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The Great Awakening

  by Emmanuelle (et al...)

We have spoken in the past, that as you gather on the physical realm, there is a gathering also in the realm in which we exist. And there is great power created as the realms touch one another, and the gathering becomes more than a gathering upon a specific realm, but becomes rather a multi-dimensional event. This then is the power of gatherings such as these. This then is the source of the evolving energy which we have spoke upon, last gathering ,concerning the sensations many of you feel in the area of the throat. But that then is not what we wish to speak upon this evening. For as the gatherings take on the sphere of a multi-dimensional event, and the power is increased and allowed to flow more freely between all realms, this then is a benefit to all realms involved. For we, and the realms which we touch upon, grow as you do.

(At this point the voice became somewhat louder. Many present said that aside from the different qualities to the voice, there also was a much stronger sense of presence and power... as if the air became charged with static electricity.)

It is a time upon your planet that very shortly will be looked back upon and referred to as the time of the great awakening. We are aware of our limitations in dealing with time, for it is not of our realm - yet we promise that this then, as you see time, it will not be lengthy. In a matter of but a few of your years, the period upon which you are now living through will begin to take on this term, "The Great Awakening".

This great awakening, of course, is in the hearts of man - and of course, is in the heart of you each. And you each contribute to the great awakening. You each chose to delve into this focused time experience to be a part of this great awakening and it has begun!  As you pass through the next short span of years, in your terms, it may be termed a couple...  as you pass through the next couple of years, you will find your abilities growing by leaps and bounds. And as you begin to realize your grouth, you will begin to understand. First will be the personal awakening, and then your contribution to the mass consciousness and the part that you play in this awakening.

We bless you each. We are grateful for your choice to be a part of this. And we are grateful for the growth which you help us experience. You are so much more than you can imagine at this point, and yet we see that soon very soon you will begin to understand exactly who and what you are.

(The voice returned back to that of Emmy's.)

We ask you each to be well upon your journey; to travel in ease and "light"ness and forget not the humor. For the term "light" has more than one meaning! And as you fill yourself with "light", allow yourself to be "light"!

Be Well.

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Emmanuelle, or Emmy (et al) in the more familiar, speaks through Simon Hunt.  Emmy serves as a bridge or gateway   between Simon and the collectiveness of his Greater Self. Although Emmy seems to transform and take on characteristics of many different personalities, she / they state that  there is no separateness within the Greater Self; all are one and the one is all - and the separateness of beings is an illusion that we have created. Simon Hunt is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy; Sexuality On The Spiritual Path, (available through the S-E  Bookstore) graphic artist, and Internet design Consultant. 

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