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For myself detachment has become of critical importance for all God-Beings to become aware of just as I have myself. In relation to detachment I have experienced much in a short period of time. The speeding up of time ( who is not aware of the years flying by ), the sense of urgency, a general feeling of unease with long held social conditionings and many naturaldisastersare all signs of transformations taking place.

These things are going to occur no matter what we do, we can either learn now and begin transforming in a loving, peaceful process or we can fight the lesson being presented and have to go through it again and again. The choice of whether we learn or not really is our own. Just remember we do not get to choose which lessons we learn, suffice to say it will definitely be for your Higher good.

In a short period of time I was asked to give up my relationship with my wife, my executive job, mobile phone, company car, interstate travel, my house and my children. All this was happening along with a growing feeling of unease about the value these things really had. Another executive job and sexual relationship and again I was presented with another learning opportunity. Fighting the Truth I again felt a real unease and finally gave up fighting and began listening. In this listening I have found Peace and Love. I have found my Divine purpose, my Enlightenment.

In this period of rapid change we are being asked to let go of a great many attachments. This year is especially critical for it marks the end of a 9 year Earth cycle, meaning you shall reap that which you have sown. If you are experiencing massive changes and struggles be aware that you are being asked to let go so in the up-coming 9 year cycle you will commence with less baggage. This will accelerate your Ascension process over the coming years.

In letting go of all social constructs and revealing a transformed spiritual wisdom there exists a sense of FREEDOM. Although this will seem hard to imagine at first, it is indeed possible. I just recently went through a lesson in money. For most of my life I have never had enough money to satisfy my desires. In part I believed too much money was sinful. Only the rich getting spiritual enlightenment and in to heaven, I joked. The issue I had to let go of was the value I was putting in money. I saw it as wrong to have too much money, even to the point were I denied it upon myself. After much struggle I have come to understand that I am worthy of much more. In fact I am worth what ever I think I am. Sometimes even more. The reality is I always have all I need to do all I need to do.

Jesus himself said the meek shall inherit the earth. Abundance, love and peace all starts from within ourselves. We are entitled to it all, if not used it is circulated elsewhere. If you hang on to more than you need you leave no space to receive any more. The good news is we can become part of the whole cosmic exchange system just by asking for it to be so. Remember all physical manifestations are purely representations of our inner-Being. Visualise and materialise.


For me in letting go of all worldly treasures I have simplified my life. Moving into a caravan, living alone, working for GOD and helping fellow GOD-Beings to understand what is happening. I am preparing myself for Ascension and am a part of ALL Beings transformations as they are of mine. The point is not about whether or not you live in a caravan, it matters only that we are responding to the inner voice - Our GOD-Being. Mine just so happens is asking me to give up alot, to receive even more.

I see over the remaining year much transformation with the earth, its creatures and all humanity. This will be followed by accelerated rates of awareness of being Awakened and consequent transformation into Oneness with ALL.

For myself I am being asked to let go of many attachments. Whatever it takes I need to commit myself totally. What I carry over into next year will become my lessons in the next 9 year Earth cycle. I am being asked to experience all I need from within. This will lead to increased rates of accelerated awareness of being ONE with ALL.

One final word on attachments is that in letting go one should not feel any loss. If you feel alone or like you have lost something then you are still attached. Let it go and you shall have all. Do not believe my word try it for yourself. If there is an area of your life you would like to change ask GOD for guidance and get ready to respond! Love and Peace to ALL. The TRUTH exists within us. I am all you are. We are ONE. The source is ETERNAL, INFINITE and IMMORTAL.

Love, Peace, Compassion and Truth to ALL. We are ALL ONE in GOD. Christ is with us ALL!


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