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Transformation NOW

Excerpt from a Public Session - New York City - November 1997
P'taah channeling through Jani King

Ptaah: Greetings, beloved ones! (Audience is silent) Cat has got your tongue?

(Group greets Ptaah)

Ptaah: Indeed! So my beloved ones, you are welcome indeed. It is with great joy that we come forth this evening of your time to be in communion with you to indeed reflect to you that which truly you do know in this NOW. To remind you of the greatest truth of you, the most unlimited BEINGNESS of you. That which you be indeed is the most grand and wondrous spiritual entities grandly multidimensional, grandly powerful. Radiant wondrousness come forth to have the most powerful and exciting adventure termed human life now. Of course, all of you know that at least theoretically you exist in many, many lifetimes, simultaneously. That you are in this now, experiencing hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. Not only in what you term to be past and future lives but also in the greatest expression of your lifetimes on every dimension unto the void of creation itself. Now that is fairly grand wouldnt you say? Angelic beings, you are existing in other civilizations far beyond this planet. You are playing wondrous games. The truth is that you are grand Gods and Goddesses and you birth yourself into each lifetime. You birth yourself into a timelock and in that timelock you indeed do not consciously recall that which are your other lifetimes and you may say that the reason for this is to preserve the integrity of each experience. So in this NOW you are experiencing indeed, those lifetimes where you have no idea how it is, if you like, to be awakened. In other lifetimes you are indeed existing in what is termed to be your fourth or fifth density. In other words in that place called enlightenment or super consciousness. This lifetime you have come forth to experience what is termed to be transformation. You are not here really for a destination. So how is that struggle for enlightenment going, eh? Working hard at it?

(Laughter from some in group)

Ptaah: Well, you might as well stop, you know. You are not going anywhere. You are as perfect in this now as you are ever, ever going to be. Do you know that? You are as perfect now as you are EVER going to be. So that takes the edge off it a little, eh? You know my beloved ones, in this timing, there is much information available to you. Many wonderful stories, many extraordinary methodologies to become ascended masters. Well, that is alright. But we say to you if all these stories are not transforming your day to day life, what is the point? If you are not transforming your day to day life - what is the point? If you are not realizing the abundance of all wondrousness NOW, then indeed it is time to stop and look at your creation. After all beloved ones, you create it all absolutely! No such thing as coincidence, no such thing as accident, no such thing as victim - you create it all. You have birthed yourself into your gender, your race, your family - "God forbid", we hear you say?

(Group laughter)

Your socio-economic situation, your country, nationality, cultural and religious heritage and gene pools. You create it all, you create your bodies - your perfect, miraculous bodies. You create it and you maintain it moment by moment and how do you do all of this stuff? It is strictly fantastic indeed! You juggle all of the bits and pieces in every NOW according to what you believe and what you feel. Now, your beliefs about who you are, your beliefs about reality, about your perceived exterior-which includes your body as exterior - those beliefs are indeed energetic wave forms, electromagnetic in nature. Those beliefs are attached to your emotions. Your emotions are likened unto the powerhouse of you - the power sourceness of you. The wave forms - and by the way those thoughts do not live in your head - do not exist in your head. Those wave forms are attached by your emotions. Feeling is a label that you give your emotions. Emotion indeed is simply energy. It simply IS. It is you who label those emotions good stuff or bad stuff. When you label them good stuff, indeed the love, the joy, the excitement, all of your energy centers are open when you are in the joy, the love, the excitement. You are very clear and very present NOW. The moment that you co-create a situation that you judge to be bad stuff, immediately those energy centers close down and that energy is locked - first within your solar plexus. When it is not dealt with, that energy is absorbed, if you like - we are making this very simplistic for you - absorbed into your physicality and you will experience some kind of dis-easement of your body. If you do not pay attention, and you stuff the feelings down or ignore them or invalidate them, the dis-easement becomes more and more and more and more, until eventually you die.

(Group laughs)

Ptaah: Of course the truth is you all die of broken hearts. Your body does not wear out, um? Your bodies were designed to last you hundreds of years. They do not wear out. You die because you are terrified to feel. You think that if you go to those painful feelings, if you go to the heartbreak, the anguish - that you will die of the pain of it. But the truth is, if you do not go then you DO die of it. Make sense? Alright. The power of you is in this NOW to be able to transform your lives absolutely and totally. You have no idea really of the awesome power that you are. Now is the time to step in to that power and the way of stepping into the power is to have an idea of what transformation really is. Now, you may say really that there are four basic keys to transformation. And we say, think of it this way - those of you who are struggling trying to become enlightened - if you are doing it to escape this plane of reality we promise you there is no escape.

(Some in group laugh)

Ptaah: Sorry.

(Group laugh)

Ptaah: And if you think that somebody is going to come and save you they are not. Sorry. There are no magic pills or potions. There are no magic rituals and rites. There are no magic disciplines or methodologies; none. That which you term enlightenment or ascension or whatever other funny name that you have for it, is indeed the natural result of loving every facet of you absolutely and unconditionally. And that, my beloved ones, is the alpha - omega of super consciousness. Everything else is simply a story. And we know how you love the stories.

(A little laughter from some in group)

Ptaah: We know that you will do anything to distract yourselves from feeling. We know that you love your crystals, we know that you love the stories of your star peoples, and this methodology and that methodology, but you know as wondrous as they are, all of it - and it is ALL valid - we say this to you - it is ALL valid, but guess what? It will not bring you home. And what is home, really? What is home? It is right here, right here. IT is already, it already IS. There is nothing to do.

All of this is not about being good. It is about BEING. It is not about being spiritual. You are already spiritual masters having a human experience. It is about being who you are. Sometimes you are glad, sometimes you are mad, sometimes you are very sad and, all of it, all of it is valid. And the way that you create the transformation is dealing with what IS. As we have said to you - when it is full of love and joy and laughter and play - and we say to you that there is definitely not enough laughter because that indeed is the grand healer. When you are in that place of open heartedness, you are in the place where you are open to your OWN divine council. You all want your guides and angels - where do you think they exist? Not outside of you - inside of you! That is where they exist and the more that you give your power away to those guides and angels outside of you or God - outside of you - outside of you is where the power will stay! Beloved ones YOU are it. You are it. So, back to the four keys of transformation.

The first is that you can only transform NOW. You only have NOW; you cannot transform in your past. You can not transform in your future. Paradoxically, when you choose transformation NOW, you automatically transform your past and your future. But you only have the choice and the power in any NOW moment. Does that make sense to you?

Two: You can only transform what you OWN. If there is any facet of you, ANY facet of you that you invalidate, that you push away, that you try to release, to let go of, to overpower to overcome to run like hell from, how can you transform it? You can not. And we remind you that you can get rid of nothing! We say again - you can get rid of NOTHING! What you invalidate you empower absolutely. What you resist, persists absolutely. It is in the owning of every facet.

Three: You can only transform while you are in the emotion. This doesnt do it (pointing to the head). If this could do it, your world would be a very, very different place in this NOW. This (the head) was designed to be the servant of the heart. This is not GOD. This is (pointing to the heart). And the seat of your power is there! E-motion - Whilst you are IN the e-motion of fear, and fear is ANY emotion which is not love or joy - It does not matter which label you put upon it, whether it is anger, or frustration, jealousy, greed, lusting after power, trying to control our exterior reality, manipulation - all of that stuff ALL of it comes from a little tiny fear. And it is whilst you are in the e-motion that you can indeed transform the fear into love and joy!

And the fourth key to transformation is simply this: You can only transform by the absolute embracement. Now we know that these are simply words and you have heard it all many times before and after all, what does embracement mean? What does it REALLY mean to embrace your fear? How do you do it in your day to days? This is about your day to days, you know. This is about transforming your life! How do you embrace fear? Well, you know, when you birthed yourself in this plane of reality, you did come forth with the knowing of wholeness; you did come forth knowing the most unlimited truth of who you are. What do you think is your most unlimited truth? Anybody have an idea of what is your most unlimited truth? (pause) How about this? YOU ARE IN EVERY NOW MOMENT, NO MATTER HOW IT SEEMS, A PERFECT, ETERNAL EXPRESSION OF CREATION. That is the truth. (Speaks softer here) A Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation - no matter how it seems. When you first birthed yourself, you knew this and you birthed yourself into a resonance, into a frequency of fear and dysfunction. Not ONLY the fear and dysfunction of your familial background but also the collective consciousness of your species, of your society. No matter how happy families you were, that is the truth of it. And in that beginning before you even had language, you reached forth to convey your knowingness of this grand truth. And this grand truth is totally ignored and so begins the first belief that you exist in a hostile environment. And then you experience for the first time, love withheld, and the anguish of that experience brings you to that belief that you are not worthy of all wondrousness, that you are not worthy of love and loving. And from that comes the belief that you are simply not enough. That is fairly major, um? And the belief that love equals pain. By the time you are six years of age those beliefs and the attending pain and anguish are set in concrete and as we have said to you - you create your own reality absolutely - according to your beliefs and feelings. Your beliefs - the idea construct of your beliefs is likened unto a house that you live in - in other words your day to day activities all of the years of your life take place within the parameters of your beliefs about reality and who you are within that framework. When you change your beliefs, you broaden those parameters. However, until you will deal with the fear that creates those beliefs - you see, the more you believe it, the more it is; the more you feel, the more you believe, the more you experience it. Fear breeds fear breeds fear breeds fear! And you see you indeed are really, if you like, a body of electro-magnetic energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. What is the frequency? The frequency is about the feeling, the emotion, electro-magnetic energy. Energy in motion - E-motion. The universe supports you absolutely 100 percent, 100 percent of the time! So what happens is that YOU, vibrating at this frequency which is fear based, draw to you that which resonates the same. Like attracts like. So, back to this little one, who by the age of six years has very solid beliefs about reality about who he or she truly is and you grow in your physicality and you grow in your intellect but there within the breast of you lives a tiny little girl or a tiny little boy who does not know the truth, who does not know, who has forgotten that you are in every NOW a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation! And so as you grow and as you are learning all of these new concepts called your New Age or your metaphysics and you say, well I do not know what I am doing wrong. I say my affirmations, etcetera, etcetera, and yet I can not change the old pattern. Now, let us go back to this baby boy or baby girl that lives within your breast that perceives lack and in the place of heartbrokenness and in the place of anguish and does control your life absolutely. Do you know that? That baby which lives within the breast of you, runs your life. Every time you make a choice out of fear, that is the baby one running your life. Remember the last time you lost your temper; where the logical, rational, intelligent being just flew out the window? Do you remember that? That is called the baby one running your life. It is true you know, it is true. Every time you witness an act of aggression or abuse, every time you lose your temper or find yourself in thoughts or actions which do not portray the highest idea of who you can possibly be, that is that baby one flexing its muscles. That baby one lives within the breast of each of you - aged about 4 years old, um? - terrified, heartbroken, believing things about itself and the universe that simply produce more terror. That baby one loves you absolutely and unconditionally and that baby one has struggled to make sure that you survive in a hostile world, because that is the belief. And the baby ones name is fear. And you have abandoned and betrayed, you have invalidated, you have tried to overcome, overpower and get rid of any way you can - fear. Would that be right? (Pause) And so we say to you, whenever you are in the emotion of fear - any emotion which is not love or joy - then you have a choice, you have a sovereign choice because you are powerful Gods and Goddesses. You have a choice. Remember you can only transform what you own in the NOW moment whilst you are in the emotion by embracing; and if the next time you are in the grip of fear simply stop and take some deep breaths and close your eyes and see in your minds eye a baby you, aged about 4 years. And if you saw that little being standing in front of you heartbroken, terrified, what would you do? Would you try to overcome, overpower, invalidate, kick it out of your life? I dont think so. You would indeed enfold that baby one to the breast of you and you would say "beloved of my heart, I love you absolutely. You have been a gift to me every day of my life and you have brought me thus far. I thank you. Never again will I abandon or betray you. I love you absolutely and unconditionally and I will never, never leave you. We are together forever, you and I, in this safe and wondrous place and together we are coming home. Together we are coming home." And if you would hold that baby one until you feel your body soften; until you feel a warmth radiating out from your solar plexus - if you would do thusly, the moment that you choose from your power and sovereignty in the NOW moment to reach out to that baby to embrace, to hold to the breast of you, you are BEING the Goddess or the God alchemist. You are changing the frequency of fear and pain to the frequency of love and compassion; the frequency of allowance; the frequency of open-heartedness, where all of the energy centers are open. And in that place in the NOW, you are being ALL that you can possibly BE. Does this make sense to you? Two tools of transformation. Choose the baby one - that is called choosing love. And give thanks each day for WHAT IS. You know beloved ones if you could just remember those two very simple things, we promise you that your life would transform instantly. Instantly. Without any of the fuss, without any of the stories, just being NOW - paying attention - how does it feel? Keep it simple. It is, you know. Alright?

Group: Yes.

Ptaah: I knew that.

Copyright Jani King 1998

Jani King was born and educated in New Zealand. Her first contact with the Pleiadian entity P'taah was in 1947 and occurred near the remote home of her parents among the pine forests near Putararu, New Zealand. The second conscious contact took place in 1961. The reason for the contact, and the emotions and thought patterns emerging from that contact made no sense until 1987, when Jani made contact with a channeled entity, St. Germain. in 1989, while living in Australia, Jani 'went public' with P'taah, and since then has been doing public seminars, workshops and personal consultations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA and Canada. Email:

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