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Does Intelligence Bring Happiness?

Intelligence does not in and of itself bring happiness. What brings happiness is acceptance. There is no purpose to intelligence, it is inherent within the energy of all that is. Intelligence and energy are one and the same. Energy is intelligence. Intelligence is energy.

People incarnate all have the same amount of intelligence at their total self level and within the molecular structure of their bodies.

A physical form is constructed by the total self utilizing energy, intelligence and intention. This physical form is given certain parameters in which to operate on the physical plane. Many factors are utilized to create these parameters such as genetic code, environmental stimulus, and emotional motivational factors which would determine that point of consciousness degree of interest in its environment, and electromagnetic chemical activity. A person you might consider less intelligent is not less intelligent than another who seems quite intelligent. Not all individuals who express themselves as what is considered more intelligent are what is considered more highly evolved spiritually. It is a matter of chosen experience.

Generally speaking, a point of consciousness or an incarnation that is becoming more aware of its totality or its inner light, may be considered, in societal terms, more intelligent. That is because as a point of consciousness becomes more aware of itself in its true nature, it has access to more of the intelligence that it truly is.

A point of consciousness or physical incarnation that is not aware of its true nature, its inner light, its total self, may seem to be less intelligent as a physical incarnate simply because that incarnation does not have access to its full range of intellectual potential. This is particularly true if that incarnation has been restricted with other limitations such as genetic brain usage potential, environmental factors and emotional motivational factors.

When you perceive a person to be less intelligent, remind yourself that this is a point of consciousness that is simply experiencing less access to its total self, which is pure intelligence.

Those that experience themselves physically incarnated into more intelligent points of consciousness have given themselves a wider range of mental activity and the potential for greater intellectual capacity in order to accomplish the desired experience on this plane. In some cases, the point of consciousness appears more intelligent because it has less amnesia between itself and its total self or inner light.

Happiness then, has nothing to do with intelligence when intelligence is used as a point of reference for self. In other words, if intelligence is something by which you value or measure your worth, this will not bring you happiness. If intelligence is seen and utilized as a tool for asking greater and greater questions of the mind, then intelligence is a method through which you can offer your mind a koan. For example, a way to distract the ego mind with endless questions until at last the mind becomes overwhelmed and silent and the awareness of the total self has a bridge through the amnesia to the point of consciousness. The point of consciousness would then seem to have an awareness, a mystical experience, an awakening, or a moment of clarity.

Happiness is a result of acceptance. Those who operate with greater mental constraints, for whatever reason, sometimes seem to have an easier time accepting their circumstances, their environment, and themselves, because they are not given to long- winded inner dialoguing and mental journeys into the various nuances of their perceived reality. And so a so-called simple minded person can shrug their shoulders and carry on, accept what is, and that is what creates the avenue for the experience of happiness.

An incarnate with less mental restrictions, having access to greater levels of intelligence, may spend so much time analyzing, dialoging, cataloging, and in general thinking about its environment and the different potentials, that it has difficulty simply accepting the perceived reality. It therefore does not have an avenue through which to experience happiness. Happiness is a function of acceptance.

This does not mean that if you accept a negative situation that you will be happy with that negative situation. However, when you accept a negative situation you then allow yourself the choice and the freedom to choose to experience an alternate reality.

Without acceptance, points of consciousness or physical incarnations, have a tendency to be in denial. If you are not accepting it, you are denying it. If you are denying it, there is nothing you can do about it. You are not in a place of power. You are not in a position to choose anything else. When you come to a point of acceptance, that does not mean "I like this," it means "I accept that this is a negative situation and I choose love instead of this," or "I choose another reality," or "I choose to create, what for me, would be a more positive or pleasant experience," or "I choose to declare that this negative experience is not what I desire any longer." You could say "yes, I am having this negative experience, and yes I choose to change it now." When this is done, the avenues through which the change can occur are perceived. Opportunities are presented and the necessary actions can be taken to affect the change.

through Deborah Young
Deborah is a trance-medium trained in the Spiritualist tradition, and has been conducting seances, classes and workshops for over twenty years. She paints watercolor impressions of the aura, and has served as President of the non-profit organization IAMU (International Association for Metaphysical Understanding). She has her Doctorate in Divinity and has co-hosted several radio programs in Las Vegas. Deborah currently offers clairvoyant readings by mail on a donation basis.Contact Deborah Young at 1016 E. Lewis Ave. #2 Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 598-0277.

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