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The TRUTH of Our Existence

We are living in the Age of Eternal Life, Christs Second Coming. For ALL we are being given the opportunity to be a part of this coming Age. Christ himself spoke of the signs to come when this Age would be upon us. In this time there will be much turmoil and many people will fear what is unfolding before them. For some, there will be no fear, for they hear the trumpets sounding and know that Christ is returning. The return of Christ will mark the Age of Eternal Life.

In this day and age we are hearing much about enlightenment, awakening and eternal life. Some of what is being taught says we ALL eventually find our way back to GOD. This is true in a sense that we will all eventually go to the Father of ALL, in our day of judgement. However, we are at now a critical point in human and spiritual evolution, which will set the course of our destiny for eternity. The Truth is if we were to ALL find our way back to GOD in its purest sense, there would be no such thing as free will. There would be no need for Christ and Budda and their teachings.

Jesus the Christ taught about love and compassion. His life showed us we would always be cared for by our Heavenly Father. Christ taught of the way to Eternal Life. Christ asked that we follow Him, who God has sent. Christ warns us to do otherwise will be our down-fall and the price will be our own eternal hell. We will carry with us into eternity the state of consciousness we choice, only the weight will be intensified.

For myself, I have no fear of death, for I know in my Inner-Being that I am Christ Consciousness, I am TRUTH. In death there shall be LIFE. I am assured a place in the Kingdom of GOD, which for a time will be heaven on earth. How I know this is answered within, not my head, but in my Inner-Being. Gods word proclaims that only the Living shall have Eternal Life. The Living are those who know the Word and live by it. In death Gods word teaches of the sleeping, until the time of the resurrection. For many, death has come to their physical bodies, they are asleep in death. For others reincarnation has occurred. But I tell you it matters, not who you have been or who you may be, it matters only who you are now.

When GOD created human existence and gave life through breath (spirit) we became ONE with ALL. GOD assured us we would have all we ever needed in living his word. We have always had free will and known of GOD and the promise of abundance. Only we can deny Gods existence and LOVE. It is free will that sets us apart from other living organisms upon the Earth. We can choose to stay One with GOD or we can choose to go it alone.

When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge it can be understood that humanity chose to go it alone. For most, it seemed GOD was no longer necessary. It seemed we could exist without GODs Love. In removing ourselves from GOD we have become separate, separate from the spirit, the Earth and each other. All these still exist as ONE, however in our ways of fear, greed and exuberance we have taken without regard of the consequences. As a result of our doings, it became necessary for GOD to send His Son into the world so all may know the Word of GOD. In this knowing, we can choose what we want to reflect from within ? Christ Consciousness or Fear Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness exists within us ALL. We are aware of our actions and their consequences. For some, it is obvious and there is but one way to live. For others their actions are reflecting their fears and lack of love or compassion. We need not look to others to see what is righteous, rather we need only look within ourselves. In this looking we will find Christs existence.

When we find Christ lives within, all we need do to release our FEARs is ask that GOD bring to us all that is for our Highest good. In this asking we shall receive, for this is the words of Christ Jesus. We will begin to function in the world with principles of Peace, Love, Compassion and TRUTH. Based upon these principles we will create heaven on earth.

For some reading these words will mean little, you may even be quickly on the defensive. You may not even agree with the teachings. To you I say fine. For I am not here to cast judgement, nor am I here to say how to live. I am only accountable for my own words and deeds. I have no FEAR, nor do I need to defend these words. For in all GOD promised and in all I have believed of these words I have been blessed. My life has reflected the TRUTH of GODs message.

To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ I write these words to provide you with strength and with the knowledge you are not alone. To those of you who have not known of Christs existence within I write to assure you he does exist and it takes but only your asking to receive. It is GODs promise that all shall hear and know of the Word, and in the time to come we will be delivered all we deserve, based upon the knowledge and choices we have made in our lives.

Peace, Love, Compassion and TRUTH to ALL. We are ONE with GOD. Christ is with us ALL!

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Peace, Love, Compassion and truth to ALL. We are ALL one with GOD.

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