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The Shining Is Coming

Channeling by Kuthumi
through Helen Jandamit

It is I Kuthumi......

coming to you this day with a message of great importance. The shining is
coming. What is already in your heart is externalising. The shift has
already taken is happening even as you read this. Night has
passed and darkness is lifted. Speed your heart-felt desire to its
destination. Define your path and tread it boldly and joyfully.

On May 3 begins a new wave of awakening. What you set in motion then will
sweep over the Earth in an unstoppable tide. Present your peace prayers
with clarity and directed intention. The network will be activated with new
force. The Heirarchy stands ready - their hands in yours. Time is just a
flow of light, a wave that flows relative to other waves. Time just defines
your position on that wave enabling you to connect and commune with each

The young ones sense the change like the scent of a homecoming parent on
the wind.

Look within for guidance. Speak out what you find so that your words may
encourage others more hesitant than you .
Shield not yourself from the light. - it burns only to dissolve old
obstacles. You are grown great in your wisdom and warm in your womb of
creative consciousness. The spinning of the universe starts here. Vital
peace gives life to the utterly beautiful children of the Earth.
As you birth yourself, the universe rejoices and stretches out to you and
into its own potential.

Even as you, the previously veiled ones who who had been mired in the
darkness of ignorance and bound by burdens not of your making,,, even as
you turn to the light and live your love, daring to step out into the
unknown, so all dimensions expand into a new awareness fired by your
innocent love.

Hold on to nothing that inhibits the flow of light.

All dimensions coalesce in your consciousness. Call to the
wholeness/holiness and he/she is nowhere apart from you.
Beloved ones, the Spiritual Herarchy are in a state of wonderment. Yet we
have worked for so long and longed to see you shine.
Even as the sun dances off the waves of the ocean sending out a radiant
sheen of light, so your minds send out a glow that gladdens out hearts.
The immaculate conception is the will to life concieved from a point of
totally innocent self-arising love. Even though you had previously been
culture-controlled and dulled with physical and mental limitations, the
love self-engenders within your essential being.

Go in peace and the light of the Most High.
I AM Kuthumi

Written down by Helen Jandamit. 14.4.98

Rev. Sadharma (Helen Jandamit) is a Vipassana (Insight) meditation master, the Director of the House of Dhamma and a special lecturer at Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University. She is also one of the founder members of the International Buddhist Meditation Centre, which is based in Mahadhatu Temple, Bangkok. She has written several books related to Buddhism, The Path to Peace Within, The Way to Vipassana, and In the world but not of the world. Born in Britain, she has lived in Thailand for 24 years as an ordained Field Reverend (Buddhist Priest) In addition she a mother, an artist, the Editor of Bangkok Post Student Weekly, and teaches Insight meditation at the House of Dhamma, YBAT, IBMC and on invitation in Los Angeles and Vienna. To contact: or or fax to (662)=Thailand and Bangkok 512-6083

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