Many Paths Pavilion - Channeling area

At Gatherings Such As These

channeling by Emmanuelle... et al
through Simon Hunt

    Dear beautiful beings, we welcome you this evening - as always. And it is our desire that as you visit... that you allow the awareness to expand and begin to partake of a deeper understanding of that which happens at gatherings such as these.  {recorded at a Gathering of Spiritual Endeavors}

    We speak not merely of this Gathering, this physical location - but we speak of the various gatherings that we see many of you attend in locations all over your world. It is at gatherings such as these that there is an opportunity for all involved to become aware of a deeper more expanded part their Self. For in the coming together, there is an opening created.

    You have each heard that two may accomplish much more working together rather than individually. This same axiom is also applied in the realm in which we exist.

    Each of you are made up of many parts. In each of you... in the Greater Self... there is that which may be considered many personalities... many energies, many beings. At gatherings such as these... these groups of personalities or energies, or beings... we will call your collective... or a collection... of the Greater Self. At gatherings such as these, there is that which is each individual's collection... collective Greater Self... which comes together and blends with each other's collective to form an even larger collection... a collection of collectives, if you will... and the same axiom of work may be applied - that 500 or 100,000 working together may accomplish much more than that same amount working individually.

    As your energy is shared within the close physical proximity at gatherings such as these, there is a magnificent blending of the collections and collectives of the Greater Selfs, and the energy is vastly increased.

    In each individual collection... and in the whole created by the many collections which occurs at gatherings such as these... it is a prime desire to reach forth to you - the physical being - in love, in understanding, in joy.

    And at gatherings such as these, because of the blending of the many energies, all with the same prime purpose, it becomes so very easy for you each to make a contact with that of your Greater Selfs.

    It is our desire... and the desire of the all assembled here on our realm... to encompass you with great care and deep love, and share with you our deep understandings. And it is at gatherings such as these that each of you may more easily avail yourself of that which is given.

    We ask you each to be well, to enjoy your journey; and the next time you are at a gathering such as this, to let the attention expand... to allow a deeper understanding of your Greater Self.

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Emmanuelle, or Emmy (et al) in the more familiar, speaks through Simon Hunt.  Emmy serves as a bridge or gateway  between Simon and the collectiveness of his Greater Self. Although Emmy seems to transform and take on characteristics of many different personalities, she / they state that  there is no separateness within the Greater Self; all are one and the one is all - and the separateness of beings is an illusion that we have created. Simon Hunt is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, author of A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy; Sexuality On The Spiritual Path, (available through the S-E  Bookstore) graphic artist, and Internet design Consultant. 

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