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A Year of Transition, Endurance, & Transmutation

The year 1999 will be a year of transition, endurance and transmutation.  1999 is a pivotal year for the world as last year was, but in a different way.

In this year the new energy for the new millennium will be starting to come in as of Dec. 31, 1998 at 12 midnight. 

You will feel a definite flux, a definite increase in the energies.  This is because each century has its own unique energy, its own abilities, its own Divine Characteristics.

The 20th Century was one of technology.  The energy of the 21st Century will be one of spirituality.  New energy will come in on the 13th of every month.  It will increase on the 13th of every month thereafter.  There will be a shift of this energy starting on the 13th of every month that is coming in, bringing mankind to a higher level.

Where the year of endurance comes in to play in this year, is that in the millennium much of the old baggage will not be allowed to be carried over.   This means that old ways of doing things, the old patterns, the old ways of thinking, will need to be corrected and transformed more into the light.

And so in this last year of the 20th Century you will see the culmination of things.   There will be many more scandals and incidents of this nature being brought to Light, so much so that many of you may think, it is a world out of control.

Please remember that this is not so.  The darkness, the old and the negative have to be exposed and brought out into the light, so that it can be changed, reclaimed, and transformed into the Higher Vibrational Frequencies which will be coming.

This is true on an individual level as well.  We will be faced with issues and problems that we have had for so long buried under the rug. 

This is happening because it is  time.   It is time to face these issues, these problems, and this baggage which we cannot and should not even attempt to try to carry into the new millennium.

It is a time to clean up our act in this last year.  It is a gift of Grace and a Blessing.

It is a time to work on forgiveness.  If there is anyone in our lives that we have not forgiven, that we have hostilities and resentment towards, this is the year to clean up our act.  This is the year to *transmute* all these heavy situations into the Power of Light.

We will be given the opportunity through Grace, through Blessings, through Higher Vibrational Frequencies to align and attune ourselves with the Christ Light Energies, and thereby, allowing us to make manifest into the physical world the abilities to transform these qualities, these situations, these relationships that have been plaguing us throughout our whole lifetime, perhaps through all of our lifetimes.

1999 will be the year to do our homework, to do our spiritual work and to make things straight, clean and pure for the new millennium.

It is almost like a re-birthing, a new birth going into this new millennium.  We want to go in as a child, as a new-born, to start fresh with this brand new energy which is coming from the Higher Realms, the Higher Celestial Spheres.

Do not expect the next millennium to be like this one. It will be completely different.

The Light will not tolerate the negativity that we have been allowed to get away with in the past.  The bright, intense Light is, in a way, pushing us, and embracing us at the same time to work through our old ways, because the old ways will no longer work.

We have 12 months now to try to get these things in order, to try to get this completed as much as we can, so that we start fresh in the millennium.

It will be a great, exciting time. It is a brand new, very clean slate. It is a wiping clear of the old and the beginning of the new. That is why we should not try to carry over our old ways.

It is a very great honor and privilege to be alive at this bridge to the millennium, to be born to be on the earth at this time.    It happens very rarely and those of us in this generation are alive now to see it, to live through it, to conquer our old patterns and to proceed with the new.

We are very blessed to have this opportunity, and it is not an accident that we are here and able to transmute a lot of our old ways into the new ways.

Another name for this year would be Transmutation. It will be Transmutation, Endurance and Transition because this is what this year really is.

So we are given the opportunity to transmute, and to align the old. The new year will bring about vast changes in technologies, but these will be linked with the spiritual level, which has not been seen before.

People will be asking and searching and growing at a new Higher Vibrational Frequency than ever before. Many people will be called on to help with this change, with this transition.

It is a very important time and a very, very beautiful time.   We wish you all the very best of luck as you proceed on this Path.

Do not lose hope, do not despair, when sometimes it may feel overwhelming with all that is necessary to push through.  See it as going, bless it as it leaves you, see it as leaving you, see it bringing in more Light, making room for more new Light coming in to you as   you proceed on this beautiful Spiritual Path to the year 2000.

Channeled through Rev. Mary
copyright 1998

Channeled by Rev. Mary, an intuitive and trance medium who channels her gifts to others to assist them towards their highest good. Mary's life has been changed through her own near death experiences, and has been on the spiritual/metaphysical path for over 23 years. She is: A professional member of A.P.R.T, A certified Hypnotherapist and an Ordained Minister. Rev. Mary provides her services to humanity in person, audio cassette tape, e-mail, snail mail, or via telephone. You may visit her web page at:   and sign up for her free newsletter or email her at

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