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God Doesn't Pay With a Cheque

Opening Comments:

R: The word karma itself simply do mean the resultant of an action, whether that action be into that of a past life or whether that action be that which be created into the present life. Indeed, individuals do,n go through certain processes throughout the life that they have chosen which be the resultant of their own creation. And this be that they do create that which be referred to here as 'karma'. For individuals do view karmic action here in a mystical sense and do believe that a higher individual be creating their karma,and be placing themselves into a position so that they, themselves, would follow a certain path so at the end of that path would either pay a karmic debt for a past deed that have occurred into life prior to the individual's existence. And indeed, oftimes individuals do suffer greatly for they do worry of karma. They do worry of the actions that they do place upon themselves. They do view the past life experiences and see that which they be in a past life and oftimes punish the self for actions. And in the mere punishment of a so seen negative karmic action, oftimes do create more, more karma only to carry on into another life and beat themselves over and over and over again. Oftimes individuals do get caught up into the 'karmic debt' mind thinking. And indeed as well they do utilize that which they feel be of a debt that be owed to a greater individual, a greater hierarchy, so to speak. And indeed, oftimes do feel as well that they can simply take that which they experience and place it into a kind of etheric credit card. And indeed there be one thought in mind, do understand, that all individuals must utilize in order to understand karma, and this thought here be simply that "you do get what you give". This be simple phrase here, not hard to understand. Even a child do understand that if you buy an ice-cream cone and give the clerk a nickel, you shall receive an ice-cream cone. Understand, of course, this into the (monetary) viewpoint here of a few years ago, not into this date. (Humour) Indeed. However, you do get what you give and you are the creator and your actions do create that which you do live upon here whether it be into that of a past life situation or whether it be into the present date. However, tis yourself not another that be responsible for that which you do. And if individuals would view the spectrum of life existence itself from our perspective, they would simply state here and see that all be an experience and all be an addition to the whole experience. There be no positive, there be no negative, simply experiences. And at this time, here would suggest that we commence with the questions.

S: Well, that immediately answered my first one, is there positive or negative karma? Obviously there is not.

R: Indeed not.

S: If we view it as positive or negative, can that change it in any way?

R: Would change the perspective... S: But not the actual...

R: Not the action. Not through our perspective, understand. Would change the perspective of the individual and oftimes create great turmoil within the individual that in turn do create another type of karma action.

S: Ok. You've indicated that karma is not a debt. Some people although think that the world or their God or their Deva or whatever it is they worship owes them something. Could you comment on this train of thought please.

R: Indeed. Would state here that we do not see that any individual owe another individual anything. The individual owe themselves. Understand that oftimes they would place the responsibility onto another for they fear taking responsibility of their own actions and there be a tendency to blame others. And of course, the one that be the 'blame receiver' aspect be that of an individual that be more powerful, through their perspectives, than they themselves be. So therefore, they tend to blame the hierarchy.

S: So it's the God or the world or the society that's doing it all to me rather than myself.

R: Indeed.

S: Can we change our karma?

R: By change which do you refer, understand?

S: Well, can we, if we've say, chosen a specific experience in a past life to experience it in this life and that experience comes along, can we at that point say, no I really don't want to do that and...

R: Absolutely. For you do have 'free will and free choice' in all aspects here. Karma be karma be karma, understand. However, you do choose when you choose to deal with the karma whether it be into the life that you do exist upon or another life. And as well understand, you do choose the methods for which you do deal with the karma. For example, indeed, would add here at this point that 'a balancing of karma' that we do view be necessary, not the payment of debt, balancing of karma. For example, if an individual be termed a murderer in a past life and slay many individuals and they do enter into the life to balance this karmic action. And on a subconscious level they do view that they must and we do hesitate to utilize the word "must" here, however, through the perspectives of the individual we do state. They do see that in order to balance the karma, they must do an action that would be opposed or opposite to that action. So therefore, some individuals would choose to become doctors. Would choose to save many lives in order to balance. However, this may not necessarily need to be experienced in this way. An individual may balance this karma by an action through aiding an individual crossing the street, helping a child, a lost child, indeed, into the family members, treating the family in a special way. Understand, it's also perceived oftimes that karma may be balanced only in the direct opposite here. Be this of understanding to yourself?

S: In other words, if one takes a life then one would have to save a life?

R: Indeed, indeed.

S: I see. Would that also deal with victims and perpetrators. In other words, if one was the victim of something, one would then balance it out by being the perpetrator in another life to see both sides of the coin, I would say.

R: Indeed, indeed. However, that would not necessarily mean that the individual would have to suffer.

S: Ok.

R: Could balance the karma in another form.

S: I see. Again choice is...

R: Who is to say who be victim and who be perpetrator here, through the perspective of the individual. A victim in the eyes of one individual may be an individual who be treated, misused by a husband and beaten here and punished through methodology of physicality. Through another eyes here, a victim may be those individuals who be victimizing the self through that of guilt.

S: Ok. Would this explain the misinterpretation, or I feel the misinterpretation of the saying "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?"

R: Indeed, indeed, absolutely here. For the individuals do feel that one must pay for those actions.

S: So you took a life of ours so we'll take one of yours.

R: Indeed, indeed.

S: Do we choose the life that we will lead and in so doing that, the experiences that life will give us?

R: I ndeed. The choice be made upon previous to entering into the physicality. For you do have many choices here. You choose the life and along with the life, you do choose all the opportunities that come with the life. And so therefore, there be many opportunities to change, to make choices within the life as well.

S: So you may or may not take those opportunities but they are there.

R: Indeed, indeed. They are there if you do choose. However, if you wish to bypass, there shall be other opportunities in other lives. There by a myriad. Tis not cut and dry here.

S: Ok. This tends to imply that we sort of sit in front of this computer console and say, "ok, I want that life and choose it." What aspect or what amount of influence do our parents have then?

R: you mean here into, before the choosing, or the actual action of the life?

S: Well, I understand what the influence could be in the action but is it solely our choice or do they have something to say about whether or not we become their children?

R: Indeed. There be an agreement here made with the parents and the child. Indeed. The agreement be made before all do enter into the life, understand.

S: Why do certain groups and your interpretation as I perceive it at this point is that karma is based on choice and free will and free choice. Why do certain groups who promote karma also imply that it's destiny, that it's something you cannot change?

R: Indeed so, indeed so. These groupings here of individuals are looking for that which be secure and destiny be secure, understand, imply no risk. You live today, you live the life and you die and you are destined to become a doctor. You are destined to become this or that or the other. Security! For they know before hand, or they think they know before hand, why they be here. They feel secure with the thought of destiny for it do imply no risks. Taking opportunities be risks. They do fear the unknown here so they create that of destiny.

S: So it's basic false security that we seem to convince ourselves we need.

R: Absolutely here.

S: Ok. Do we create karma in this life and deal with it later or can we deal with it in this life? Again is this all a matter of choice? R: There are no limitations here. Oftimes an individual can create karma and half an hour later balance that karma.

S: Again choice. So that would mean if I choose to harm somebody in this life and then I decide that that really wasn't what I wanted to do. I phoned them up and apologized or made amends for it, that would balance the situation immediately, like that day or would it depend on how they...

R: Indeed! Through the actions. Words...action do speak louder than words, understand. Though there be power in the spoken word, tis the action that do be the creation of the words. In other words here, to phone up an individual and apologize for that action would not necessarily alleviate the action that you have done upon the individual. However, if you were to take a step towards helping that individual. However, not helping the individual in order to relieve your own guilt, helping the individual that you wish to through desire, through the heart.

S: So this would imply a restitution of some sort. In other words...

R: Not a payment. A restitution imply payment of debt. "Balance".

S: Well, balance sort of in an equality sense though...

R: Indeed!

S: So if you did a certain aspect to someone that may have cost a certain amount of money, say, would you be required to then or would you choose to then, if you want to change that in this life, oh, I don't know, do free work for that individual or do something...

R: Indeed this would aid as well.

S: But again a matter of choice, not a matter of wanting or having to.

R: Indeed so.

S: Ok. How much does our conscious choice affect karma and is this all a subconscious process? Does or consciousness have an input or how much of an input is there there?

R: The difficulty here be that individuals attempt to separate that of the subconscious and the conscious choices. There be a veil between the subconscious and the conscious mind that do limit the perspective here and the viewing. However, in the conscious mind itself, some individuals are aware of the karma they be creating. Indeed However, be onto a subconscious level for others. For the veil be strong, therefore, and karma be onto onto the subconscious level.

S: Ok!. So one's acceptance of the wholistic aspect of the mind itself rather than splitting it up would dictate how one deals with karma effectively in this life.

R: Absolutely.

S: Ok. Do we meet people because of karma?

R: Indeed. All individuals that you do meet here. Understand, karma oftimes be not perceived through our perspectives of a negative action. Be simply an action here. So therefore, an individual that you have shared an experience with, that of a past life experience, you are drawn to for one reason or another. And each individual that you do meet here, whether it be an individual that you choose of live with or marry or father or mother of a child, a friend, a teacher, a mailman, your best friend's wife, etc., this all be part of a karmic action. S: Alright! Then what is the connection then between karma and reincarnation? Are they the same thing or are they two aspects of...

R: Indeed here. For karma itself be created also within the life that you do exist upon and indeed...

S: Also it's not totally governed by reincarnation.

R: Indeed not. There are many forms of karma, understand. As to reincarnation, it simply be the experience of many lives and within these lives you do create karma as well as the karma that you are creating within the life that you do exist upon. And therefore here, you do as well create your karma and oftimes do balance the karma within the same life.

S: So they work hand in hand in giving us experiences that we required then?

R: Absolutely.

S: Ok. Can we use karma as a crutch or do we in some cases?

R: Indeed. Many individuals state onto themselves as well as others, "I cannot do this for tis not my karma." Or, "I wish to do this to balance karma of a past life experience," and oftimes do limit the self and is so limiting the self, do limit others. And in fact, do create more karma by these actions.

S: It's been indicated by some researchers or some people working in the metaphysical areas that karma is a cycle and there are others who state, no, karma is a moment by moment process. Could you shed some light on these two different perspectives please?

R: I ndeed. It be both, be a cycle. However, it do be occurring moment by moment. And indeed there be cycles within the moment and moments within the cycle.

S: I'm not sure whether that's cleared things up or made things more complicated. So again our attempt to label creates confusion.

R: Absolutely. And this be our point that we make here.

S: So all things are cycles and all things are changing moment by moment.

R: Indeed. The moment be evolution.

S: There's a lot of people that have difficulty understanding their subconscious choices or rather maybe they have a difficulty dealing with it on a conscious level but and I use the example, say, someone who has a disability or who for one reason or another decided to be born with blindness and whatever, has a very hard time consciously.......

R: ..... Accepting.

S: Accepting these things. Is there anything that you could say to people to help them?

R: Firstly, to accept the responsibility of their own creation. This be first. they do have difficulty with the acceptance of the responsibility which in turn be the acceptance of choices. And we do state here that if you yourself do create that which you be upon at this day, then therefore you have created this for a reason. And so therefore, utilize the creation of your own to its maximum potential and see the benefit rather than that which you have lost. For there be benefit in all action.

S: But also the understanding that probably all of us will choose that experience at some point or another.

R: Understand that for an individual that have been born perhaps with blindness, they have as well in other lives had an opposite effect here onto their life. Perhaps they have aided a blind individual. So therefore, they are learning the feelings of the individual. Now here we would make references as well here to those wayward thoughts and words that individuals oftimes do state. An individual may say, 'someday' I shall be wealthy. This be a common phrase utilized. For you do crete your reality!. And then the individual go through their life and say unto the self as well as onto others, "what is this about the subconscious mind giving you what you wish. I have asked for wealth. I have said 'someday' I wish to be wealthy and it has not occurred." Indeed. However, the next life that the individual do choose, they will choose a life of wealth for this would be "someday".

S: Ah, we aren't specific.

R: Indeed!

S: Alright. That poses another question. Say in a past life, we swore a vow of poverty or a vow of celibacy or a vow of whatever, say in a religious sense. Can these energies or resonances create problems in this life in a karmic sense?

R: Indeed so to some. For the individual that do make the vow oftimes do make it with such adamancy here, for their belief is so strong, that it do carry over into the life that they be experiencing here onto the date of day here. And indeed this would oftimes create many problems here for the individual on a subconscious level would work harder to retain that vow which they have made. This can be alleviated simply through instructing the subconscious mind itself to think wealthy rather than to think poverty.

S: So obviously this leads right into my next question, which was does the awareness of the true meaning of karma help us deal with fears, guilts and blockages? So obviously this is a definite yes.

R: Indeed, indeed.

S: So someone who is played by guilt or plagued by certain anxieties and fears might...

R: Oftimes these fears may be stem from another life.

S: And it would be to their advantage to delve into those areas to seek help.

R: Delve into the areas for the seeking of help and for the purpose of dealing with the situation. However, for some individuals oftimes looking into past life data may become a game and they do utilize such as their crutch.

S: I think you've answered this next question in part but I'll put it forward anyway. Have some religions used the concept of karma for their own purposes?

R: Indeed so, indeed so. Religions themselves, understand the terms. If you don't do this or that, you shall go to hell. If you don't obey the church, God will punish you. Indeed, they utilize karma in their own words. And as well they do create karma.

S: Yes I suppose they do.

R: For themselves as a whole.

S: Why is it that Christianity or most Christian churches don't accept this; you've obviously given examples where they've utilized karma but they don't accept karma. It seems to be a direct contradiction there.

R: Indeed. However, they utilize without accepting for if they were to accept karma, they shall loose many individuals and many of their followers. For individuals would state, "I don't have to be a good Christian in this life."

S: "I'll wait for another life."

R: "I shall do it another time." The proverbial "cop out".

S: Yes. We tend to take the path of least resistance, so we will probably tend to do that. Ok. Moving right along. Does one create karma in the astral or dream state? And if so, could you explain the process?

R: Indeed not. Indeed not. For understand, this be of a spiritual experience as well. The dream state be a viewing of the life and the subconscious mind giving direction to and working with the guides. The guides are not there to create karma. They are there to assist and aid individuals. As well as into the astral here, be of a spiritual nature. So therefore, tis the physicalness here, the action of physicality that do create karma in that sense.

S: I see. So on the astral level, our actions are purely in a spiritual sense so that we're not affected by karma or we're just not creating karma.

R: For understand, in the astral sense be a detachment of emotion. Tis the emotion that do aid in the creation of karma.

S: That makes sense, alright. And in the dream state you're saying that it's just a matter of a viewing situation rather than...

R: Indeed. For there are many types of dreams.

S: This is true.

R: However, we shall do a session on dreams at a later date.

S: Yes not wanting to take away from that session. Alright then, what is the karma of, say, yourselves in your interaction with ourselves or what would be the karma of guides interacting with an individual? Is that a basis for karma or...

R: Indeed. Karma, the basis of karma be of learning, understand, learning through action and oftimes through interaction. Be learning. For even with our interaction with yourselves, there be a physical action occurring, and this be a balancing force to ourselves and adding to our karma, indeed, our experience as well as it add of your experience. So therefore, some of us, understand, have had lifetimes where they themselves have had difficulty in dealing with individuals. So therefore, they choose to interact with yourselves for this experience and to balance out. They are learning to deal with the individuals on a physical level.

S: So karma then transcends all areas or levels of development and existence then.

R: Indeed and this it do.

S: That creates some interesting possibilities. I suppose the knowledge of that would tend to limit our perception of the spiritual as...not limit, I'm not expressing myself properly here. It would stop us from being so.....

R :.... Rigid.

S: Well, rigid in the thinking but also we would create an equality rather than a sort of master-slave situation that some religions create.

R: Indeed, indeed. Equality equals balanced individual.

S: Do we sometimes worry too much about karma?

R: Indeed so, as we have stated earlier here, oftimes individuals tend to blame the actions that they have done in a past life for creating that which they be doing int this life. So therefore, they utilize karma as a crutch. Indeed and as well constantly worry. And oftimes they do worry that they may create an uncomfortable situation that will create karma. So therefore, they limit themselves in their own actions. For instance, take the example here, two individuals live together and they be not happy with themselves or with each other in the marital situation. So therefore, the possibilities be here that they would separate from this situation. For their love be gone on the physical level. On the spiritual level, of course, it be not. And so they would view their past lives to see whether it be into that the problem do lie. They would visiti their local psychic or a regressional therapist or whatever mode they choose to utilize, and they would view their past lives and state, indeed, we have a situation here that we must fulfill each other's karma. And so they stay together in misery. And this staying together in misery, in fact, creates another karmic action.

S: So mis-directed karma, or not mis-directed karma, mis-directed understanding of karma can then just create more and more and more.

R: Indeed, indeed.

S: Which I would, I assume, increase...

R: The whole purpose of spirituality be that of the ultimate joy.

S: So often it's the other way around.

R: Indeed.

S: Ok. Could we discuss for a moment the karma of an individual, just as an example or to show maybe a drastic thing.

R: Indeed so.

S: I would pick the individual in this century of Adolf Hitler. What would his karma be and what has he created and what would happen, how would he balance that kind of karma?

R: Firstly here, one would simply have to view a past lives situation where this individual have aided many individuals, have saved many lives, have suffered greatly, have come through much pain. And so therefore, to learn the experience of the pain that have been inflicted on himself, have simply looked at the other side of the coin and chosen a life to experience the other half of the coin. He have balanced a certain karma here and indeed have created more. And the karma that he shall deal with on other lives would more or less here be through the choices of the individual, more of an individual nature. S: So there's not a judgement there.

R: More of an internal emotional nature. There be no judgement there through our perspective.

S: Ok. Can one thought alter karma or does it require some contemplation?

R: Firstly here, to yourself we would state, be careful what you ask for. Oftimes one thought will do as we have stated here in the individual who wished to someday be wealthy. This thought do create karma. And indeed, however, if one do contemplate too much, one do have a tendency to be caught up into the contemplation and the karma and the intellect do take over here.

S: Yes like 'trying' to do something, you get more caught up in the trying, instead of...

18: ....the doing.... Indeed, and they forget to act and enjoy life.

S: Ok. Do countries, or even religions for that matter, have group karma, and I would say to specify maybe, if we could get examples here, the Middle East or Israel?

R: Indeed, indeed. And oftimes the karma here be that they do feel here that they have had misjudged or mistreated as a country into the years of past. And so therefore, are attempting to balance that karma at this point.

S: Can this type of thing though create complexes like persecution complexes?

R: Indeed so, indeed so. This be the area of concern that we do recognize here. Not only on a global sense of the country. However, into the individuals.

S: Yes I imagine...

R: Which would create more into the country itself, an entirety. And into that of individuals, that of Africa. Ethiopia, indeed, at one time was a very wealthy country itself.

S: Yes it was.

R: Was laiden with precious gems and fruits and very wealthy. Indeed, they are learning the other side of the coin, karmic balance of it.

S: Fascinating.

R: For they did take it to extremes, understand.

S: Yes. As we oftimes do. I'd like to pursue this a little more but before that I'd like to turn over the tape. One moment please.....

Ok. Do continue. That would then put a tremendous amount of pressure sometimes on the individual in dealing with not only his own karma, but the karma of the country he lives in or the area he lives in.

R: Indeed, indeed. Where do you think a particular,.... we hesitate to mention the particular sect here. However, those individuals that do tend to place guilt on themselves.

S: Well, that could just an example. I don't think naming them has to be...

R: Indeed. Into certain individuals that do place guilt onto themselves very strongly, do...the thread be relevant here throughout the entire...indeed, have difficulty here for tis a race as well as a religion.

S: Yes. Alright. Can this aspect, is this transmitted on a mental level or is it a learned thing, is it a genetic thing or all of the above? Is it all of those?

R: All of the above. Indeed. Through the emotional state as well as the intellect. And indeed, oftimes do dip into a genetic area. Tis in their blood, understand.

S: So this would then explain the certain emotion and certain traits or characteristics of certain types of people that it's then...

R: Indeed, indeed.

S: Well that's far reaching. Ok. Let's take it a step farther. Would then the planet Earth itself and our solar system have and create its own karma?

R: Indeed so, indeed so! Created by the early intellectual individual that inhabited the planet, that known as the Atlanteans. And indeed, to further this, the first individuals from another solar system would view the existence here upon with the planet that they existed upon. For some do have the same structures oftimes and karma be created from this and carried over to Earth to the colonization times and then into the Atlantean eras and down through the ages.

S: So it's just a carry through of multitudinous aspects of karma. Alright, the consciousness then, obviously the unconscious force of the planet or of a people or of even I suppose the universe, again has an effect of us?

R: Indeed, absolutely here.

S: Does the possibility of interference from outside forces, and i would suggest or put forward the suggestion of UFO activity or connection with this planet, can that create what some people would call negative karma?

R: Not negative karma. We do not view this as a negative action. Indeed. Do create certain other opportunities, certain other opportunities that can be acted upon, and each action develop into a karmic situation whether it be viewed by negative or positive from the individual. It be the perspective of the individual.

S: Ok. Do animals have karma?

R: Indeed so, indeed so.

S: The same as ours or is it different?

R: Indeed. Would be different in that, for instance here, if for instance, a cat, for example, lived off the land and indeed had to survive by the utilization of the rodents here, would reincarnate into another life of a cat, indeed, that would be pampered, no pun intended here.

S: Ok. Alright. So much the same way as we, we choose the opposites to see both...

R: Indeed, indeed.

S: Ok. Alright. Let's pursue this even further. Do inanimate objects, i.e., buildings or shrines or temples or churches or houses, do they have karma and how... R: Would have more or less resonating energy of the karmic situation that the individuals that do surround the area present to the building.

S: So the karma of a person can be transmitted into a dwelling or an object?

R: The energy of the karma. Not the karma, for karma be action, understand.

S: And what can this create then?

R: Oftimes indeed, this energy oftimes can be transmuted into certain formations here and fragmentations and through the thought process of individuals as well as the imagination do create that which be referred to here as ' thought forms'. And oftimes a building, for example, which indeed if it be a house, oftimes indeed into an apartment building, would have a tendency to appear as if it were haunted. For there be floating in the air certain action and karmic energies from individuals that be going through a turmoil. And indeed, this would appear oftimes in that which you refer to here as the "haunted house" theories. This be not only the reason for that of haunted houses here. However, be part of.

S: One explanation or one possibility.

R: One perspective.

S: Ok. Would this also create things like poltergeist activities and energy rappings?

R: And oftimes this would be relevant where there be children; for the children do have a high degree of what be referred to here as the PK energy, a scattered energy, for they have less blockages than those of the adult ages here. And indeed, the karmic value be transmuted oftimes into the certain objects and through the energy, the PK energy, do create another phenomenon.

S: Ok. Alright. As a final question and this may be a short answer or may be a long answer, I'm not sure. It's been suggested that there are alternate selves of ourselves who will do the actions opposite to the ones we do anyway. How does this concept apply and does the knowledge of this concept affect our karma?

R: Indeed here, firstly, this concept be that of a mirroring image.

S: Alternate realities, yes.

R: A reverse reality, an opposite reality to your own.

S: Yes. The examples given would be that if I was sitting in this chair as I am, with my right leg over my left, then in another reality, there is someone sitting in this chair, another aspect of me, that has the left over the right.

R: Indeed so. And this be true. Indeed this do occur. However, if the individual that be of the alternate reality be in the action of pursuing another karmic action which be opposite to your own, tis that individual's karma that be built.

S: I see so...

R: And indeed, indeed here, you yourself would be building your own.

S: So in that sense, there is no interplay based on karma.

R: Indeed.

S: Alright. So that faction of me, I suppose, has its own karma and this faction of me has my own karma?

R: Indeed. For this bring into play, here, the individuality of the persona which be important. Free will and free choice again exist.

S: So this ultimately ensures the clarity of karma then.

R: Indeed!

S: Ok. That is all of the questions that I have. Your parting comments please on the topic of karma.

Parting Comments

Indeed so!. Would state to individuals that you are the creator of your own realities, of course. You are the creator of your own destiny and indeed you do choose your destiny. Destiny need not be an absolute. Can be an absolute if you choose to it to be an absolute. However, you do have the choice to change your mind at any time, at any given time or place. And if you do not wish to fulfill a karmic situation, or to see that the benefits that can be gained for all individuals, this be your choice. Firstly, look at the situation and look at the benefits. "Would this action benefit myself and all those that surround myself?" And if the answer be yes, then, of course, fulfill that karma. And indeed do recognize as well that God doesn't pay with a cheque. God supplies the opportunities and 'you' are the creator of your own karma. And we do say unto yourselves at this point, do walk together with God.

R: And we thank you for your energy, blessed be!.

copyright 1986 Rainbow Lady Communications

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