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Angelic Intervention

channeling by Archangel Michael
through Mark Williams

Most people know some of the Archangels by name. But very few know the Archaei. The Archangels and Archaei do their divine work in close cooperation with each other. They have very special messages. The messages are important to anyone who desires less suffering and more joy in their lives. The messages are of confidence, hope, love, and joy. And, they offer very practical and specific guidance for those who wish to live a happier and more loving existence.

The confidence springs from the fact that the Earth IS making its ascension successfully this time---and many, perhaps all, of humankind will be along for the ride. The hope pertains to you and your individual path of ascension. It will become rapid, loving, and joyful for you as you begin to let go of the old thought patterns that have held you back for so long. Those old thought patterns have kept you mired in suffering.

You are likely to need the following background information:

In January of 1994, the Los Angeles earthquake ("Northridge Earthquake") marked the beginning of the end of civilization as we have known it. The only question was: What would things be like after that?

The Angels, working with those of high loving consciousness upon the Earth, accomplished the anchoring of the 5th dimension for the planet at that time. Thus, the earthquakes in the Los Angeles area stopped temporarily. But, there were continued aftershocks--over 10,000 of them. And, at least ten of those aftershocks were large enough to have been considered separate earthquakes had they not been associated with the first earthquake.

In March of 1994, one of the major "aftershocks" was about to trigger the End process all over again. This time, it was the anchoring of the 6th and 7th dimensions of the planet that stopped the earthquakes from becoming major and extending to other locations. Immediately thereafter, the Christ returned to the planet in the Columbia River Gorge, USA. Along with the Christ, whose name is Sananda, came additional high Angels to offer additional assistance to humankind. As result of this, those who were leading the work on the Earth initially thought that the job had been completed, and that the Earth and humankind were now saved.

However, in April of 1994, it was revealed that "The Circle in the Heavens" was not "unbroken".

This meant that additional work had to be done, and done quickly. This included the healing of the old broken heart of the planet, and the creation of new hearts of unconditional Love for the planet, humankind, and for the animals. This work resulted in additional high angels coming in to help us at that critical time. Without their help, we would not have been able to raise the mass consciousness high enough to forestall the end of the Earth for humankind..

There is concern about the length of time you have available to become unconditionally Loving. There is also resistance of some people to accept Sananda as the Christ. If you consider yourself to be spiritual, regardless of your religious, ethnic, or racial background, please consider these messages carefully.

Metatron is recognized by many as being the highest angel of God. He is the angel of the 144th heaven and is considered "the face of God". Yet, he has descended to be one of the many to work more closely with you. That is how greatly he loves you.

The ascended Jesus is recognized by many as the divine Christ. He came here originally to help you save yourselves from yourselves. He serves at the right hand of the Father/Mother. That is how he can be of greatest service to you.

Jehovah is recognized by many as the Creator of the Earth, and by many others as the Lord of the Earth. Jehovah has seen it all first hand, and has fulfilled his loving commitment to bring you through the day of your awakening. Yet, he still remains in the heavens close to you to be of further divine service.

God--the Creator, started all that is so long ago. It is His/Her hope that you will achieve your divine birthright and become gods. Love is the key. The heavens have given you a way out of your divisive religious dilemmas and oppositions to each other through the new Christ. Wise persons will embrace this opportunity to bring themselves and their religions together in peace and Love.

As you face the abyss in your personal lives, it is important for you to know clearly that Love is the key. Anything else other than love eventually destroys. Love first bridges the void, or the abyss, or the divisions that separate you from each other, and separate you from God--the Creator. Then, Love transmutes the void into Oneness. As a result, you are healed, and joy becomes your path to divine ecstasy.

This information is being provided as part of the Grace period that has been granted. Please use this opportunity to find the loving inner consciousness that you have so much wanted to be. This book can help you to become loving in a very short period of time, and to also understand why this is so important for you personally.

So many of you have worked so long and hard for the arrival of this day. It is almost hard for me to believe that it has actually happened. And yet, I and others who love you greatly have been with you through it all. To us, it seems like a miracle, also. Enough of you have learned your lessons well, so that many of the negative prophesies (warnings) of the Bible have been transmuted. There will be no end to humankind, only an end to the old low consciousness that was unable to be loving.

Archangel Michael
as channeled through Mark Williams

Mark Williams is a former city manager, and has a Masters degree in city management. He also has a Ph.D. in Nutrition and has taught holistic practices for many years. He considers by far his greatest schooling to be that which he has received from the angels and the heavens. Mark Williams is the pen name for the author of the books: The Divine Survivors: On Borrowed Time, The Archangels and Archaei Speak, and Ascend!

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