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This evening we are having an OPEN SUBJECT NIGHT.. Ronda, and guides participate, from the other side when we have open subjects. Anyone may bring up a subject, and it is discussed, but not necessarily. Sometimes the question may end suddenly.


I am Ronda, I wish you my peace, my friends. So many on your side are lost within themselves, and do not have the wisdom to ask for their guidance nor of themselves nor of others, and therefore remain lost until they finally realize that they need help, and should hold their hand outstretched to them.

Q: Good evening Ronda. Welcome to our group again. Tonight is subject night, We are leaving: it open to sort of pick up all of the loose ends that we missed. I believe our friend D here has a couple of good questions.

Q: Good evening Ronda. At one of the other channelings, I asked you this question, and you said to hold it for another night. 'This it going to be the night for it. Could you explain the myth of the Medusa ? I

suspect it may be perhaps an allegory, but it also could have been a physical entity, and I would like to know which.

Ronda: Keep it within the scope of myth, my friend. For all that has been told on your side, does not necessarily came from the truth. Much has been created and imagined in order to keep the interest of the public. All the Gods referred to within the mythology scope, are often only that. Some may have been results of other stories, and adapted to certain circumstances. But if one wished to count the number of Gods and semi-gods throughout history f your side, it would represent a remarkable number, most of which can be discounted easily. Often Gods were reated through imagination in order to impress upon the public a certain point. The many Gods that fluctuate throughout the mythology field, are of such nature. Only a few can be considered very seriously, and not so much as gods, but rather as beings of much power, Even your bible refers to them in other words, or under other-names.

I wait.

Q: Was the myth of medusa ever used as an allegory for the spiritual being, being lost in the physical world ?

Ronda:: You must remember, that I have not all knowledge, but no such story brings remembrance to my mind. I wait.

Q: Let me think an that for awhile. Thank you, Ronda.

Q: Ronda, there's lots of stories on mythology, since your talking about mythology.. They've brought about a lot of stories about half man and half-beast, and Im sure that this has some kind of meaning. Can you tell me the meaning, Such as Pegasus ?, Cantaurs ? half-man, half-horse ?

Ronda: You must also remember, that you must differentiate between that which is, and that which comes as a product of imagination. As an example, the transportation that was used by those who visited your world, would be named; as bird of thunder, as fire in the sky , and many such appellations. That which you could name within your own scope of knowledge, a rocket was named a bird of thunder and depicted as such in the times following, bviously, there was no bird of such nature, but the description applied to those who search for the words to depict such a machinery, since their knowledge was limited. There has been many experiments,. Not only on your world, but on many others. As to the feasibility of a being that would be efficient in all respects, that which you are today is supposed to be the results. It may- not be much in a practical and physical manner, but it is the best that there is at the time, For one who would be half-man and half-horse, would indeed have the speed and propulsion means to displace its self rapidly from one point to another. It would also have the intelligence required to perform ertain tasks. But the impracticability of such a combination was in its self it's own obstacle . Some have been created and mutated to live within the seas, as your world has many reports of. And again the limitations were vast, compared to the advantages . Therefore,, my friend, you must be of fair mind and fair understanding if you have some interest in the matter. It would be wise to read into the old manuscript that which is, rather that which isnt interpreted.

I wait.

Q: There was some experimentation then, with animals and man ?

Ronda: This is done within your own times, my friend, through your own basic civilization . It has been done much in the times past,, not only on your world, but an many others. For after all it is only reasonable to accept the thought, that a race wishes to be adaptable to circumstances, and physically as efficient as can be possible.

I wait.

Q: Ronda, that brings to mind a thought to, the scientist on our world believe, that the dolphin is intelligent.. And Im wondering;; is it strictly a highly developed animal intelligently, or is it a thinking entity with a spiritual being ?

Ronda: It is within the animal kingdom, my friend. It has a great intelligence within it's own scope,, but it is not a spiritual entity, as it could have been, but rather of the animal kingdom.

I wait.

Q: I would like to get into that, Ronda, a little bit. Let us go back to our book, the Bible, and take it from the thinking man's view point. The first man, Adam and Eve as mentioned . In fact The Voice in the desert mentioned this. The person referred to...the one we refer to now as God, they referred to as The Lord. Your side has told us, He was the king of the astronauts from another world. This first man created by this king; from the other world, was this a cross breeding between animals on our side.?

Ronda : If you wish to return to the records of your own making for the times past, you will find within them, that the first man on your side was not the first as such. For life was almost at the same time within your own planet, but rather the descendants of a race from beyond. That his knowledge was that of his own people, and that this knowledge became lost with time.

Q: This would then explain "Paradise Lost."

Ronda; : If you wish to call another world Paradise, my friend.

Q: No, I was not referring to another world. I was referring to the state that has been referred to as the preternatural state of Adam., Namely that he did not have to study, He would see something and know it, As did not have pain. He did not have sickness. He did not know hunger, and thirst and such things.

Ronda: This was his knowledge from the world he came from.

Q_ All right then, what was this test that was referred to with his mate, the one we call Eve. Were they to, how would you say, not have carnal knowledge of each other until adjusted ?

Ronda:: Again, my friend, this is that which you learn and hear through your own inadequate philosophies.. For the race from which he and his mate came from, established many philosophical safe guards. One of which was to study a world. One of which was to study the circumstances surrounding a situation, before deciding to propagate. however, they did not take the time to do so. And as your world quaintly says, beget and beget again. So a result, my friend, you and your friends are on your side. As a result, there were many troubles, for it is a responsibility to create a race, even though you may never see it, He and his mate were unwise in those respects, not for having anything to do with each other, but for letting it get out f hand, For you must remember, they were marooned on your side, and therefore left to their own selves without any hope for help nor assistance. And rather than taking the time to establish themselves well, they created life, and were unable to handle it properly

I wait.

Q: We haven't changed much, have we ?.

Q: Did they bring the powers with them? And use these powers for...for creating this environment---to say, create it ?

Ronda: 'They had much knowledge, and whatever was left within their own craft. However, you must also remember, that the machinery that was on hand, the facilities they had within the craft would also feed the function without the required energy. And this in short time disappeared, and they were left on their own without assistance from anyone, except their own knowledge and philosophical beliefs, which they did not follow

I wait.

Q: Well at this time that they came to this earth, were there others what we would call human beings on the earth ? Namely beings with animal bodies, but spirits ?

Ronda: There had been life an your side already, my friend. Basic perhaps, but none the less on it's way to knowledge ., For life existed on your world not only as a result of your friends Adam and his mate, but as a result of the chemical matters being properly mixed. For life in a physical manner is no more than a chemical reaction.

I wait.

Q: S: Well, this is I understand. But I'm trying to draw a distinction between that type of what I would call animal life with a soul as the energy as opposed to human life which has not only the animal soul, but also the eternal spirit.Was this life that existed before this Adam and. his mate, purely animal ? Or were they also spirit inhabitants ?

Ronda:: There were no more---they were no more animal than you, my friend,

Q: S: They, being who ?

Ronda:: Those who had life on your side at that time. For you must remember, the distinction between human and animal, Humans have a soul and a reasoning power. Animals have instinct. Even though their reasoning power of those of the times was limited, it still was reason within itself.

I wait.

Q: Now, your confusing me with your word, soul.

Q2: Let me get a word in here. Did these primitive reasoning beings have the eternal spirit also ?

Ronda: They are. They were spiritual entities as you, my friend.

Q2: Well that was what we were trying to find out.

Q3: Then they had evolved naturally on this world ?

Ronda: You have said the words.

Q: Then, wouldn't it be correct to assume that if the human race on this earth obliterated itself,, that the animal life left such as the apes, the monkeys, the horse, whatever, would evolve to the point where they would be spiritualalso ?

Ronda: This is not a correct assumption, but it is a reasonable one. However, that which is animal in it's own form, will remain as such. For there is a biological process that can not take place within then, Their---their makeup does not include that of reasoning, but rather of survival, whereas the makeup of humans includes their reasoning, that should carry them forward. There has been little progress within the animal world, my friend. As a matter of fact, from a strong and powerful entities of their own, they had become rather tamed, I should any. On the other hand, the human race which started from little, has become rather dangerous.

Q: Well then, this transmission or propagation, or what ever you want to call. it, requires that a spiritual entity with a human or animal body propagate its self.

Ronda:: This is instinct, not reason. As a matter of fact within your own people, my friend, shall you tell me how many lives have been planned and created logically ? Are not most of the lives created, the result of accidents and miscalculations.?

Q: Well thats correct, but that wasn't the point Im trying to arrive at. If animals can only produce animals, from whence then came man? He could not possibly have evolved from chemical elements, for this would merely create another animal .

Ronda:: Not automatically, my friend. For every chemical reaction does not automatically bring the same results. There was also the planning of the Supreme Power, that there would be spiritual life, and he chose it so. For do not forget, that whatever your logic may bring forth, the Supreme Power still is within.

I wait.

Q: Ronda, was the Jewish race a direct result of Adam and eve ?

Ronda: Not directly, my friend. For Adam and Eve, as you have heard of, were many years previous to any organ- ized society.

I Wait.

Q: But Jewish----the Jewish people have learned, and through their history, and this was a belief, that they are the chosen race Where do they get this idea ?

Ronda: Do you not feel that you yourself have been chosen ?

Q: Im talking about the Jewish people. All that they have talked about over these thousands of years. I think that our friend, the Voice taught us differently. That up to that point it seems that they--- And there are Jews on this world today that still feel that they are chosen.

Ronda: If they wish to feel that way, my friend, there is not much harm done They shall realize at some time, that they are no different then any other.

Q_ That wasn't my question.

Q: Can I get back to what I was discussing, Ronda ? If, when Adam and Eve, these two humans from other worlds, came and started our human race. If at that time they came to the earth, there were other humans of a more simple nature, less advanced, Where did...did these prior humans come from? What power brought them to the earth ?

Ronda:: Life is within the universe, my friend, not only animal life, but also spiritual life. For life as you understand it, is the result of it's own creation through chemical processes. No one is to decide which chemical reaction will bring: intelligent thought. Those who came from other worlds, had also to have a beginning and those who came from those worlds, must also have had one first day., The distinction lies within their reasoning power, and the difference between human,, or supposedly reasonable animals and animals. You wish to be given the answer of life, my friend. Let us say this: that spiritually life lies within each of you. That spiritually you are. That each living: object, that each living body has a soul or life within, but not in a spiritual. manner. You have life or soul, and you are a spirit. The only difference is that; as a spiritual entity, you are inhabiting a body that has a capability of thought and intelligence. It is indeed, no great achievement since indeed most of the machines you yourself create , can think better than you.

I wait.

Q: Ronda, at one time you said that some day our scientist will create man, but it will not have a spirit, How can this be ?

Ronda: Because it shall be the result of a mechanical and artificial process, my' friend.

C: In other words, a chemical misfit.

Ronda: If you wish.

Q: Well then, is it in the propagation or the recreation of an individual, and is there not a combination in the seed fertilizing: the egg not only the elements of the animal, but also within that seed, the element of the spirit ?

Ronda:: Not necessarily, and yet you are correct. For all within, live without. Your own children are part of you physically, through your own seed, as you are part of your own parents, through their own seed There is therefore an endless chain of communication, and transfer of life from one to the next.

I wait.

Q: Would these beings that man will create, I suppose it helps---they will function by instinct ? They won't have reasoning power ?

Ronda: They will have been programmed to some extent, to do that which they are to do. This is already started on your side, my friend, through the alteration of genes,

I wait.

Q: Ronda, while we are on animals... quite awhile ago , you said that on your side, if one wanted an animal, you simply imagined the animal, and it was there. and another time mentioned that if you wanted a. ship or any other thing, that you simply created it in your mind, and it was there. It had a captain, and a crew, and so forth. Now these...this captain and the crew and all the people on the ship, would they be real people you could speak to ? Or would they be spirits, or what ever ?

Ronda: It would be really not much different than when you decide to day-dream, my friend, How vivid are your dreams of the time ? How real are those you talk to ? Multiply this by almost infinity in realism, and you have your answer.

;Q: But those people aren't real then, that you imagined on the ship ?

Ronda:: No, they are within your own thoughts,, and as real as your thoughts may be.

Q: Ronda, I don't understand this - this mind connected to the brain. And the brain connected to the nervous system. Now what I don't understand is this mind. what is the mind ?

Ronda:: You must differentiate between that which is physical, and that which is not, For example, my friend, if you wish to bring your thoughts down to the level of a machine. If you mix a product such as gasoline within an engine, the engine will run. The result will be power, The amount of power created will determine the speed of your chariot. It is the same with your brain. It shall create thought, and it shall create its own decision. Those shall be comparable to the power created through a mechanical engine., The brain will be the machine. The mind is that which it represents in power, and will, and in beliefs, and disbelieves.. One is directly related to the other. One is tangible as an engine would be. One is intangible, as power may be, until it is used.

I wait.

Q: In other words, if a person develops a strong: thought, or a strong mind, or strong thoughts ,they can move...they can have the power to do many things.

Ronda:: That is so, my friend.

Q: The secret is in the power of the mind .

Ronda: The secret is in the power of the brain, that will create the strength of the mind

Q2: In other words, the two are interchangeable---inseparable ?.

Ronda: You have said the words, my friend.


Ronda: I am Ronda; I wait,

Q: Good evening, Ronda, I hope you have enjoyed our conversation while weve been waiting for you. I have one question which I would like you to answer us simply as you can. Is the mind a function, or a part of the spirit Or a function, or a part of the body ?

Ronda:: Unfortunately, there are no simple answers to your question. For it is so obvious an answer that you do not see it, You must differentiate the mind, which is more or less a spiritual matter, from the brain which is a physical object, and yet one is directly related to the other, However there is also your own spiritual self to consider, and it's progression within, and it's strength without. This has some effect, not so much upon the brain, which is basically a machine, but upon the results which is the mind. For the brain will answer in a logical manner. But the mind which is a result of all thoughts, will reflect the personality of the one possessing the brain. This personality will also be affected by your own spiritual self. Therefore, my friend, it is obvious that the mind which is the result of the processing of thought throughout the brain, effected by your own spiritual self, is a result of a combination of spiritual and physical .

I wait.

Q_ Thank you, Ronda.

Q: In that case tell me on that same subject, Ronda,, in the case of a person who Is, shall we say, lost his mind or is insane or gone upstairs, it wouldn't affect the spirit that much, would it ?

Ronda: It shall not affect it at all. However, the expression of the spirit shall be distorted, for it is expressed-through the thought process of the mind. And this, if this is not functioning properly, the results may be questionable.,

I wait,

Q: But then, the spirit wouldn't leave here with less than it came in with, even though there was, shall we say , no mind except that of a ------.

Ronda:: You have said the words, my friend,

Q: And even with the mind of an idiot, they would still grow spiritually- in some respects ?

Ronda: That is so, My friend.

Q: Heres a question that Ive had for some time. There are people who appear to sap one's energy, In other words, you can talk to these people, and when you leave them, you feel drained of your energy. And they feel like they're floating; on a cloud, and like there walking on air, 'They feel real good. I know this happens, and how does one protect themselves against these people. Does one simply stay away from them ?

Ronda: It is very simple to set your mind, and set your brain, to refusing to give energy away from your self, and it shall not be.

I Wait

Q: How do you do that ?

Ronda:: It is for you, my friend, to be strong enough in your mind, so that your brain it's self, which controls all of your body, shall refuse to be depleted, and therefore create it's own protective well.

I wait,

Q:, if some---If a Person has certain negative thoughts which is a result of the brain together with the mind, but when they leave spiritually, when the spirit leaves the body, those thoughts evidently stays with the physical body, Is that true ?

Ronda:;: 'When the spirit leaves the body, my friend, it means that it has come to my side.

Q: Yes.

Ronda: The body that remains behind, becomes of little importance.

Q: How about the mind ?

Ronda:: The mind, being the result of the thoughts of the brain and the spiritual characteristics, is no more. In your words, it becomes spiritual alone with the spirit.

1 wait.,

Q: I got lost on that one. Somebody else will have to...

Q2: I did too.

Ronda: : My friend, you can only be affected by that which you wish to be effected from. If you wish to be drained by another, so shall It be. Once the spirit has left the body to come home to my side, the body is that which you call dead, and is of no consequence. that which affected the body, mind wise, is no more. for the machinery of he brain has ceased to perform

I wait.

Q : In other words, if a person had feelings of guilt about something in the mind, and they got killed in an accident, and the spirit left the body. The spirit wouldn't take that Guilt, would it ?

Ronda: Not unless the spirit believed .

Q: I see. 0k, OK, OK, now it makes sense. You said the magic words.

Ronda: Uh, Uh, Uh.

Q2: In the subconscious mind, as we call it, is this the mechanical brain's logical operation ??

Ronda: It is no more logical than the rest of your brain, my friend, But because the brain has very limited capabilities, it stores that which it does not understand, or that which it sees, and has no use for, into the subconscious. There to be recalled at will in theory. However, as the mechanical process of your brain develops, so shall the know ledge and the capabilities of it.

I wait.

Q2: Then actually most---then our greater portion of our memory storage is in the subconscious .

Ronda: You have said the words, my friend.

Q: Lets say you had been a craftsman in a life, and a craftsman, a good carpenter, lets say.. And you came back into another life, and you would Drift into the work of carpentry, Would you have a knowledge of carpentry ?

Ronda: You may not have a knowledge of carpentry, for again your new brain would have to be trained into that subject. But you would certainly have a talent for it.

Q: I see. that explains a lot of things.

Q2: That goes back to Mozart who was actually a genius. At four, he was playing music and composing music, at five, six years old. Had he been a musician before, or did he get it from your side, or direct channeling ?

Ronda: Re had had much musical knowledge, my friend. For spiritually, music was that which he preferred. Therefore he had the gift . It so happened that his particular brain at his age of four or five, was receptive enough to absorb the musical knowledge of your side,

I wait.

Q2: Once you said that when we come to this side, we set for ourselves goals, and it was much like going to school, and setting yourself a goal to get a diploma. Now, Now do we always get that so called diploma on this side, or can we terminate before we accomplish the goal we set out to do ?

Ronda: This is up to you, my friend, for you have free will. If you do not succeed within one lifetime, be, be of cheer, for there are many other lives afterwards.

Q: I have a question here. Ronda, if I was on the other side, and lets say that I was there to stay. Now lets say that I wanted to learn all about mathematics . Could I learn all about mathematics from your side ?

Ronda: There is no reason why you couldn't, my Friend.

Q: Then let me ask another question. What great value is intellectual knowledge to be learned from this side ?? What great value is there in ----.

Ronda: Which side are we talking about ?

Q: Im, talking about our side now. What value is there, to be highly intellectual If I can learn all there is to know when I get on your side. ?

Ronda:: To know all about mathematics, as you have mentioned, on my side is of no use to my side, my friend. It would only be for your own satisfaction, without benefiting anyone or anything in particular,, but your desire fore knowledge, however, to study on your side Is a different matter, For to study, means understanding, whatever field it may be. That which you learn on your side, you may apply to be of use to another, to be of help to another, and this is what counts. It matters not whether It be upon a great scientific knowledge, or a limited one. Whatever you learn on your side, should also be--- also be of: benefit to others, in a spiritual manner or helping way. Therefore, it is through understanding that you may help yourself, and help these around you, progress along there path, my friend.

Q: But this could be done in a simple manner without a big intellectual learning,

Ronda::: That is so. For knowledge does not necessarily mean kindness nor love. It matters not what level of society you belong to intellectually That which matters, 18 that which you have done for others, with love.

Q: In other words, what you have done with your knowledge, what ever it be---

Ronda: You have said the words, my friend .

Q: Very good, Very good .

Q2: I want to go back a bit to where you were talking about the gifts, which actually could be called memories of your spiritual self. The gift that I have of channeling, I have come to believe, I have done this before, and this is why it came easy again. Now the particular place I am at now, with the groups that I am conducting, and the channeling I am doing. At this point in time, I feel as if I would be doing this for a number of years to come in the future. and I am trying to tie it into a lesson that I came here to learn this time. Now, I was wondering if perhaps you could give me some clues ?

Ronda: There are no clues as such, my friend. You have come upon your gift of channeling. You have helped others meditate and think upon many subjects.. As you say our words, you help those who have come to listen. As you help them meditate and take count of themselves, you help them find themselves and find their peace. Do not expect any rewards for this, my friend, but the satisfaction of having given other travelers a helping hand along their way. Indeed, you have a long journey ahead, and this has hardly begun.

I wait.

Q:_ You mentioned right then, something that I had made a note about, that I wanted to ask you about, and Ive heard on the tape that I've been listening to the last couple of days. You say, "You have a long journey ahead What do you mean by that ? Could you be more specific ?

Ronda: Each one on your side must follow it's own path until it is time to come home to my side. It is a journey on your side, my Friend. If you are told that you still have a long journey ahead, it simply means that we are not ready for you for much time.

Q: In other words, you are speaking of months, days, years, and so forth ?

Ronda: All is relative.

Q; It could be a year, and it could be ten years, or fifty years.

Ronda:: If you can explain time to me, my friend, I shall be more specific. It is not for tomorrow nor the foreseeable future.

Q: In other words, much time to go, and much to do, and Ive heard you say this in answer to people, that they have much to do. There both the same aren't they?

Ronda: Not exactly, for one can have much time, and not wish to do anything, when the reverse is also true. A long journey should give you ample time to do much.

Q: In other words much to do means spiritually ? Rather than physically ?

Ronda: We are not interested in the physical matters, my friend.

Q2: This brings something Ive been wanting to ask you. You say the physical doesnt have much consequences, Yet, how can a person grow spiritually, when he's working like blazes to keep his body functioning with food, shelter, and clothing ? In other words, making silver.

Ronda:: To the one who is truly spiritual, he shall accept a material situation as a necessity of your side, and not let it affect it's spiritual progress.

Q2: In other words, even though he might 'be working, shall we say, twelve hours a day to make enough money to take care of his physical necessities, he would still have time during this period, to still work and spiritual growth.

Ronda: Spiritual growth is part of your life, my friend. What difference does it make how hard or not you work ? Do you have to feel. anger, because your work is not easy ? Can you not be gentle and kind in your ways, however long the hours may be ? Can you not still find strength within yourself, to help one who may be weaker than you, and needs strength ? Must you divorce yourself from your spiritual self in order to survive ? Can you not combine your spiritual entity with your physical necessity, so as to make them more tolerant, so as to make them tolerable. Can you not accept a fact without rebelling ? Can you not find the time for a kind word ?

I wait.

Q2: Thank you Ronda. And the answer is Yes. Yes I can.

Ronda: You knew the answer before you asked, my friend.

Q2: I didn't realize that I knew it until you put it together for me, Thank you.

Q3: Ronda, a long time ago I read an article about a fellow who took a tape recorder out in the middle of the woods to record the sounds of the birds. There are very sensitive tape recorders, and when he played it back, he heard voices on the recorder, all kinds of voices. Could they have been of your side ? And if they were , could if be possible for us to do that ?

Ronda: Do not attach all sorts of mysterious powers to my side, my friend, For we do not need artifices to be heard.Perhaps you should ask this man where he bought his reproducing apparatus from, and ask for his silver back, for obviously it had been used previously.

Q: I sort of thought that too. You just confirmed what I thought.


Ronda: I am Ronda. My masters Master is among you. Ask him that which is on your mind, for he is much wiser than I. Much love to you my friends, (The rest of the channeling was with another, and is available)

The above was channeled thru Frank Dixon (The Medium) , on Dec. 19,1974, in Sacramento, California. A group of us became acquainted with Ronda, and his friends (guides) in 1972, and since then they have enjoyed thousands of sessions, most recorded on tape, and lots of the sessions transcribed to paper. The above is a sample of a session. We have lots of material to share with those who wish to learn, and we would be pleased . Our E-mail is

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