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My name is Aaron White. In the instances of the "spiritual" articles I will be submitting--perhaps I should explain that I do not write about higher vibration energies, without going into a "state of mind" that could be compared with channeling to a degree. When I first began receiving this information, I did so through a process involving a "getting -out-of-the-way." Soon an event occurred in which an entity calling itself WAYKENREM seemed to desire expression, wanting, I believe, to speak through me. While considering going ahead with the old "out of the way system"; I began to question whether or not that this was really the best path for me. My conclusion was no. I was then urged to discover if what I suspected was indeed true----I suspected that WAYKENREM was really my "higher","future self", a guide, or some sort of presence of this type. The answer came in the form of a very strong YES! So loving, courageous, and determinedly evolutionary was the information--that I knew it to be of the light.

However, I then came to a realization. I decided to begin working with this process in a manner that probably will appear outside the norm, or radical to most people in the metaphysics community. I requested that I be given this data in a very conscious, lucid state of mind. I felt that I needed to show it matters not, how the data comes through. What does matter is that I DO HAVE ACCESS TO DEEPER TRUTHS. And surprise surprise......if I do...SO DO YOU! I am feeling it is time we observe this type of information on a conscious level, affirming the fact that we ARE INDEED integral parts of the grand scheme unfolding in this dimension. We need to grow out of giving ourselves excuses to be exposed to energies, which in actuality, lay hidden below the surface of our own awareness. Why would we have such difficulty believing that we all contain clear access to our own private temples of truth?

Dont get me wrong here, you will notice that as I write, I often come from a space united with humanity, and yet apart from it. This is because an agreement has been made that I be enabled to synthesize with certain light-bearing helpers as I transmit this knowledge, however, I am entirely conscious while this goes on. And don't get me wrong about channeling.... I am more than deeply grateful for the incredible amount of revelation this process has lain on our doorsteps...and in some respects, I actually think we are always constantly channeling in subtle ways. I just strongly feel it is time for us to reclaim our abilities as CONSCIOUS-CO- CREATORS in this world. To do that, we need to realize just how aware, and in touch we truly are. It is now time for us to begin to work hand-in-hand with our higher selves--and with the rest of All-That-Is.

Mankind is far more incredible and limitless than it realizes! We have bought and sold ourselves a highly erroneous picture of our own creaturehood! Go and believe yourselves to be lowly "fallen" worthless pieces of crud in need of saviors if you do not hold the insight or desire to see beyond that. But we will inform you in NO UNCERTAIN terms: you have been manipulated, and repeatedly LIED TO; and YOU LIE TO YOURSELVES! For no matter what kind of cruddy world you might have created for yourselves--you are NOT CRUD! You will also find yourself inevitably frustrated, angry, and lost if you stubbornly and arrogantly cling to what you think is a properly scientificcynicaltraditionally masculine view of life, wherein anyone who can see beyond your "neat little cage"YOU then, judgmentally perceive as a demonized misguided lunatic. Organized, and fundamentalist religions will also have similar affects in twisting your beliefs into contorted messes where you speak of love and self loathing in the same breath. How can you help but to be confused when you are told to love your neighbor while suspecting he/she is actually working as an agent of your self-created "devil"?? It becomes rather difficult to wear a phony smile while you are walking around entertaining ridiculous beliefs of judgement, fear, and buried hatred. And how does all that garbage come to life within you? It starts when you take someone elses word that you are "born rotten" instead of looking to, and trusting the LOVE ENERGY YOU ARE MADE OF!! You must come to realize that there is absolutely NO WAY you can truly love another until you truly know, and love yourself. It is quite sad that so many of mans religions have gotten so dreadfully off track that they actually do far more harm than good.

The real truth be known, a portion of what you would call GOD is, in actuality, what you already are. Don't we think it is about time we faced up to our true identities? You see, we are reminded that the proof is in our puddings. The trick is that we never could have created environments steeped in cruddy conditions if we did not indeed posses the POWER to create them in any way we knowingly, or unknowingly CHOSE to!! There is no OUTSIDE force to blame. There is no Santa Clause, no guys with horns, pitchforks, and really bad attitudes, no white-robed-crowned and bearded wise men on thrones!! WE are the creators! There is no REAL separation between "GOD" and us. Indeed it is the time my friends, to take back both our power, and our RESPONSIBILITY! All of the spaces --between-- anything in existence are simply 3-D illusions. If we are truly honest, is there any one of us who cannot feel the accuracy of this? Can we not all sense the GODFORCE that dwells within, and throughout humankind, and everything else that exists? LOOK DEEP to feel that force right now my dear friends, for if we continue to support our old fear-based idea systems of separation and judgementboth self limitation, and narrow-mindedness will continue to trap us in ignorancesurrounding us with blind spots we will not perceive because blind we will stay--in darkness we will remain-- I tell you this: WE ARE IN NEED OF LIGHT!! For survival, and for growth. There is a little secret we will tell you: It is that is we know what "light" really is it is information, it is awareness, it is enLIGHTenment.

Everything at the same time?

Yes, all that you have ever been, will be, are-- and everything that is, ever has been or will be, is actually nowhere but right now. It is ONLY from right here, right now that you can perceive anything at all. Think about it...from right here you can look around and see what you call the present moment. But what IS in the moment REALLY? When you look to ask anyone around you what versions they perceive--no two will be exactly the same. And when you look to view the past, you will arrive at a similar, yet broader variance in perceptual realities. Others will all come back with their own unique historical experience. Just as the present is different for them--so is the past. Now, when it comes to ideas of possible futures--you are likely to get a plethora of arguable probabilities from yourself alone, much less factoring predictions of others into the mix. And so here again we have changeable moldable "reality", yet for you, it would seem so very SOLID--and going back to the starting point, this seemingly solid "river" of perception can really only be viewed through the looking glass of right now. --All of us seem to have, at some level, agreed to inhabit a mass = PROJECTED REALITY DREAM, somewhat telepathically unified, and yet with no two experiences being identical. This awareness brings us as always and ever back to examining the dual//paradoxical systems we currently radiate. There is imbued within All : the individual, and the mass--the Ying and the yang--the good and the evil--the light and the dark --the complex and the simple. Even "the simple" can display a microcosm of the point we are showing you: think for a second of your old colloquialisms "flipside of the same coin" "its a double edged sword" "gotta go to hell before ya get to heaven" "well, is, and it isn't". Tiny carriers of wisdom such as these fly by us constantly suggesting that All is already known within, and beneath the surface, yet mysteriously.. obvious truths are continually ignored at the conscious level.

As consciousness forms it's way through ever denser vibrational fields into matter, it does so in a manner that would appear explosive and unpredictable to a particle existing within the consciousness' own confines magnetically and electrically. Hence there would be a perceptual paradox for said particle as to how the All could at once explode--and yet at the same time, fall into a perfect order. This is because the particle is involved in "morphing" it's own pathway through the vibrational fields and cannot recognize the truly simultaneous manner in which this process occurs "instantly" and in All directions. The best the particle can do is to look to it's own alignment with--and habitation within-- an explosion which confusingly seems as though it "should" be random, yet has perfect order. In essence, the particle needs only trust in the design of the "WHOLE" to carry it through. However, paradoxically, this particle yearns to draw in it's own type of math- or "geometry"-- And so, to better make sense of a picture that is too big to understand the BIGNESS of; the particle perceives it all through a system of DUALITY which is how it does then appear to the particle. Can you see what we are getting at here? The particles ARE very much like YOU. This type of perceptual translation relates in all ways to man's symbols of duality. It is from a base of duality, that linear or analog frameworks are born. These types of three dimensional constructs require that a "slowing down" or "separating" take place within reality projection. In other words, for instance: In order for an entity to project, or perceive time along a thin or linear line, it would be necessary to separate one moment from the next--this is only one example of the many ways in which these rather primitive perceptual limitations cloud and distort the true fluidic energy that is actually behind their own formation. We must remember that, though primitive, these types of "reality lenses" are usually a routine stage within sentient development. The problems occur when these ideas are held forcibly beyond the evolutionary stages wherein they are useful. At the present point within our dimension as we know it, it is now time for us to shift ourselves above and beyond the bondage of these outdated confines. The evidences of our confinement and the inevitable frustrations that adhere to them are everywhere in man's world---we have only to look around us to see them(though looking "within" would achieve the same results). They can be observed in any paradigm of separation; take for instance--your blacks versus your whites--your battles between the masculine and the feminine, the often ridiculous judgements of "good" versus "evil", and perhaps the most destructive of all--the separation of love from the SELF !

These are basic reality parameters, and for the sake of saving many more interrelated truths for later discussion, we will not go much further into this right now. Suffice it to say that we have only scratched the surface! The main reason for a discussion of the actual simultaneous

Nature of our times and spaces is so that we can better understand how it is that we are constantly all creating our own realities. As we have mentioned previouslyeach entity projects onto a screen what it would call its "life" story that always proves itself true. You ARE familiar with the term "self fulfilling prophecy"? Sometimes these stories continue to repeat themselves simply because the entity has never stopped to consider that perhaps close examination, and continuous awareness of the thoughts, ideas, and emotions constantly running through the inner fabric of existence -- may have great bearing on the outer experiences. Well, these, and other inner experiences-- more than "have bearing". They ARE the power tools that create the "cruddy life entrapments" so often experienced. They are also the power tools that, if understood and acknowledged, could open the human races ability to exercise its yet undiscovered, awesome free will abilities and loving sense of self.

The truth is, that, {forgive re-use of the looking glass metaphor} in every way, we function as the little daredevil portions of GOD, or ALL THAT IS. The little extensions that go out and actually try on the infinite pairs of glasses, just to add our own versions, showing how physical reality might appear, when seen through the different lenses. We each have an infinitely unique take on life in this way.

What seems so hard for us to accept, is that we ARE the ones in the drivers seats of our lives. Reality flows brilliantly different for all beings--so too will all ideas and beliefs about reality, and what we think it will bring to us. This is indeed a fascinating irony-- for our true mission is to find that the reverse is actually the case. Nothing in the now can be anything- or bring anything to us without usit is all REALLY JUST US doing the being, making things what they are, and bringing things to ourselves as we imagine and expect. Kind of like a waking dream that only appears segmented, but is really unified in the NOW, and is directed by every one of us, separately, but also as a group.

Are you shocked that this is an imaginary world? Please remember your childhood before you were taught to agree on the rigid parameters of your life that would soon be shoved down your throat. Do you not remember the beauty, the joy, the freedom of living in an imagined and ever-present-yet-changing moment?

That is all for now. There will more information forthcoming.


Aaron White is a millenium societal implant; he appears to have been placed in this reality at this time to assist in a "spreading of remembrance" in the awareness of himself, and others. For a while he thought he was a nut, or an alien, and he made himself very lonely. He has grown since that time. He now realizes the validity of his special perception.and is striving in the responsibility of sharing his insights . He is also 38 year old rock guitarist and fledgling writer currently living in Portland Oregon. His snail address is 8407 NE Fremont #109 PDX OR 97220. Toll free pager is 888-789-7921, voice mail is 503-271-6076, E-mail is

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