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Seeing Us Through Their Eyes

by Emmanuelle (et al...)

This evening as you sit in quiet contemplation and meditation, we would like to share with you what your Gathering seems to us... in the realm that we reach forth to you from. In other words, although we have no physical eyes to see through, we would like to share with you... what you look like through those eyes of which we do not have.

We would first like to tell you that we see in each of you a marvelous... fantastic... wonderful being. And we wish that there could be the proper words to convey to you each, just how wonderful you are. For in looking upon you - without our physical eyes - we do see that in truth, you do not understand your own beauty.

So we will try through the use of limiting language, to explain a little of the beauty which we see as we look upon you.

There is deep love within each of you.

And there is acceptance. Acceptance of another's path... another's beliefs... another's pattern of thinking. Now to some of you acceptance may not seem so wonderful that it should be praised and cherished. But we would like to point out how little acceptance of that which is different there is upon your world.

In contrast to the acceptance that is expressed by each of you here, consider the damage... the pillage... the hideous wicked things that men have done unto other men upon your world - because they happened to think differently.... or believe differently.

So when we see the acceptance expressed by you each, it is a joy. For in this acceptance there is the seed of understanding.

We see you each as shinning points of light... growing brighter... as you discover more and more of your own true potential.

And we see a time - that is not lengthy from the point that you consider now in your linear time, when this acceptance... and this light which you now hold... will spread! This then makes each of you a beginning.

There are those on your world who may view you as rebels, rebelling against accepted modes of thought. But in your reaching, you each contribute to the mass evolution of the planet... and even more than that!

You each are truly lights, growing and shinning. And soon the light that you hold will spread unto others... which in turn will spread unto others still. You truly each are a wonderful new beginning to a new growth that is taking hold upon your physical plane. And we, as well as parts of what you may consider your Higher Self, give forth strength and love... and encouragement to you each to continue on this chosen journey. For in this which we call the beginning... the magnificence... and the far reaching results of what you have started... can not quite be comprehended by your physical minds - at this point in your time - but will affect much indeed in your world... and even more.

There is great love and strength that is being sent to you. And we ask that you open to it. And allow that which is deep within you to continue to become closer to the surface.

Be well! And enjoy your journey.

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Emmanuelle, or Emmy (et al) in the more familiar, speaks through Simon Hunt.  Emmy serves as a bridge or gateway   between Simon and the collectiveness of his Greater Self. Although Emmy seems to transform and take on characteristics of many different personalities, she / they state that  there is no separateness within the Greater Self; all are one and the one is all - and the separateness of beings is an illusion that we have created. Simon Hunt is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy; Sexuality On The Spiritual Path, (available through the S-E  Bookstore) graphic artist, and Internet design Consultant. 

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