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by Rev. Rick Jelusich

Inspiration comes in the moment, fueled by the intense, white-hot desire for communication with the inner self that is beyond questioning. It is that inspiration we seek that makes us unique and fires our connection to the Divine Essence.

It seems we're having a lot of conversations these days; conversations with God, with angels, with Jesus, etc., as is reflected in many books by the same titles. And yet, none of those conversations you read are as deep as the inner conversations, the inner dialogue, that you engage in every day.

Perhaps reading those words of inspired others' inner connections reaches a deep and reflective place in you, and that is so good. But please realize that the deep place within your heart and soul is already securely in place. It is but touched by your desire to open that door which opens inward through the strength of your yielding to Higher Self.

And how wonderful it is, for is it not you that has grasped the book, the tape, the lecture that would reach you so deeply? Did you not make the effort to seek that which you already possess? Have you not seen your inner beauty today?

Let me tell you a little about yourself. You are a wise, beautiful and magnificent being of light; composed of Love, Wisdom, and Will as the Father/Mother God. In you there are infinite possibilities, infinite expression of the Divine, and infinite compassion. You walk about the world as one who is asleep, yet possesses the keys of the universe in your heart's desires.

You awaken to your true Self when you are loving, kind, and harmless. If you could only see the infinite power you possess, the so-called problems of the world would evaporate into their proper perspective as way-showers of your own greatness as a child of God's Love.

You are the same as any holy person who has ever walked this planet or any other. You are composed of the same love, the same wisdom, and you walk in the grace of the Divine as one who is cherished and protected.

In you, there are infinite horizons to explore; infinite vistas of beauty and passion to behold and describe. In you, there is limitless expression of joy and exuberance for the dance of life.

Cascading rivulets of shimmering light emanate from your center; your God center, emanating and radiating the power of God's will, expressing itself through the gift of your personal interpretation of the uniqueness of individuated creation.

Power flows through you as a rhythmatic beat of the universal flow of God, in synchronistic patterns at once sacred in their geometries and subtle in their ultimate sophistication.

In pure and effortless song, you sing the joy in your heart through your actions, your physical body in concert with the symphony your heart and mind enjoy in the Mind and Heart of God.

You overcome all earthly challenges, uniquely and with focus meeting with your own Divine integrity. Holding the sword of Michael, you cleave order from disorder, reality from illusion.

You seek the counsel of the Wise Ones who serve God and Divine Plan. Those whom you would call guides, you surround yourself in the cocoon of their wise and loving counsel, always holding your light, your integrity in the foreground of your Love in Service.

And in service, you seek not to get, but to give. For in giving, you receive. And you allow yourself to receive that which is Divinely yours: the Loving Heart and the Wise Mind, the Compassionate Soul and the radiant countenance of one who has seen the Face of God in the infant, the spouse, the sick, the suffering, the enemy and the self.

You are composed of all the beauty that ever existed and ever will exist. Love flows from you as the mighty waterfall gives forth its abundant waters: freely and with the gravity of selfless service if flows outward. In your eyes are the shaman, the priest, the holy one, the elder, the crone, the Mother and the Father.

Oh, how I love you. That you would come into expression as a face of the Divine Presence. That you and I would sit in conversation about things Divine in the passing of everyday life. That you merely exist as a being of God. That we would see each other as we truly are; radiant beings of light and love, filled with the inner knowing of a divine connection unseverable and infinite. That you would express your Divinity through compassionate and harmless actions. That we would seek nothing from each other save to express the manifold ways that we love, that we seek peace, that we seek God.

Rev. Richard Jelusich

by Rev. Rick Jelusich
Rev Rick is an internationally known psychic, healer, spiritual accelerator and activator who tours, lectures, and facilitates workshops and seminars. He is also available for private healing sessions as well as readings in person or via telephone. He has appeared numerous times on radio and television, and publishes the monthly periodical, LIGHT NEWS, both in hard copy and on the Internet. You may visit his web site at or go directly to his site from our links page.

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