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We Are Here

Greetings my brothers and sisters This is Armeritenen.

We have come to this page to bring you the time. The time is now.

Those of you who are listening have felt a tingling in the region of your third eye.

Many of you are gaining weight and feeling sleepy. Many of you have picked up your posessions and moved to new regions as if you know that you are compelled. Many say, "Why have I come here? What am I doing?" We answer simply "Wait." You are like an open door.

The things that are coming are making you act. A newer vibration, a higher voltage is singing inside you. Some of you are frightened. Would you like to climb in your papa's lap and have him tell you that everything will be all right? I'm sorry. I cannot do that. You must find your own center.

First, remain CALM. Remember to pray. Meditate daily. Honor your angels. Give thanks to your God. Those of you who are suffering indignities at the hands of nature or others must remember that you are able to change your dynamics. If you do not like the way you are acting, then you must change your thinking.

Why do you shake your heads in frustration. BE QUIET! Listen. You are the body. You are the power. You are the creation of God. Act accordingly.

Some of you have been storing food and water. We have seen it. And we are here to tell you brothers and sisters that this is not the way of God. For we have seen you hoarding. You put locks on your doors, bars on your windows. You buy a dog that bites. But that still does not bring you comfort. So perhaps you buy a gun with bullets. And we ask you dear people, how many hungry people do you intend to murder before you run out of ammunition?

No, I beseech you, live in spite of the Earth Changes, not because of them. Share your food, share your water. Believe in your power!

How many of you have experienced Divine Intervention in your darkest hour? Why would you believe this to be any different?

Now, lay down your weapons, we beg you. Not just your weapons of death and destruction, but the weapons called Lust and Greed and Anger. For these too will kill you. We give you this song of the Angels:

Sing songs in the darkness
The light of God prevails
Gather now together
Heal Yourselves

Armeritenen and Kathleen have been working together for seven years. The message is to Live in Spite of the Earth Changes not Because of
them. The message is to gather together as one world kind. Kathleen experienced her awakening when she received a written message saying,
"Open your eyes open your eyes open your eyes." Within four months she quit her day job to devote her energies (hah hah) to serving the council
called Oneness of the Earth Oneness of the Worlds. She gives personal readings over the telephone and also teaches workshops. Please join us
in prayers for world peace and unity. Blessings to All.

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