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Playing The Wildcard


As we are learning that to discover our true Path (our reason for incarnating this time around), we need to follow our heart, to do precisely those things we'd "much rather" be doing ...

I believe that each of us knows we're able to 'play the wildcard'', so to speak. We all have 'shamanic knowledge', and we recognize that we all hold the keys ... And that's precisely why we're coming together on Spiritual Endeavors, ERN and on myriad other Networks around the world: to share our own skills/Gifts with those of like mind that we might manifest our collective vision of the New Future.

As we express our 'inner knowing', we seek no 'leaders', and there's no one we choose to 'rally behind'. And it is precisely this Spiritual Headless Horseman that strikes Fear and Uncertainty in the minds of those sensing the new Energies in the air - Energies disruptive to, and non-supporting of the Old Paradigm. Energies which, when fully gathered, will effortlessly and simultaneously upset ALL the old applecarts. The old applecart merchants and transnationals have not dealt with such a situation before, and they are most unsettled by what they sense is 'in the air', but which produces for them no 'scientific proof' of its existence.

As we come to more of an understanding of who we truly are, we cease stumbling along blindly in our struggle. We no longer look for 'leaders'. We recognize that each of us is a powerful multidimensional being, and we're aware that we have many very powerful Helpers who are working at top speed with Their considerable Energies to assist us. Some of These Ones have told us that They will help us to restore the balances on Earth once we manifest The Shift. The Torus of Consciousness we are in the process of manifesting will ensure that the Transition occurs. I believe that worldwide 'practice' meditations are the key.

The Transition, literally the ignition of the Torus by the Hundredth Monkey, will open the transdimensional doorway thru which our Helpers will manifest Their assistance once we've done our collective part. They will help us to restore Gaia to her full glory.

Each of us feeds into the coalescing Energies to the level of our understanding. Understanding is determined by each one's personal frequency. Kindred spirits recognize each other by their harmonics. When this is grokked, there is no "rallying 'round" anyone. There's only Being, and channeling the Energies as creatively as each is able, for the good of all.

National Coordinator
Centre for CropCircle Studies / US Network

ilyes has served as the National Coordinator of the Centre for CropCircle Studies / US Network since 1993. She has visited scores of Formations in England each year since 1992, documenting six CropCircles in Washington State and Oregon. She is an internationally recognized writer, speaker, and Circles photographer, sharing her photos and information through various media including television, radio, print media, and on The Web. You will find her home page at . For direct contact, mailto

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