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A Message To Seekers
  From Philip

I will come forth with words,
to any who will hear these words;
as a message to those who seek:

From the time that one is borne
to begin that of life,
there is then in this life
a plan. 
There is choice.
And there is that in the power of the mind that can be used.

There is in this,
the life and the living,
that which all men are forth in -
their purpose.
It is then this purpose
which must be looked upon.

I can give forth to you,
in words of aid, and guidance,
to be forth in that
which brings forth Truth
in your days of living.

This, the word Truth,
is all that is of meaning
in that of life;
for Truth
is scarce in that of the living.

During this time upon the Earth,
Truth must be found.

One must seek that of Truth,
for that which has become important
to mankind
is in many ways falseness.

Man has set forth many patterns for that of the living.
Each of man expects from the other,
the pattern which he has set.
And if there is difference,
there is not then that of understanding.

When a man is borne upon the Earth,
those who guide this man
often take from him that of truth,
and place upon him their falseness.
They say to him, "Go forth into life - and be ye not different:
Follow the expected patterns - or there will not be acceptance for you."

Yet, if you look through truth -
you can see the falseness of these patterns.
Why then would you be forth in these patterns?

There is then the shedding
of that which is falseness -
This then does allow Truth to come forth.
Look to that of the body:
If you put upon  the body
which is falseness,
and you pile this snugly upon the body,
then you can not find a place
to bring forth Truth.

It then takes that which is you,
and the seeing which you have -
For it is through looking
with truth,
that you can see truth: 
And you see the falseness also.

There is then that of the mind
which will allow this forth,
if you look to the mind for this. 

There is a part of you that is Truth.
This is the Self.
This Self awaits your calling.

I then will say to you this:
In your days of living seek truth.

Find that of earth that gives forth to you

Do not dwell on that
which gives forth to you
falseness and unease
to carry you through your days.

For what then will you present to others but strain and unease?

It will soon be a time of sorrow in the world;
a time of unsureness;
and it will be a time that is felt harsh,
and strain will be abundant in many areas.
Yet there is that which can be seen in the days to come,
that would lead a man to his true destination.

There is that which must be thought of in my words.
Hearing these words,
and hearing of the plan
must be thought of, and brought forth in the mind.

Allow it forth in the mind.

Do not think of it
in the state of mind
that you think of your clothing or your trinkets of earth.

Think of it
as you would think of love,
and the joy of warmth,
that is so scarcely felt in your day.

Love to you all,

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