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A Conversation with Simon Hunt
Part 2
(All italics in brackets represent the interviewers' thoughts or personal comments.)

S ...Another is the outright foolishness! Look, John.{He dug around in his pocket and finally came up with a small piece of lint fuzz.}

I know that this looks like ordinary laundry lint, but do you have any idea of what this really is? {I shook my head no. His voice became almost a whisper, yet carried the excitement of telling a forbidden secret.} Well, I'll tell you. This is no ordinary lint. This is space lint. You see, I've been meeting with these viral beings from the Andromida Strain and they've shown me the secret of collecting space lint. And I wouldn't lie to you brother - you don't mind if I call you brother, brother; we'll all the same God you know; and you being divine, you'd know if I was lying to you anyway - this space lint cures everything from cancer to verbal diarrhea. Now I normally sell this panacea for all your problems for only $99.99 - but I've decided that I'm going to do my part for humanity. I'm going to give it away - for the unbelievable price of not $69.99, no, not even $59.99, but (And my accountant is telling me I'll go broke in a hurry.) just $49.99!!! (Plus $25.00 shipping and handling, of course.) And I'll tell you John, your whole life is going to change. I'm talking instant enlightenment here! Think of it - no more calling Lois and Clark's Psychic Hot Line for your lucky numbers. You'll win the lottery! Think of all the money you're going to save! Better yet, think of all the ways you can use that money to help your less fortunate brothers! John, you owe it to yourself; think of how much karma you can burn off just like that! {He snapped his fingers.}

{I noticed that the couple in the next booth was openly ease dropping at this point. It seemed to me, judging by the look on their faces, they were calculating whether or not they had enough cash between them to take him up on his offer. Aaron noticed it too, and we both started laughing.}

JP You missed your calling in life.

S I don't think so, John. I really do feel like I've found it, and I don't think that I can change it.

JP Oh, I don't know. I get the feeling you can do anything that you set your mind to.

S I can. You can to, John. But you missed the point; I don't want to change it. We all can do what ever it is we set our mind to. We are by nature all totally powerful spiritual beings. The only limitations we experience are those that we have placed upon ourselves. But let's get back to the New Age thing.

JP Okay. But I believe you just made another New Age statement.

S No John. That we are limitless by nature is no more New Age than what I said before, that we all have a place of inner knowing - and that place inside us is all powerful as well, by the way.

Those concepts have been around as long as man has been on this planet, John. And poets, saints, and sages throughout all the ages have tried to get us to understand them. I can take you to any public library and show you these same very same statements by Ralph Waldo Emerson, St. Augustine, Shakespeare, Thorton Wilder, Jesus, Buddha, Plato, Aristotle, Homer, and even in the oldest written records of mankind, The Vedas.

These understandings are as old as recorded history - and Id feel quite comfortable betting the rest of eternity that theyre much older than that, too. There's nothing at all new about them. Except perhaps, that maybe... just maybe...we're finally beginning to return to understanding them a little better than we have been.

So you see, I'm not opposed to the New Age Movement, or any other movement for that matter - if that movement helps bring about a better understanding of the age old truths. It's just that "Truth for Sale" and "I've got a corner on truth" are concepts that really turn my stomach.

Now, I believe we were talking about the earth changes lecture, weren't we?

JP Well, we started on that, and you were talking about how you put the pieces of the puzzle together, but somehow I got the impression that you were talking about more than that also.

S That was quite observant of you, John. On one level I was answering your question on how I relate to understanding the earth changes, but on another, I was explaining to your readers how I started... and this is so simple, it can be applied and utilized by anybody... how I began to understand the big picture, and find my own inner place of knowing.

Do you want to go back to that... or shall we just forge ahead?

JP Let's forge ahead, after we go back. I'd really like to hear about that.

S Okay. It all boils down to one word, John. Parables!

JP Huh?

S Parables... you know, like in the bible?

JP Yeah, I know what The Parables are. I just can't see the connection between the parables and the earth changes.

S Parables, John; not The Parables. One word; not two.

JP {Sarcastically.} Okay, so sue me for the extra three letters and the capitol T. Not The Parables. But I still don't understand.

S Okay, John. A parable is basically a story used to convey in more simplistic terms, a quite complicated, deep, or difficult to understand concept. Think of The Parables; was Jesus really talking about sheep, or wheat and chaff? Or was it something else?

JP Something else, of course.

S Now. Pick a parable that youre familiar with - and dont tell me what it is.

JP Okay, Ive got one.

S Now in your mind, go back to when you first heard, or learned about it. And you dont have to tell me about it - this isnt a bible quiz.

JP Huh... Okay... Ive got it.

S Now this is very important - take your time. Dont answer until you have actually thought about it - dont just play back the mental tape with the recorded imprint of what you were taught... Does that parable mean the same thing to you now?

JP Huh... ... ... No! When I actually think about it, it seems to have taken on quite a different meaning than what I thought as a little boy. Its vaguely along the same line, but I seem to have a much deeper understanding of the concept behind it.

S And parables are like that. They can be interpreted on many different levels. The deeper you search for the meaning, the deeper the meaning you will find. But even on the most superficial levels, there is still a meaning for the superficial minds.

Have you ever read Genesis?

JP The first book in the Bible? {He nodded.} As an adult... about half of it. I just couldnt get into the whole Adam and Eve thing anymore, so I stopped.

S Yeah, me too. But let me ask you this, John. How do you think Moses wrote it?

JP I guess the accepted thought is that God dictated it to him... and I guess the more fundamentalist tendencies one has... the more that they believe that it was dictated word for word. Myself, I dont know. I personally dont think it was dictated,... so... I guess it was a vision of some sort... and then he wrote it down.

S Ill buy that. Ive never liked the term "channeled" information - I only use it for the lack of a better word...

JP Channeled? You mean...? Well, Ive never thought of... Do you think...?

S Now calm down, John. I dont like that term either. Its just that... well, I cant seem to think of another word that will get the concept across in todays language. I know that channeling has taken on a lot of what I consider to be questionable meanings lately.

JP No, its not that! Its just... Ive never put that together before. I guess that not only Moses, but a lot of the prophets were just that - what we would call today - psychics, mediums, and channelers.

S I think so. And in Bree's and my experiences in channeling, we are often presented with concepts and symbols that are quite difficult to put into spoken words. The understanding is there... but no words to express it accurately. So sometimes we come back with information that can only be expressed in... parables.

JP And Moses... explained what he saw and experienced in the only way that the language of the day allowed.... and its a parable! This is wonderful. It sheds a whole new light on, well, a lot of things! I mean...

S Its only an opinion; its only the way that I look at things.

JP Yeah. But gee... it makes so much sense!

S For me. And maybe for you, too. But its up to each individual to decide for themselves. Take our friend James, the gentleman giving the lecture this evening; he is of a different opinion. He spoke of a vision he had. I feel that it was a true and genuine precognitive experience for him. But yet, I dont agree with him at all.

JP Youre talking about the earth changes prediction... or channeling... or vision... he spoke of - in which he saw the earths rotation stopping and then reversing and spinning the other way?

S Exactly. I personally think that hell will freeze over before that happens.

JP But you said that you felt it was a true precognitive vision!

S I do. But it is also my opinion that he, like many other gifted psychics, mediums, channelers, visionaries - whatever you choose to call them - have legitimate gifts, yet do not truly understand the gifts themselves. I believe that the picture he perceived was exactly what was presented to him. And I believe that he did a wonderful job of bringing back that picture as accurately as possible. And the way he presented it was as it should be - he basically said, "This is what is right for me; take it or leave it - as you wish".

JP Im missing something here. It seems like youre speaking in riddles.

S Parables, John. Not riddles. It was a parable. A simplistic representation of a complicated concept. That concept, in my opinion, was that for eons the earth has been headed in a certain direction; (rotation) that direction could be thought of as materialism, selfishness, greed, war, away from the source - theres a thousand ways to say it. And I believe that that direction (again symbolized by the direction of the rotation) is shortly going to change... reverse. In other words... the picture, the vision, the experience was legitimately real and true. But the concept was conveyed to him as a visual parable.

I feel that there are many gifted people out there relaying their legitimate experiences - not only concerning the earth changes, but all facets of spirituality - that are unmeaningfully creating confusion. That is not to say that I feel that way about all of them. But one has to be careful. Perhaps that is the role these people play in the big picture; perhaps they are serving as teachers in ways that they themselves do not understand - that of teaching that one must always look for the truth within themselves. And perhaps they also bring home the point that there is a difference between being psychic and being wise.

???1997 Spiritual Endeavors

Simon is the founder of Spiritual Endeavors, co-designer of, author of Elephants,  and A Guide to Utilizing Creative Energy; Sexuality On The Spiritual Path.  (available in the S-E Bookstore), facilitator of "The Gatherings" in Las Vegas, graphic artist & Internet design / consultant,   and co-instructor of the Seth Series, Conscious Creation based on the Seth material written by Seth and the late Jane Roberts.

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