Back From The Edge Of Death

by drhealth

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dennis Richard. I'm a retired fireman, not a doctor. Serving thirty years on the fire department does not make me an expert on health - but the six years following my retirement has taken me on a journey around the world seeking the best available information on health that I could find. I was more than driven to unlock the secrets of health; my life depended on it. You see, my health was almost totally gone and the doctors had sent me home with no hope. For quite some time, I'd just sit in constant pain in front of the TV -- just eating, sleeping and waiting to die.

In 1961 when I started on the fire department, all firemen smoked. We attempted to build a tolerance to smoke. We didn't have airpacks in those days, and the one that could stay in the fire the longest and "eat the most smoke" was the toughest, the most macho. So I smoked four packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day trying to be macho. By 1971 my health had deteriorated so much that I could not walk up one flight of stairs without hyperventilating. I had to quit smoking or die. Besides the ten years of hard core smoking, the 30 years of exposure to toxic smoke, fumes, gases, chemicals, poor diet and little exercise took its toll on my health, too.

I was nonfunctional at the time of my retirement; I was in such bad shape I could hardly carry on a conversation. My mother and grandmother had both been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my short term memory was worse than theirs! I was chronically ill, and constantly sick and tired. I was losing my teeth. I had a ruptured disk in my neck, and the multiple degenerative disks in my lower back all added to my misery. Intense pain was my constant companion. I had been wearing bifocals for more than 20 years, and my body was full of candida and other parasites. A 10-year-long prostate problem was going to be the final nail in my coffin. Treated by six different doctors -- Urologists, who are specialists in this field -- the last 2 informed me there was nothing else to do; just go home and live with it. "What do you expect? You're getting old," They told me. "You probably have a few years left... if you're lucky!"

One thing I am certain of, THE GIFT OF LIFE IS NOT A GIFT WITHOUT HEALTH! When you're chronically sick, tired, and in constant agonizing pain--and your mind is so toxic you can't think (I could not even maintain a thought long enough to complete a prayer)--life did not feel like a gift. During this period I often thought, "Why do I even want to live?"

I know now God had a plan, and I have actually been blessed by these many experiences. I have been given the opportunity to share the knowledge gained through my experiences, and to be of benefit to many. I have come to the point where I now appreciate every experience I have ever had in life - and if I had the chance to live my life over, I wouldn't want to change a single thing.

I have learned so many things that have helped me in the past few years, and I am on a crusade to share it with the world. I am convinced that, properly educated, anyone can successfully treat themselves of all diseases. I firmly believe that it is just a matter of education and applying what you have learned. I have prepared an outline consisting of 10 practices that saved my life. I believe if people understand the importance of these 10 practices, they'll be well on their way to making their health their choice.

In the past five years l have listened to hundreds of doctors lecturing on different subjects. My studies, research and trying different modalities of health care has reversed all my health problems (and they were not minor), turned around my aging process, and stopped all my aches and pains. Heres a quick recap of the 10 things that made my life worth living again.


Chelation cleanses your cardiovascular system and improves its ability to carry nutrients and oxygen to every living cell in your body. The most important, and totally unexpected, benefit I received from chelation was clarity of thought and improved vision. This allowed me to educate myself so that I could improve my own health. I had worn bifocals for more than 20 years; I now have 20/20 vision. I was so toxic I could not carry on a conversation without forgetting my point. I had lost my ability to concentrate and could not maintain a thought prior to my treatments. I took approximately 30 IV treatments from a doctor. However, I now find that I can get great results from an oral formula for a lot less money.

Rebounding for exercise

l5 minutes a day is equivalent to walking for one hour. Moving the lymph reduces back and body pains, improves your eyesight, strengthens every muscle in the body with each bounce, and gives you many other health benefits as well. I feel a major difference in my energy level and mental state whenever I miss a couple of days. The lymph system has more fluid than the circulatory system (blood). It is the body's vacuum cleaner. Lymph fluids circulate only from motion with the aid of millions of one-way valves. Rebounding is 4 time more efficient in moving the lymph than walking.

The additional benefit to rebounding is as you come down on your bounce, you simultaneously add G-force to every cell of the body. This causes each cell to excrete waste. At the top of the up bounce, each cell more efficiently absorbs nutrients. This exercise makes for a stronger, healthier body at the cellular level. 15 minutes of rebounding per day equals 1 hour of walking!

Internal Cleansing

I have tried more than two dozen different types of cleansing methods with varying degrees of success. I have eliminated hundreds of worms and other parasites. My liver expelled more than 2,000 liver and gall stones. I have seen many miraculous health improvements in myself and in others from cleansing. Internal cleansing is much more important to your good health than bathing.

There are 3 basic types of cleansing. (1) Cleansing for parasites; (2) Cleansing specific organs; (3) Detoxifying the whole body. There are many different cleanses for each type. I recommend starting with Dr. Hulda Clarks book, A CURE FOR ALL DISEASE. You can buy it at most health food stores. Follow her suggested protocol carefully for the sequence in which the cleansing should take place. In many cases, when cleanses are done in the wrong sequence you can have an undesirable healing crisis and become very sick.

My experience was that after I completed her series of cleanses in their proper order, I was able to complete a variety of other types of cleanses without having a negative reaction. I have done many cleanses. The most memorable is when I passed hundreds of parasites and worms and thousands of liver and gall stones! When you visibly see these parasites, there can be no questions that this will improve your health and the efficiency of your organs.

I also encourage everyone to do extensive colon cleansing. Dr. Clark doesn't feel it is very important, but if she had seen the old fecal matter in my stools, and the improvement in my health after the colon cleanse, perhaps she would have had a different view.


3 products cover the full spectrum of all the bodys known nutrients from a whole food source. They are Stabilized Rice Bran, Spirulina and Wheat Grass. They have made a major improvement in my health and vitality. Everyone I know who has started using these products has had positive results. Nothing replaces a natural food substance. Currently, science knows of only 90 nutrients required by the body. However, it is quite conceivable there can be several thousand nutrients that the body needs and which scientists have yet to discover. So when you're deriving nutrients from whole food's, the body can take what it needs.

All individual vitamin supplements from manufacturers are chemically synthesized. Although there have been thousands of studies on the benefits and effects of vitamin supplements, no one study has ever proven that synthesized vitamins have any beneficial long-term effects. If there had been positive benefits, every military service in the world would be force feeding vitamins to their troops in an effort to achieve superiority.

Internal pH / Micro Water

Balancing your internal pH by drinking alkaline water has allowed many Japanese hospitals to discontinue using antibiotics. They are, instead, using this water to treat disease. Except for fresh fruits and vegetables, most everything you eat, drink, and breathe is acid producing. Nearly all diseased and unhealthy tissue in the body are acidic! Only a small percentage is alkaline. 100% of the time diseased tissue is the result of an imbalanced internal pH. I highly recommend reading 2 books. One is Alkalize or Die and the other is Reverse Aging. They will really open your eyes to the possibility of a healthy future.

Pure Water

All of the drinking water that I've tested contains 5-15% of dissolved solids. This includes most of the bottled waters as well as water derived from municipal sources. These dissolved solids are composed of metals, minerals and chemicals. When I saw these dissolved solids after they were exposed with an electrostatic precipitator, I became a fanatic about water! It seemed obvious to me that the majority of the things I could see were not beneficial to my health. This is what motivated me to open my water store.

Pure Air

We spend 80% to 90% of our time indoors, and the EPA rates our indoor air pollution as being the worst pollution problem we are faced with in America today. Breathing pure air from an Alpine Air Purifier has helped my sinus condition and my wifes allergies and hay fever. Everyone in my family has noticed a clearer, sharper mind and thought process. I believe breathing pure air improved my mental clarity and improved my ability to learn.

The first night I had an Alpine Air Purifier in my home, I slept better than I can ever remember. When I woke up, I felt as though my lung capacities had increased by 30%. In my opinion, the Alpine Air Purifier is the ultimate machine for purifying the air in your home or work place.


Magnetics are used mainly for accelerated healing. I have had great results healing the ruptured disk in my neck and many other bodily injuries. Since I have started sleeping an a magnetic mattress with a pure negative field, I sleep much better and wake up with no aches and pains. I could write pages on the benefits I've received from using magnets. I have used magnets to heal a very serious 25-year-old injury to my left leg, which had never healed correctly. It also restored the feelings to that leg. In addition, my right knee had been injured and had been a chronic problem for ten years, causing me to drive with my left foot on the accelerator the majority of the time. Magnetics have totally healed my knee as well. I also healed three broken ribs through the use of magnetics within 10-14 days; within three weeks, I was able to go horseback riding with my grandchildren!

To me, however, the most important benefit was that it reversed my prostate problem. By sitting on a 4" x 6" x 1" ceramic magnet, using only the North Pole, my prostate shrank. This reduced frequent urination and burning sensation that often accompanies this problem.


Did you know that Mother Nature cleanses and purifies the air with ozone? That fresh, clean invigorating scent that you often smell after a summer thunderstorm is ozone. The chemical symbol for oxygen is O2; for ozone the symbol is O3. Ozone has an extra molecule of oxygen. Harmful bacteria cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment. I drink ozonated water, and I ozonate my bath water. Also, I often sleep in an ozonated bag, allowing the ozone to be absorbed into my skin!

Ozone is the single, most important thing that has improved my overall health. There is so much to be said for this well kept secret, that I cannot compress it into a couple of paragraphs. It literally interacts with almost every physiological aspect of health. Be sure to read THE MIRACLE OF OZONE.

Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude fosters energy and good health. Although this general topic is not taught in America's educational systems, 80% of the world considers a positive mental attitude one of the most important factors in attaining and maintaining health and vitality.

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