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UFOs, Other Current Anomalies & What They Portend


ROBERT GHOST WOLF - Opening Remarks - "UFOs, Other Current Anomalies & What They Portend" - Panel  -  The Prophets Conference~Los Angeles, 1997

"This is like a pretty incredible panel you know, but I'll do the best that I can.

"I think that what this is about, is not this (the panel), it's about you. I think that this whole time right now is about you owning what you truly are.

"There are two plans - there are two agendas - going on in the world. There is a plan going on by those who wish to manipulate you, and there is a plan that is going on by Mother Earth herself. And the plan by Mother Earth has never been beaten. Your very genetics, your very DNA is waking up to sounds that are coming from the universe. You have literally birthed a new universe and now you are calling it unto yourselves. So, you're going to be going through a lot of changes because of this. Your  electro-magnetic fields are changing, and your chemistry will change in accordance to it. Your hormones will flow in a different manner. You'll be experiencing thoughts that you never had before. You'll be experiencing emotions that you have never had, because in many ways, it's like the chicken coming out of the egg. You can no longer restrain what you are going to become. The hoax is over. And what is going to change the world is every one of you taking the responsibility of researching and finding out all of the information and the facts that you can.

"Why is it that they have news about these (UFOs) in Mexico, but they don't have news of them here? Why is it that people in other countries can sit down and have intelligent conversations about what's going on, while we don't have them here? We are ridiculed and called madmen and heretics - I know - I get a lot of email after the Art Bell show. So, I've been on the radio talking, and I've been on the TV talking, and I know everyone here on this panel has, but, don't ever let anybody tell you what really is going on out there. You've been programmed to not believe in yourselves for too long. Now that is evil! When you see what you see, whether you're the farmer in Iowa, or the Indian in the Dakotas, or the aborigine in Australia, or you are the Countess of Shannon, who I've had the pleasure of meeting, and you look up at the stars and you see something, trust your intuition as to what you are seeingYou have been tampered with. Yes! You have people from other worlds that are playing games with you. Yes! Where do you think you got all of the human traits that you have? You got them from your ancestors.

"What is going to become very prevalent in a very short period of time, especially here in North and South America, is that the ancient temples are opening. The information is coming out, and it cannot be stopped, and you are going to be awakened to your own genetic connection to extraterrestrials, with factuality that cannot be denied. But, you have the responsibility of keeping the roadways of the media open, and you have the responsibility for keeping shows on the air where you can get the important

"So don't let anybody take away your freedom, because what that is about is suppression, and the walls that Whitley spoke about, walls to contain your freedom. And if there is any danger to the human race as a species, it is when we lose our freedom of choice. The minute when we do that, we will not continue as a race because we will have no purpose here. Everything that we are about, everything that you are about, is for the pursuing of the unknown and the learning to move beyond fear. That is your only reason for experience here, and you've created everything in your life to have these experiences. Do not let anybody deny you your own right!

"If you choose to interact with star people, I can tell you this much - if you honor yourself, they will also honor you. It is no longer a fairytale or a probability which could possibly happen. It is a reality that we now must learn to cope with. We are waking up, and yes, there are those amongst you who might not be what you think they are, but the funny part of the joke is that you might not be what you think you are."

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