, and environmental awareness, for the highest good of each individual, culture, and race throughout our world... and beyond.

Spiritual Endeavors reaches out to unite all individuals, young and old, who actively question their own existence... that of our world... and even the vast beyond! From scientist to homemaker, you will find educational material, learning opportunities, and others to share and grow with. At Spiritual Endeavors each individual is encouraged to discover their own answers in their own way. It is our desire that each individual ultimately finds it acceptable, and learn to consciously create from the beauty and truth that lies uniquely within themselves, as they relate to, and evolve through a quantum leap in consciousness and come to a greater understanding of Self, others, and our home; the earth.

spiritual-endeavors.org is a domain where each individual is honored and cherished for the awesome beautiful being they truly are; reflecting their interpretation of All That Is in their own unique and wonderful way. All are equal here. All are One. Each is an important and integral part of the whole. And as we each come to understand and appreciate the magnificent splendor of our Inner Self, and our relationship with All That Is, we contribute to the physical manifestation of a world where spiritual, holistic, and environmental understandings are practiced for the highest good of all.


The term, metaphysics as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition states: "The branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value."

Each of us at one point or another in our lives, has wondered; "Who am I?", "Where do I come from?", "What purpose is there to my life?" or "Is this all there is?" These questions seem inherent in our race and throughout the millennium have formed countless religions, cults, philosophies and even cultures. In fact there are as many ideas and answers to these questions, as there have been individuals, communities, and cultures throughout time.

It has been a tedious journey through physical time translating these concepts and ideas independently to all areas of our globe. Therefore, throughout the ages our interpretations have embraced ideas of separateness. This part of the globe was separate from that part. This culture was separate from all others. This country was separate from that one. This community was separate from the other. God was separate from Man. And Man was separate from other men. Well, after countless battles and skirmishes, after thousands upon thousands of wars, and after two world wide wars to end all wars, the fighting between all the separate ideals and countries still continues. And the feelings of separateness continue to fan the raging fires and burning desires for control.

In the 60’s, the ideas of love and the acceptance of others became vogue. There was a rebellion against the establishment's far reaching fingers of control. Peace and love became the words of the decade. Some say the "love generation" finally grew up and put away their childish ideals, but it would probably be more accurate to say that after a long decade of plowing the untilled, harsh soil and planting their seeds, new ideals slowly began to be considered as some of those seeds sprouted and took hold. And now in the late 90’s, some of those seeds are beginning to blossom into a call for cooperation and unity. We are beginning to take on more and more personal responsibility for our destiny and our lives, and there is a greater and growing concern of our planet, our economy, and relationships. And there is grass roots call for cooperation and unity.

Spiritual Endeavors is not a new thought of this unity or cooperation. It does however, stand for the practice of these concepts put into motion, thus allowing each to break out of the roles of prejudice and judgement through education and acceptance of each other as the brothers and sisters we truly are. With the world shrinking through faster transportation and communication, and the changing of a Technological Age into The Information Age, it becomes a natural step to pull together old and new thoughts of who we are, from every source worldwide.

Religious, scientific, medical, environmental and governmental philosophies are changing. Religion is seeing more than just life after death, it is accepting healing and other miracles as new churches are formed and old ones change. Through quantum physics, science is proving that thoughts (which we consider as non-physical) are things, and that they create reality in a much different way than previously supposed. The medical community is changing rapidly by accepting alternative ways to health such as the use of herbs and natural remedies as well as chiropractic services, aromothearpy, and acupuncture to name only a few. Environmental effects of overpopulation, the "greenhouse" effect and the new study of macro-environmental systems are bringing about thoughts of responsibility for our earth. And even our governments are practicing such things as remote viewing and working with sound waves which was previously considered metaphysical mumble-jumble.

Spiritual Endeavors looks at the world through the spirit of cooperation, and all spiritual and metaphysical organizations, groups, enterprises, and individuals as colleagues. It is among our goals to become a recognized world wide forum where each of these colleagues may share their ideas and beliefs, utilize our services to promote their own, and provide all individuals a  designated source to find what suits their interest, then learn and progress from this information for the good of all.

The continued growth of Spiritual Endeavors will necessitate more volunteer involvement, and a number of properties to carry out it’s goal of becoming established in all parts of the world.

Click here for a list of various ways you can become involved and an address to which contributions may be mailed.

In The Beginning...

Simon Hunt first coined the name "Spiritual Endeavors" in 1991 as he worked on one of his first manuscripts. Although the concepts of world peace and an enlightened mass consciousness were solid in his mind, the means of translating these concepts into physical reality were more than illusive. As the concept continued to simmer and evolve, he began to realize the various organizational structures and endeavors needed to affect the masses. These included publishing, music, workshops, seminars, and retreats. But most important of all were The Gatherings.

And so The Gatherings began in the fall of 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. These free public meetings served as a gathering place where "seekers" came to grow, broaden their spiritual understandings, and learn from various "Teachers". The Gatherings are still a place where "Light Workers & Teachers" gather, enabling them to work together in unity, to help and support one another, and to exchange their various insights and understandings. Spiritual Endeavors is proud to sponsor The Gatherings in Las Vegas, NV. USA, and looks forward to the time when they are a common occurrence throughout the world. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of hosting The Gatherings for your city, please contact web@spiritual-endeavors.org

In 1997 Spiritual Endeavors started the long paper trail of becoming a Internationally recognized non-profit organization. December 31, 1997 saw the completion of the first step. Spiritual Endeavors was recognized as a non-profit organization and granted by the government of the State of Nevada, USA non-profit status as an educational organization.