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through Diandra.

I am Archangel Michael, and I bring to you the blessings of the universe. I
bring to you the love of the angels. I want to speak to you a little bit about
what the angels' role is with humanity, and I want to speak to you a little
bit about yourselves.

I want you to understand because we know that you do not understand all of
the helps, shall I say, that are here for you. You do not call on the angels
as you should. You sort of let us fly back and forth and wander around and do
our thing. You do not often utilize us as you could utilize us in your daily

We wish to say to you that we are here for you. I send out large, large
legions of angels to humanity. They return to me and say "Well, what is it
we're to do? Humanity doesn't even seem to know that we're there. They do not
utilize us. They do not use us."

Do you know what the powers of the angels are? Do you know how we can help
you? Perhaps I need to explain this to you. Perhaps you need to have an
awareness of what the angels do for you.

The angels are the essence of all that you are, and I want you to listen
carefully, embodied just a little bit freer than you are. Angels have never
become encased in all of the illusion that you are encased within. Therefore,
your angel can sort of see things a little clearer. Not only that, but your
angel can look into the past and your angel can look into the future. This is
why when you are ready to take a big tumble, your angel can be there and pick
you up and not allow you that fall.

The thing of it is that often you do not give the angels permission to
intercede for you. Therefore, by the time the angel decides that this is right
or wrong, it is too late. We want to say to you "Give your angels permission
to intercede for you when you are in trouble." Do not wait until the time of
trouble and cry out for help.

Each morning when you get up, tell your angels that you wish them to be with
you to help guide you through the day, that you wish for them to intercede in
anything that would bring to you physical harm. Physical harm is what angels
are especially good at keeping you from because, you see, they recognize that
the illusion has no meaning at all. You give a great deal of meaning to your

I want to speak to you of certain angels today. I want to tell you a little
bit of what they are doing upon your planet, so you might have a little bit
more awareness of your angels and the fact that the angels are here for you
and all that they are doing for you.

I want to speak to you of the Angel of the North. The Angel of the North has a
lot of compassion. The Angel of the North is one that seems to always
intercede for humanity. It is as though the Angel of the North says "Let us
give them one more chance. They do not know what they're doing."
It is as though the Angel of the North has such a patience, love and
compassion that the Angel of the North is the one that enfolds you and
intercedes for you so often before the throne of God. You may call the angel
by other names. I call the angel the Angel of the North, and that is the way I
wish to address it to you today.

I wish to address to you about the Angel of the South. The Angel of the South
is the angel that sort of comes with the blowing of a long hard wind. When I
say that to you, I say that the Angel of the South is the one that will come
in and sort of sweep the path clean, not with the compassion of the Angel of
the North, but rather just clean the debris out. It so happens if you have
some valuables in the way of that debris, the Angel of the South will not take
time to sort the valuables out of the debris. She will just sweep the path

This happens when you become so encumbered that you do not have a way of
release. It is much better if you do not wait for that time that the Angel of
the South will come in and sort of sweep the path clean. Those are the times
that you may find that the angels that are there for you on a personal basis
and would maintain your physical elements for you and keep you safe are sort
of pushed aside because it is time to clean the path so you might advance.
Now, this is a wonderful, beautiful angel, and there is a task to be done.
The Angel of the South does it will all of the love because you may not
understand why the path is being swept clean and the valuables go with the
debris. But, the Angel of the South recognizes that this is what is needed and
will clear the path so you might have a brand new start.

It is the Angel of the South that works with all of the legions of the angels
of the south that also would be instrumental in clearing the paths of nations,
clearing the paths of your environment. When the debris becomes too much, too
heavy, when the energy consciousness becomes too dark, I will say, it is the
Angel of the South and all that is with her that will come and clear that

They are not truly concerned with who is in the path. They are concerned with
the duty of cleaning and sweeping it clear, that a brand new beginning might
be made.

The Angel of the East is the true angel of love. The Angel of the East is the
one that would enhance all that you do in the love vibration. The Angel of the
East is just as pure an essence of love as you would understand from an angel.
It is the Angel of the East that you wish to call upon when you have a time or
a need to feel love, to be loved, to send love.
If there is one that you know who has a need for love, call on the Angel of
the East to send that love to that one because the Angel of the East will send
out one of the angels that is under the command of the Angel of the East, and
that angel will go forward and bring love.
The angels are such a tool, a servant, a wonderful energy, that you almost
ignore. But, the time of the angels is coming again that you are going to
understand all of the powers and use the powers and immerse into the powers.

The Angel of the West is the one that sort of stands there and directs the
traffic, if you would. The Angel of the West says "Let me look in all
directions before we take an action, before you sweep the path clean, before
you start all over again. Maybe you have too much compassion because you do
not understand, and yes, you can send love over there, but let us do it this

It is as though the Angel of the West has the angels that are sort of the
scouts, that go out to sort of scout to see what is going on in all of your
world and bring back the messages. As they call into council and they sit
down, it is as though those reports are the ones that tell the angels where
the needs are at.

I give to you the four directions only because they are something that you
understand. It is as though you can segregate things by a direction.
Therefore, we use the direction to help you understand rather than to try to
explain it to you in another way.

I, being Archangel Michael, sort of am the one that is known as the Warrior
Angel. I am the one that will lead you into battle, will take you from battle
and will guard you in battle. It is as though when the nations come to strife
with each other, there is not only strife on your planet. It is not just that
there's a strife in the physical, but there's strife going on in all of the
elements that you are not aware of.

Therefore, at any time that there is war going occuring on your planet, I am
most busy trying to negate what you have done, trying to neutralize and put
back into place the balance of the energies. My job is always warring, always
balancing, always defending, but I am never too busy for even one.
I will speak, I will explain and I will talk in any way that's going to help
you to understand what goes on in all of your world. I believe when you
understand it, you will not find the need to have all of the destruction and
warring elements. When you do not have all of the destruction and the warring
elements within you, you will not have them without. Then we will not contend
with them in all of the universe that you have power over.

Your universe extends to a very large capacity, and all that you do sends out
the creations into a much larger world than you have an awareness of. It keeps
us quite busy sometimes keeping all of these things in balance for you that
they might be preserved, that you might continue your evolution.
You have to recognize that the things that are not in the physical are just
as real as those that are in the physical. Every bit of the interaction that
takes place is just as real as the interaction that takes place in the
physical. Perhaps it is even more real because it is as though it is a reality
that is created that stands even long after your physical is a demise. Let me
see if I can explain that to you.

It is almost as if a person is born and they live and everything they have
created while they were here on the planet is here in the physical form. When
they die, it remains. It does not leave necessarily. If they built a house,
the house is still there when they leave. Well, this is only illusion, this is
only just a very thin wisp of matter. What you have created in the reality of
what is truly reality, not physical, is much more powerful, stronger and
longer lasting.

In that vain can I say to you "Will you work with the angels in a positive
creation in your world, in your universes? Will you call upon us to enhance
what it is that you do? Will you build beautiful mansions, glorious skies, the
beauty of nature, the essence of love and beauty and harmony? Will you build
for the angels, as it would, a playground that they might play in from the
thought patterns that you send out?"

Build it with all the beauty and essence that you know how to build, and in
turn, it reflects back upon your planet as the reality, the illusion I should
say that you call reality. If you cannot do it in your physical on your
planet, do it with your thought forms and send it out to the angels. There are
few who do not love the angels, who do not cherish the angels and who do not
value the angels. More it is that you do not make use of the angels in your

I give to you the blessings of the angels. I give to you the blessings of
your universe. It give to you the blessings of your Creator. I am Archangel
Michael, and at this time I take leave.

through Diandra.

Diandra is a internationally recognized channeler and author of the book "A New Day Is Dawning" which reveals the keys to rediscovering the brilliant soul that you are and the inspiring future of our planet. You can read a few chapters of her book at "". Her 18 years of channeling experience has helped thousands find their inner truth and provided clarity in their lives. Among the loving energies she channels is Jesus, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, Space Command, and Salem the Great Light who identifies himself as an ambassador to 44 universes. Diandra's e-mail is

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