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Harbingers Of That To Come

by Emmanuelle (et al...)

We then would begin our communication to you this evening, by reminding you that in our state of non-physical existence, we have not the body, nor its many attributes which you each enjoy. If you each could see this group assembled here this evening through our eyes - which of course, we have not - you would be so deeply moved. To see the individual lights burning brightly... blending... encouraging one another...empowering one another... to create such a brilliance which you each contribute to... it is such a marvelous sight! And we wish to acknowledge the beauty which you have brought in creating this light.

What we feel that may not be completely understood by you each, is the importance of the time upon the plane upon which you live. This is a time of change. It is a time of great change. There was in the conversation earlier this evening the concept of quickening... of speeding up. We would comment not only on this, but on the various body sensations - that these are signs that you bring to yourself to make yourself aware of the great spiritual growth occurring within your very being.

 Now, you are all harbingers here... ... ... We see in some... not the comprehension of this term harbinger.* But we suggest that those unfamiliar with this term should go to your book of words to find its meaning. For in that meaning is that which you each truly are. You are harbingers of that which awaits the masses!

These feeling which have been growing within you each - and some of you feel that you are ready to burst - these feelings will soon be coming more and more to the surface in all the people of your planet. And we acknowledge your steadfastness and your desire to bring these feelings to the surface ahead of that which is to come. We have spoken in the past that you each be teachers. And we comment that your time is soon to come.

We ask that you take this light which is shared amongst the group this evening, and spread it outward... touching each that you come in contact with. And little by little it will cover your globe. Then you will see the results of this time of great change, in which you have chosen to be a part of.

We bless you each.  We encompass you with our love.  We ask you to continue on your journey.  And we ask you each to be well.

The following is from Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary...

* har \ bin \ ger (noun)    (Middle English from Old French meaning host, of Old High German origin meaning hostelry)  1. archaic: a person sent ahead to provide lodgings  2. a: one that pioneers in or initiates a major change : precursor b: something that presages or foreshadows what is to come syn see FORERUNNER

2 harbinger (variant) to be a harbinger of : PRESAGE

pre \ sage  (noun)  (Middle English from Latin meaning to perceive keenly - more at SEEK)  1. something that foreshadows or portends a future event : OMEN  2. a feeling or intuition of what is going to happen in the future  3. archaic : PROGNOSTICATION  4. to have a presentiment of : FORETELL :  PREDICT : PORTEND

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Emmanuelle, or Emmy (et al) in the more familiar, speaks through Simon Hunt.  Emmy serves as a bridge or gateway   between Simon and the collectiveness of his Greater Self. Although Emmy seems to transform and take on characteristics of many different personalities, she / they state that  there is no separateness within the Greater Self; all are one and the one is all - and the separateness of beings is an illusion that we have created. Simon Hunt is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy; Sexuality On The Spiritual Path, (available through the S-E  Bookstore) graphic artist, and Internet design Consultant. 

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