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You Will Be The Myths Of Future Generations
by Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Beloved Masters, allow me to infuse and anchor in each of you the Aurora Borealis of cosmic energy of creation that is presently pouring down upon your Earth. There has been a warp or an opening in the fabric that separates the dimensions, thereby allowing a great infusion of fifth dimensional energy to permeate your Earth and all humanity. This has never happened before in the history of your Earth. It was activated by your intent, your outpouring of pure, unselfish love and devotion for the Creator. The power and the synergy that was created by the great number of souls around the world who lifted their hearts and consciousness into the higher realms during the Wesak celebration was beyond all imagining: Yours, as well as ours. And so, allow me to give you some assistance so that you may derive the greatest benefit from this infusion of Christ Light. Make no mistake, every person on Earth, at some level, is being affected by this miracle.

Imagine, if you are willing, a perfect diamond-crystal pyramid, point facing downward descending from your Divine I AM Presence and penetrating your crown chakra. Within this pyramid is, in just the right proportion for each of you, the essence of the five higher rays you are now incorporating into your being. Allow your conscious mind to be flooded with the love, joy, sense of peace and recognition that this energy infuses throughout all your brain cells. Picture or sense your conscious mind moving to the side, possibly perching on your shoulder, as an observer--a silent watcher of the process. We want your conscious mind to become accustomed to the sensation and not feel threatened as more and more of your Spirit, your Christ mind takes dominion of your brain functions. This is necessary so that there is no conflict as you bring in new truths, as you begin to use and access more of your brain's capacity. In the past all knowledge or expanded truth had to move through the resistance of your linear, analytical mind, most often meeting opposition, or being distorted by old rigid concepts and thought-forms. The new modality of authentication will be in your heart/soul center. Accept as your truth that which feels expansive, loving, enlightening. Set aside anything that stirs doubt or feels uncomfortable, if it is your truth it will be validated in some way by your Higher Self. In this way you will always stay in your own integrity and empowerment.

Now allow this precious, rare gift to move downward into your subconscious mind. See this as a long, dark corridor with many closed doors and compartments. Behind these doors are all your fears, phobias, obsessions; all the subjective thought-forms you have accepted as your reality down through the ages, that have kept you constantly at war with your self. See these doors and compartments opening as all the shadows and energies lurking there are infused with the transforming energies of the five higher rays you are accessing. See all that is not your highest truth, all that is keeping you in limitation and illusion dissolving and transmuting into pure divine Light substance. The gift we offer you is unity and harmony between your subconscious mind, your conscious mind and your superconscious mind, or Christ mind so that you will no longer have to experience the battle and conflict between your multi-mind structure. So that, once again, you will take control and dominion of your consciousness from the vantage point of a master, no longer sabotaging you efforts, but functioning in perfect harmony with your divine self and your divine blueprint.

We know that you are experiencing much confusion. Many of you are having difficulty speaking or expressing--words come out wrong or garbled, you hear words spoken by others and you do not understand. You are having a difficult time focusing and concentrating, and at times you feel totally disoriented. We tell you this too will pass, beloved friends. You are healing your past and the past of your Earthly experience. Picture the third dimensional earth slowly disengaging from the fourth dimensional reality you are presently experiencing. Gradually, all the negativity, imbalances, illusions of that reality will disappear from your world as you resonate with higher and higher frequencies. All you will take with you is the remembrance of the beauty, the successes and accomplishments, the wonder of your past experience in planet Earth. You will forget the pain, suffering and anguish. As your Spirit quickens it will wipe out the illusion of separation and sense of failure--it knows only perfection.

You will be the myths of the future generations. They will look back and speak with great respect and awe of the brave and beautiful souls who saved planet Earth from sure destruction, lifting and transforming it to its original beauty and perfection. Make no mistake, you are planting the seeds and laying the groundwork for the emergence of a new heaven on Earth.

The event called Wesak, in which there was a great outpouring of Christ energy from the Creator upon your earth and humanity, had a very special significance this year. It was a time where you all stepped forth, either in the physical or etheric body, to be counted or made accountable. What have you done with the gifts given you? Are you willing, dedicated and brave enough to move forward, to reach out and accept the new level of empowerment being offered you? Are you willing to face your greatest fears and walk through them, watch as they dissolve into smoke, an illusion, after all, never to return? Are you willing to following the nudging of Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory--as you allow yourself to be vulnerable- -to dare to reach out and grasp your dreams and bring them to fruition with you thought and love power?

We have said that many special dispensations are being given to those who bravely step to the fore and claim their heritage. As the masses awaken and cry out for assistance, solutions, information and encouragement, you are needed more than ever, my precious warriors. We are waiting to empower you, to gift you with wisdom, abilities and knowledge beyond your wildest imaging. You see, your brain has always functioned at 100% capacity--does this surprise you? But you could only access that limited portion that resonated to the frequencies of the third dimension. As you balance and integrate the higher frequencies, you will begin to access more and more of your brain power that resonates to the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. You cannot access those portions of your brain until you attune to those frequencies.

That is why it is important that you begin to access your brain, conscious and subconscious mind in a new way so you do not go into "overload." Too much conflicting information, or accelerated information throws your mind and body into fear, making it feel as if it is being invaded. This creates all the symptoms you have been experiencing in your body. Resistance and fear bring about dis-comfort and dis-ease.

In the days ahead, as it is appropriate, we will give you many different ways to access and use the energies of these higher rays that are now available to you. But we also feel it is appropriate to give you an admonishment. As you become more sensitive to the higher vibrational energies, it is more important than ever that you monitor your thoughts, your speech and that which you allow to filter into your consciousness. Your subconscious mind receives direction and is imprinted by repetition, rhythm and emotional responses. As you clear your subconscious of all the old debris, do not allow any thought-forms to penetrate your consciousness that are not self-empowering, loving and enlightening, that are not attuned to your new expanded reality. Be aware and vigilant to the music you allow to play in the background, the words that constantly spew forth from your radio and television, what you read and allow to bombard your senses. Many of these are insidious energies of addiction, of victimhood, of enslavement, of limitation. More and more beautiful, young souls of your world are being indoctrinated and controlled through the power of the media, as you helplessly stand by and watch them fall into traps in which you are powerless to extricate them. Be vigilant, precious ones, take control of your senses and your destiny.

Your reality will constantly shift and your perception broaden as your expanded awareness takes dominion of your brain and physical senses, therefore, it is more important than ever that you attune to your beautiful body and see it as an extension of Spirit instead of a separate entity. Make it a habit in your quiet times to focus on the different parts of your body: interact and attune to the many precious parts that comprise your physical vessel. Place your consciousness in your feet, acknowledge them for their under-standing and support, for grounding you and giving you a sense of connectedness to your Mother Earth. Focus on your knees and hips, honor them for the wonderful flexibility they supply, the mobility and forward motion they give your body. Your sexual and reproduction organs deserve love and recognition for the gift of creation they afford you as well as the ability to merge and unite with another. There is no greater earthly gift you can give yourself or another when this interaction comes with honor of self and your partner through the purity of love and unity of body, mind and spirit. Move your consciousness through your body until you begin to feel the flow of blood and life force through you veins, and the beating of your heart as you attune to the rhythm of of your Mother Earth and the Cosmic Heart. You are becoming attuned to the pulsations of creation through the energies of your Great Central Sun as you become more sensitive to this refined stimuli. Continue the process as you acknowledge and attune to the wonder of your physical vessel so that you will become aware of how truly multi-faceted you are. You will form a new relationship with your body, with new strength, vitality and mastery.

The excitement on Earth is building, dear ones, a vision is emerging that is beyond your wildest dreams. Reach out and grasp that dream. We are waiting for you--just beyond--just ahead. We are with you always, I AM Archangel Michael.

through Ronna Herman
Ronna is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, and teacher. Her new book, On Wings Of Light, is now readily available on bookshelves at most bookstores. Ronna gives private readings, holds workshops and seminars, lectures, and channels Archangel Michael.
Ronna states: I claim Universal Copyright for this material in the name of Lord Michael. Please copy and share! You may visit her home page through the SpiritWeb at,

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