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Encouragements From The Star People Network

The Assembly Of Light
channeling through Abby Haydon

Great blessings to you. Great blessings for all this work that you are doing and all the new progress that is coming forth to you.This is a great time to make progress towards a goal. It is a time when new directions are easily found. It is a good time to bring forth the new ways in which you wish to work. It will be done with harmony. we wish to encourage you to know that this is a powerful time. Between now and the next several moons that are coming you will be able to accomplish many goals that you have wished to do for a long time. You may realize some of the desires that you have had in your heart As we have mentioned it is good to fulfil the desires that are in your heart that are in harmony with your Divine plan and your nature.

This great achievement that is coming ,is all part of why you have come to this planet at this time. At times you may feel uncomfortable at the speed at which this aspect of progression is going You might feel that you would wish to stop this rapid progress for a moment, take a deep breath. It will be that you will not have time to do this. you must realize that much is coming forth to complete the goals that you have set not only for this lifetime, but for goals that you wished to complete in other lifetimes.

Allow yourself to read some of the works that have been done by those that are in touch with the stars and energies of extraterrestials. These are works that will help you to understand more of the energy that is motivating you. You are feeling not only the emphasis of your own work but you are feeling the push from beings from other galaxies.

It may at times be difficult to have faith in what is coming forth. It may be hard at times to realize that you are actually moving ahead. That it is actually happening, that your life is actually working. It may be hard to accept that you are coming to completion of this wonderful goal and beautiful life experience. It is true, it is happening. It will happen not once but many times over in the course of the next few years.

You may ask yourself why has it taken so long for achievement to smile upon me? Why has it taken so long for these directions to come forth? Why do I feel that I have been trudging through great layers of quicksand and silt ? Why has it been so hard to cut through the layers of ignorance until this time?

There are reasons for this and one of which is that you were not in harmony with what your true goals are. You were not able to truly understand what it was that you came here to do. You have gone down many side directions and avenues. They have helped to make you the person that you are. You needed to release the desires and traumas of the past so that you are that you are clear and open to be the vehicle of transformation. You are now open to be this channel. you are now ready to bring this forth. Another reason why , at times in the past it has not been possible for you to progress in this way you do not have the assistance that you do now. it is important for you to realize that you are not alone in what you are doing. It is not you against many aspects of your society. It is not you who is trying to chisel you way through the density of this world in which you live. It is not simply you that is doing this. There are many beings helping. They have come together and are now able to access your consciousness because you are ready to do this now.

This new growth and new projects that are coming or that you are becoming part of is now important for you and those involved in them. So at times when success or roadblocks may come to your project, realize that you are not a lone person doing this. You are not all by yourself, trying to figure this out. You have great assistance from many beings. They are helping you.

If you would feel more comfortable to connect with these beings or have a sense of them, of who they are, of what they look like,how they would call them. If this would be more comforting to you, if it would feel more peaceful and secure, we would encourage you to experience them. There will be times, particularly around the new moon and the full moon, when you will you will easily access your connection to these beings or energy formations that are surrounding you.

When you would like to bring forth these connections as personifications of the energies that are working with you, Then we would encourage you to utilize this vision.

This is the Vision of the Silver Hand. Close your eyes and see a beautiful, white, alabaster, silver hand that is rising out of the ocean. The light of the moon, at whatever its stage, is illuminating this beautiful hand. Within this hand you will see a beautiful being appearing. This being b e familiar to you, even though you may not have connected with this being before. There will be a communication taking place.

This will help you in many ways. It will comfort you.If you would wish to talk and communicate, this is very valuable. You can bring forth this presence in other circumstances. Know that is a representation for you of the energies that are working with you. The planet is going into what you may consider overdrive, rapid acceleration, as full speed ahead. You are accelerating rapidly and there are no brakes. You are going forward with great speed. This feeling will be coming upon many individuals within this next year or two.

There will also begin to be a shift in the socio-economic factors of this transformation. There will suddenly begin to be large amounts of financial backing. There will be an explosion of interest in this type of understanding. Funds, energy and time that have not been used or have been put in other places will start to be pushing behind these concepts of ascension. The concept of working toward a higher consciousness, a more highly evolved way to live, a more harmonious lifestyle will emerge.

There will be a great amount of energy and support for this work. Those who will newly join this cause will suddenly feel comfortable in doing so. This year will see a great many individuals who are suddenly opening and want to participate. Within the next three years, there will be larger numbers working on the expansion to higher consciousness. Many will be taking up the gauntlet, bringing forth the banners of this new cause.
Now is the time to feel centered within yourself. You are at the head of the parade. You are at the beginning of the journey.You will be leading the way for many. This is all part of the Divine Plan. You are honored and blessed to be a part of the forefront to this experience. You have wished this and it is being wished for you. Do not feel inadequate, even though at many times in your life this feeling has been with you. Do not feel that you are a part of and obscure, socio-spiritual movement, that most of the planet does not understand. Do not allow this to be in your consciousness.

We would encourage you to help to formulate and create the Network of the Star Beings. This is simply a form of communication. It is an acknowledging and honoring of the opening that is coming forth. It is a way of communicating, be it by telephone, writing or electronic devices such as computers, or by simply by groups of like minded coming together. This network is beginning to be strong. It will be as many people upon this planet are coming together, meeting together, sharing what it is that they are feeling.

It has been in the past, that those that are open spiritually, or experiencing the light of the Divine have not been eager to create organizations. foundations, or large networks. There has been a feeling of isolation that has kept individuals from bringing this forth. This feeling has prevented a solidification of this movement and a progressing forward. This is now changing. It is now that you will come to see that you are not a minority on this planet. You are becoming the majority of those that are either simply opening , aware or will be taking a very active part. It is not just the light that is expanding, it is the ability of all to know their true nature. To know that they are Divine Beings. The shackles of this existence is not all that Reality is. There is more to existence then simply living and dying and releasing this body. More and more of earths beings will come to know of their true nature. Those of you are wonderful beings filled with light. love and the connection to each other.

As you bring forth the changes in who you are, and what your goal, mission, work is, you will be bringing so many along with you. There are many beautiful symbols that represent Divine Energy, God. Spirituality. and this transition to more harmonious ways of functioning. There is a symbol that will strike the hearts of many. When they see this symbol, they will feel the connection, they will know of this energy and they will become aligned and in tune. So it is simply this symbol that will help to open them. It will help to bring forth the goals of many. It will help to create the potential of light in many other dimensions. This symbol will work with many others to regenerate aspects of their personalities of their being that has been damaged or wounded in this existence. The connection to this symbol, this feeling the symbol brings forth and what it is able to evoke in beings will be profound on many levels. This symbol will spontaneously bring emotional healing. It will bring healing of other lives and relationships of other lives. Seeing this symbol or simply being in its presence will bring a n opening of love for the Godhead. Many beings are now repressed and in such great pain and sadness that is difficult to open to Divine Energy. They have difficulty connecting with this divine aspect that is within themselves and in all of creation. This symbol will bring the spontaneous healing necessary to open indivindividuals to the God Essence . This easy and effortless way of bringing forth release and healing will allow those on this plane to progress quickly. It will bring the number of hearts and minds that are are needed to create a shift in the numbers of those who are closed to those who are open. It is sad to say that there are now more hearts that are closed on this planet at this time. This is going to be rapidly changing. There will be a shift in the balance of the ability to love. Many hearts will suddenly be opened. Many humans will feel for the first time in there lives that they can remember . Those that have been taken away from the center of themselves will suddenly come back into balance. Once this connection is made, it will only be a matter of a few months until this change is complete and their openness is stable. This will have many powerful effects on many of the social systems and government systems as well. There will be changes brought forth in these areas simply by individuals opening to the light and bringing forth the greatness of who they are. People will truly see themselves for the first time. What is coming is astounding indeed not only to you in physical form but to beings on every level of existence.

Some may feel the desire to weep, some may cry because the beauty of what they are feeling in their hearts for so long is finally coming to pass.

There may be periods of great awareness, great sadness or opening in the heart. This is only a door that one is walking through to get to the sunshine of the Glory of Divine Love.

As you go upon your journey, as you bring forth the work of each day, there are many, many beings with you. A thousand hands guiding your hand. A million feet taking the same step as you.

Now as the days are going to become longer, you may feel like being outside more, and this will be very valuable. The energy of the evening air is particularly healing and expansive.

We wish to create for you this vision of the Evening Star. See yourself out in the night and you are looking up towards the stars. You will see a brilliant, beautiful star. This star will be shining so brightly. Then you will see a beam of white light coming from this beautiful star and connecting to you.This beautiful beam of light will go through you and spread out a million ways as a beautiful fan of light.

You are directing or channeling the energy of this great transformation.

The Assembly Of Light
channeling through Abby Haydon

Abby had a spiritual "awakening" in 1973 while attending college in Puebla, Mexico. It was there that the Assembly of Light first contacted her. She started doing private readings in 1980 and weekly groups in 1988. Abby is also an authorized facilitator for Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life workshops. This workshop features Sacred Geometry and the Merkaba meditation. The focus of this meditation , as well as the communication of the Assembly of Light is to assist you on your journey of Ascension to higher dimensions. Abby can be reached through her web page

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