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Intimacy On The Spiritual Path

  by Emmanuelle (et al...)

(the italics are questions that were directed to Emmanuelle)

And so we would begin by asking; "What is intimacy?" You can speak of an intimate knowing of a subject - a deep understanding and relationship with a subject - and this word applied in this way is easily understood. Although easily understood when applied to subjects, or areas such as mathematics, or art, or nature, and an individual's intimacy with these areas of learning, there is acceptance and understanding - but when applied to the area of relationships with another human being, and even with the Greater Self, this understanding of intimacy becomes quite confused. The confusion which we see in your world, we believe arises from... we shall say, the lack of a foundation.

The desire for intimacy with others is present in all. It is expressed in varying degrees according to the personality and what the personality will allow. And many go in search of this intimacy with another before the foundation for the building of an intimate relationship is present. The foundation which we speak of here, would be that of first being intimate with the Self.

Being intimate is to be close... to be sharing in a deep and meaningful understanding. Yet, how can one achieve this close... deep.... meaningful... understanding of another until they first have this understanding... and closeness... and tenderness... and lovingness... with themselves?

In your world it is oft times spoke of as the giving of one's self to another. Yet how can one give... what one knows not? And if one knows not who they are, or what they are, could they truly give that to another... or share that with another... or even truly understand another... until they first achieve this with themselves?

So we would say that intimacy is actually quite important upon the spiritual path - but in terms different than that which is brought to mind by the words as used in your world today.

And we say good evening to you.

Good evening Emmy. That was beautiful.

This then is our perspective. And of course, much can be added to this. For instance, there is also that which could be touched upon as... the act of intimacy in your physical world; the physical sharing. This then is one of the areas in which many people have accululated many different beliefs... beliefs that have been added to them in the way in which Zeb spoke of earlier this evening. These accululated beliefs then are not what was "brought with them" into this world upon their arival, yet was "added to" them in forms of teaching... example... exposure. [Zeb, channeled earlier spoke of belief systems and the difference between the core beliefs which are an intimate part of our being and were "brought with" us when we entered this physical plane, and the beliefs which we have accumulated since we came here. These latter types of beliefs are referred to as being "added to" us as opposed to being "brought with" us. Click here for channeling.]

And as with many things, the "added to" is quite different than that which was "brought with". For on this world upon which you live, this area of intimacy - the physical act, the physical sharing, and the physical love, is so little understood.

There is then that which was once spoken - of the chemical (sexual) relationship - and that its importance lay in the connection of the one Self to that of another Self. And in that connection between the two, lays the opportunity to experience the greater connection... to All That Is. This then was the purpose of this act; the physical act. The design... and division into male and female forms... was to make the access to these connections a most joyful experience. For in truth it is.

The act of connecting, and experiencing the connection with another is truly a most joyous and pleasurable experience. And yet, although this was the design... and the pattern that was set... upon the creation of this realm, we shall say... this is not how this act is looked upon by the people. It is surrounded with much guilt... much shame... and oft times brings sorrow and pain instead of the joy it was meant to. Yet, if intimacy was truly understood, with the Self first, and then the sharing with another, this act could bring forth much joy and pleasure instead of guilt, shame, and pain. And in that joy of joining with another, can be reached the joining to All That Is. This then would be using the physical intimacy wisely on the spiritual path.

If sexual intimacy can help lead us home... if we have a partner... and we know Self... what if there is no partner, or no other? There are a lot of people who live alone today.

There are many who do choose to live alone. And there need not be sexual intimacy with another in order to... go home, as you say. This is not one of the requirements. Yet what was "brought with" into this world, was the knowingness of the connection of all... of the brotherhood of one to another... of the collectiveness of the human spirit... and the desire for to experience this connectedness and brotherhood. This was brought with so strongly, that in many, you could say that this desire for intimacy is more than a desire; it is almost a drive. And yet, until the desire... or drive... is understood, this intimacy that is so deeply sought for will never be experienced - no matter how many different partners!

And yet, no partner be necessary. It is only that in intimately connecting with another human being... is joy and pleasure. And it is the individual's choice. We only point out that this experiencing of the connection... the intimate experiencing of this connection was meant to be quite pleasurable and bring much joy when chose to be experienced in the physical. And because of what has been added to in this area, it has been changed from its original design. Does this answer?

Somewhat. I understand that it has changed. And that there is a lot of negative put on to the sexual encounters by us. And people who don't really know themselves... or haven't even tried... in entering into relationships, they sometimes don't make it - well, I guess many times they don't make it. And intimacy, I would think... would begin with Self. But if no other person were brought into the picture, I would think that one could still feel that joy... only in a different way.

This then is true. The... original pattern, we shall say... involved the collectiveness of the human spirit. There are many, who for many different reasons, choose aloneness - as opposed to relationships. These could experience in different ways. But yet, we would ask: "If the original... pattern, since we decided upon that term... involved the collectiveness, and instilled in each individual the desire of relationships - of different kinds; not only sexual... but togetherness... collectiveness of the spirit - why would those then choose aloneness?"

For some there would be that which is the spiritual seeking - such as the proverbial hermit... or Yogi... living alone in a cave high on a mountain. For some it may be the choice not to experience relationships for fear of pain. Neither direction or choice is right or wrong. It is merely choice. And each will experience what they feel to be necessary. But understand; this then was "added to"; not "brought with".

So you're saying that intimacy is something that is inborn in us... for us to seek... and we seek it in many ways... and it can be done through sexual relationships, as well as, many other types of relationships... because intimacy covers a lot of territory. Isn't it like love then? We all seek love.

Very much so. Look to the newborn babe. There is the desire to be touched, to touch, to be close, to feel the warmth of another. This then is natural for the human being. Sex, as you look upon it, is only one way to express this desire for closeness, to touch, to be touched, to experience the warmth of another. But in many ways this particular area, which involve particular parts of the body, has been altered due to that which has been "added to".

The newborn babe finds as much pleasure in being touched on the... tummy... or the hand... or the toe... or the areas of "sex". In the babe's enjoyment there is very little difference; they are all enjoyable. It is what man has "added to"... and the false importance that man has "added to" this area.... that is the source of much confusion. The thoughts that man has put upon this area of intimacy has seemed to make this something special... something different. Yet it is not. It is no different... no greater... no lesser than any of the others. Does this answer?

Yes it does Emmy. I know what you're saying.

Good. We shall then depart. Our love surrounds you both. Be well.

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Emmanuelle, or Emmy (et al) in the more familiar, speaks through Simon Hunt.  Emmy serves as a bridge or gateway   between Simon and the collectiveness of his Greater Self. Although Emmy seems to transform and take on characteristics of many different personalities, she / they state that  there is no separateness within the Greater Self; all are one and the one is all - and the separateness of beings is an illusion that we have created. Simon Hunt is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy; Sexuality On The Spiritual Path, (available through the S-E  Bookstore) graphic artist, and Internet design Consultant.  

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