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Core Beliefs & The Creation Of Reality
by Jebadiah 

Good evening... There are many different types of beliefs - it is a term you use lightly in your world. We will speak on what we consider to be core beliefs, and touch upon others.  A belief can be changed... of course you know this. And a belief can be altered... added to... as well as changed. Both of you have been working with these... and you have done it consciously for some time now.

But let us talk about core beliefs. There is that of knowing... of non-questioning... something that resonates inside you, that is a belief... a knowing... such as, using as example... the color of your sky - which you perceive to be blue in the day... with clouds that can be white, gray, or darker... and night as black. This is a belief!

In the illusion you have created as your world, this is within your core beliefs, a knowing - something you do not question. And here we would like to impress upon you that in these core beliefs that you hold, you do not question. 

There are other beliefs that we would consider core beliefs also, yet in a different fashion. Such as... you need oxygen to breathe... this is taken for granted in your world. It is not something that you question. It is a knowing. It goes deeper than that of which we just mentioned, and yet it is the same type of core belief.

And there are many others that we can give examples of, and yet we hope that you understand what we are speaking of here. We would like to bring to your mind, the idea that this type of belief system comes with you as you arrive within this physical world. And as you grow, you begin to experience - and add to these core beliefs.

And now let us step back, further away from those basic core beliefs that you 'bring with' you, to that which you have 'added to' - through each experience in your childhood... to your adulthood. You add to these beliefs through your experience. You take your attitudes... feelings... and form - through your own perception - your own unique individualized viewpoints. You are as individual as a raindrop... a snowflake... as a blade of grass. There is no other like you, and you will never loose that individuality. It is marked... stamped upon the universe... and you are the creators... the gods... that make the stamp.

Should you examine the knowings... the beliefs... that seem so natural that you do not question, you may find surprises. For you can not separate what you 'came with', and what you 'added unto' that. And it is in this, that we are striving to bring your attention to. If we take your experiences from birth until now, and you could wash them away, you would be left with the Self that came here - as pure as the fresh driven snow. We would not have you do that - only understand that the experience you are living adds to you, and that the experience you are living can be changed. For you have made it - all of you; together in mass - and individually, you have created this experience... this world that you live in today. And you can change it. You can change it to be whatever is in the imagination and hearts of man. And truly you are headed this way; for it has begun.

With beliefs, there come feelings... emotion. They can not be separated. And again, each is individual. For no two people look upon the same event the same way, or have the same experiences and relate to them the same way. As you came here, you added to your belief structure, and it became what you consider permanent. And yet, it is not permanent.

We would say it is important to know thy Self; to look at the beliefs that are materializing the world around you and your experiences. And choose from what you can, to alter or change, so that your experiences are as pleasant as your imagination can bring about. This you are truly capable of.

Examine your thoughts. Examine those knowings that you think are unchangeable. Now your breath... and the oxygen... the core personality that you came with, and the shape of your world - as in a blue sky and dark at night - are not things that you will readily change - although they are beliefs. It is the beliefs added upon these, from your earliest memories, from your conception into this earth, that we ask you to examine. For these indeed can be understood and can be changed.

It is a collective product as well as individualized. And yet if there is no imagination and creativity, or newness brought, it becomes stagnated and builds upon itself in areas that are unnecessary - such as your suffering emotionally... unrest... and the anger within the souls of very many. There are those who are reaching out to understand and change this. And it is through looking in... it is through looking at what you have created - your own belief systems - through your own imagination and creativity... your thoughts... your feelings... those ideas that have collectively been brought about... magnetized... grew... became reality. They can be undone as easily, and with the very same effort of which they were materialized. And it is this we are pointing out. It is this that is becoming recognized... and yet there is confusion in the listening of within for many. They know not what they are hearing, and do not understand.

So to take a look inside at these beliefs... or you may call it outside... whichever, you will learn more about yourself. You will open yourself to different attitudes. And you can playfully create different scenarios from your ideas and imaginings. It does not have to be the way you perceive it!  Where you live, and what you live in is your illusion. It is what you have created. Granted, it has taken... in linear time, many years... to become this way. But you are headed back, as in a circle. When you first created this area... or realm... it was meant to be joyful - not sorrowful.

And we only encourage that process, and want to add to your understanding, and of that which you are beginning to understand. And this can be done by taking a look at the belief systems that you willingly create; not of those so much, that are deeper - of which you arrived with. For those are more... we do not like the idea of using the term pure... and search for a word through this one... but they run deeper. They are what you are... before you added to... in this life time.

If you can separate... for your own knowledge, and for your own growing and learning... if you can understand what you have will over, and what you have created for yourself, while here - and where it came from - you will clear a lot of area, and open a tremendous amount of new thought ground for yourself. And this will give leeway to understand that which you really are - the creature with the blue sky... who breathes oxygen... who has lived many eons... and came with a loving kind personality... to experiment. It is an understanding in some... that through your beliefs that are attached by your feelings and thoughts.... that you do create. And there is a infinite amount of creativity available, that is not being tapped yet. But it will be. Does that make sense?

Yes. From what you're saying, it sounds like anything is possible - if we believe it.

Of course! This is what we are saying. And that is what is coming about. You may work with yourself, and through your Self to change that which is around you - because it touches upon that which is around you.

You may not change the world in an instant - but add to it, as you added to those components we spoke of when you came to this earth. It did not take overnight in your linear time to become who you are today... as you see it... or as others see it; you grew into this. And you may indeed create that which you put your mind to - if your beliefs are in line with that.

And again, we ask you to understand and examine where your beliefs come from, so that you may understand what you create.

We have enjoyed our time spent, and hope that there is something within these words on beliefs that will resonate within you. For we have touched upon much.

We send our love... and may it surround you and be felt. We ask that you share with us as we share with you... and hope that you will accept our words and our love as already being a part of you. 

Good evening.


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