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The Philadelphia Experiment :
A Personal Saga in Time Travel
Part 1

by Drue, edited by Debra Cunningham

It was the early hours of August 15th, 1943,  the intense chill of the brisk morning air was bitter and humid, penetrating deeply into each one of us, further compounding the already heightened tensions that we  were enduring  at the  moment. While the majority of the surrounding populous were tucked snugly underneath their warm blankets sleeping, I along with  four  other civilian scientists were watching many of the 176 sailors report to  work on board the decks of the ship. To them, it was just another  routine work day after having a well deserved night of liberty. We were on  the USS Eldridge, a newly launched navy destroyer,  with  special authority  from the U.S. Naval Department to conduct our assignments; a highly secretive scientific experiment....

After many months of preparation and planning, we had at last arrived at the final  stage  of the  project. It was necessary for us to gut the internal confines of  the  Eldridge  to accommodate four immense generators along with Tesla coils, electron tubes and the many  miles of  inch  thick cable that was laid throughout the ships cable raceways.  While watching the young sailors report on board,  I remember  reflecting  back on the events of three  days  earlier, August 12th.

It was on this day, we had conducted a dry run with the Eldridge using the awesome technology developed  for  the  sole  purpose   of rendering inanimate objects invisible. I could not shake from my mind the horror that I witnessed when we placed small animals  in metal  cages  made  of  different materials, and strategically positioning  them  throughout  the confines of  the ship,  after which,  we rendered  it invisible. In this  experiment  we  had attempted  to determine the effects and affects of arcing  living organisms  with inanimate objects. The results  were disastrous!

Having mix emotions, I was disconcerted with the militarys rationale to continue on schedule knowing that they knew the potential danger,  however, there was an air of excitement that overcame my scientific nature in what we were getting ready to embark upon. The military authorities in charge of the project would not take heed of our advise to delay further scheduled  operations, so that we could determine  what went wrong. They knew, like I knew that this schedule was based solely on a window of opportunity, and we also knew another would not be available soon. I now understood what Dr. Nikola Tesla was dealing with before his decision to leave the project. I felt  confident and content with the foresight in our planning, that as long  as we maintained the control of our own destiny and could pull the plug to stop the operation at any sign of trouble, all would be well. We  were at an extreme disadvantage not knowing what  to expect.

Experimentation  up  to  this date  had always been controlled  from external sources, whereas with this one, we would have  control from  within the confines of  the Eldridge.  We  had worked frantically   day and  night  in replacing damaged equipment sustained during the dry run, just to be ready for this mornings scheduled run. This operation had much more at stake then all of the previous experimentation put together. For myself, it was a day  in  my life that I realized for the first time - I  knew, what I didnt know! The valuable time spent with Tesla  prepared me for  the many possibilities that this  day could hold   though,  I didnt like what I heard. The dry run confirmed  to me what Tesla already knew of the eminent dangers, and at  the  very least I knew we were in trouble, if not damned to be damned....

Preparing   to  pull  up  anchor  from  the  docks  of   the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, the sailors seemed  anxious  about their next adventure at sea. It was shortly thereafter, under  a cloak  of  darkness, that we had started our movement  down  the Delaware   river  with  one  small  scientific  research vessel following closely behind. As we moved out to sea, all heard  and felt  the unusual humming sound that was being emitted  from  the four  powerful generators as they were slowly switched to  higher frequencies    the vibration becoming  increasingly  stronger and stronger. Routine work on the Eldridge came to a complete halt as our hair now stood on end. We all felt  a sense  of apprehension  with  the uncommon electrical sensations flowing about the ship. Some men began to  shake  with  uncontrollable fear, many others were looking cautiously   about   their surroundings  not  knowing what to think, while others tried  to find  comfort in their morning cup of coffee. For even the most fearless men  of  the  ship,  panic  set  in  when   men   were electrocuted because they did not take heed to the  instructions  to stay clear from the cables that were laid out along the outer walls of the  ship.   Unbeknownst to the sailors who were trained only in the operation of a naval ship, for the first time were involved in an attempt to accomplish a scientific feat never before undertaken. However, they now knew this was not going to be a routine day in naval  shipping.

Just  prior  to dawn and while out at sea, we rendered  the  USS Eldridge invisible by switching the generators to full  strength. The men were now experiencing horrors beyond their beliefs. They were  not prepared for what was to come, thus, many of the  mens minds caved and cracked. When we switched the generators to full power,  it  had  created a strong  electromagnetic  field, which totally overcame and engulfed us within a heavy fog or a mist. It was at this precise  moment that  I  sensed myself being shook  violently  from a strong vibration and at the same time I noted the ship disappearing from around and below me. With a generator to  my back,  all of a sudden as if in slow motion, I felt a tremendous impact  in  which I sensed my entire  body being  propelled outwards  into hundreds of fragmented pieces. With this impact, there  was a brilliant flash of light, so intense it was  not only blinding, but consuming; the piercing sound forced me to the ships deck covering my ears with my hands in a desperate  attempt to relieve the pain. Now bleeding from my mouth, nose and ears, nothing seemed to help the discomfort  that   I was experiencing,  leaving me with  the one  and only thought  I repeatedly recall saying to myself I wished I  were dead!

Eventually, these anomalies subsided and being extremely disoriented, time as I knew  it did not seem to exist. I felt stuck in place, unable to move in a field of energy of total darkness. I began to realize that something had gone drastically wrong as Tesla had foreseen. Finally collecting my wits, and  not allowing  fear  to  become   an overwhelming factor, I literally had to use my entire  WILL  and physical strength to break loose from the field of energy  that encased  me. Being successful in freeing myself, I was  able  to move  about the ship taking note of many others who also were  in the same predicament. There were those who were moving  about in total panic, some consumed with fire and others seemed to glow. I had to reach the pilot room  to locate  the  Captain of the ship in order to assess damages,  but he  too,  was stuck.  It was at this time I felt the necessity  to shut down the generators  to unplug the operation. The  entire ship  was transparent, like that of a dark red colored gelatin. Therefore, I  was able to not only see through the walls of the ship,  but able  to move through the walls as well. An attempt made  solely out of desperation, I reached through the wall for one  of  the generator switches - it had no substance....

After we had rematerialized some 24 hours later and out at sea, the scene was  chaotic. I was  taken off the Eldridge  by stretcher  and immediately placed under medical sequester on board a U.S. Naval  medical ship. With the sun shining brightly,  I remember looking back at the  horrific  scene  of  the Eldridge still smoldering from its fires. Naval personnel were  running  about and working frantically to get things under control. Many of the men  that were part of the rescue mission were overtaken by what  they  saw, and others became ill from  the stench  of  the burning  and decomposing flesh left behind for them to clean  up. Things were so  bad that  some men from the other ships even refused to  board the Eldridge. The USS Eldridge was no longer sea worthy, extremely radioactive and unstable; and  of the  181  men, only  21 of us had survived. Forty men  were confirmed dead as a result of radiation exposure, burns, electrocution, and fright. Twenty-seven of these 40 were men embedded within the structure of the ship, but who were not in all cases dead. Mercifully some were shot in the head using a standard military pistol, yet others were kept alive long enough for laboratory research. Lastly, the remaining 120 men were never seen from again. They were not on the Eldridge when we had returned they were JUST GONE....

This  incident that I just related to you is a  personal account of my experience while on the USS Eldridge and was by  no means easy to put in words. The horror and fear that every  man went through is far beyond even my ability to put in  words. What I personally experienced was of such  a nature that I would never wish this on  another.  Today, many of you know this incident as the Philadelphia  Experiment; an  experiment that even to this day the U.S. government  denies.  In one sense this  experiment  worked  and in another  it was a failure. However, know this where there  is one failure, there are many successes!

Now, regressing a bit, the awesome technology that was used on the 15th of August, 1943, was technology that had been in  the makings under Dr. Nikola Teslas guidance since  the early 1930s.  Having  had much  success, the technology eventually  was  placed in the hands of our U.S.  government and overseen by the Naval Department for national security interests. By  the  time our government got involved, the possibilities of the technology had  already been proven beyond a doubt of its abilities.

Dr. Albert Einstein was also involved,  and to a greater degree than most know. In fact, it was his Special Theory of Relativity, which became the theoretical cornerstone describing the  release of nuclear energy, and concerns itself with relationships between energy, time, matter, and the speed  of light.  In  his proposed General  Theory of  Relativity, he suggested that  the universe is four dimensional  the three dimensions of space (length, depth and breadth) plus time.  But space,  instead of being flat as he had suggested in his special theory, was now curved, and that gravity was a consequence of his proposed space curvature. You see, Einsteins general theory was so astoundingly successful that scientists world wide rapidly accepted it and who in turn after reevaluation, took their experimentation into  the new direction in which Einstein  had pointed.  In short,  Einstein  vectored  mankind  onto  a new Timeline!   His  theories made it possible  for  the  warping, bending  or the morphing of time, blackholes, traveling  through time, and yes, even UFOs.

Einstein was also convinced that there  was  a link between the laws of electromagnetism and gravity, and that it could be expressed in a mathematical formula known as the Unified Field Theory. Therefore, he himself was not thoroughly convinced that his theories of relativity explained our physical universe and/or reality in its totality. Many  scientists were also out to prove Einstein wrong, one of whom was Tesla. Tesla had already conducted successful experimentation where Einstein was only on the fringes of understanding anti-gravity and anti-matter. History has been written depicting  that Einstein did not live to complete his work on this  theory.

I got involved with  the project  in 1938 and worked closely with Tesla, the governments project director. Interviewed  by a panel of men, mostly scientists, which included Tesla and some military,  I was hired to work with the project primarily because  of my abilities and training in physics, geometry and electronics. I  was very much involved during the theorem and thorium  stages and realize that we were just at the beginning stages of understanding radiation. There  were  numerous round-table discussions with  many  individuals from different walks of life and philosophies that were not only from the scientific and military communities, but also from religious and metaphysical societies. We all had   our  own assignments  and  timetables,   restricting   our involvement with other  aspects in  the  development  of   the technology, additionally, much of the work was contracted  out. It was designed so that the right hand never knew what the left hand was doing and vice versa. All issues were handled in this manner for  the sole  purpose of secrecy. My role  also included  the preparation and installation of the technology  on  the  ship. Shortly  after being with the project, I was able to  distinguish the different motives by the different groups of people involved. The  three  key  agendas that  were  very much  part  of   this experimentation were:

A scientific agenda, which was to explore the time/space continuum for scientific discovery;

a military agenda, since we were at war (WW II) they wanted this ability as a weapon to move personnel and cargo instantaneously from one point to another; and lastly,

an extraterrestrial agenda, which was to map out the earths planetary magnetic grid work for interdimensional travel.

However,  there  was a closely guarded CORE agenda by some that worked behind the scenes. I identify them as those in  the know, and their hidden agenda was to REWRITE HISTORY....

Drue and Debra have appeared on NBC Television's Ancient Prophecies III and The Other Side, as well as on numerous radio stations throughout the world. Their lectures on Time Travel and the Philadelphia Experiment are internationally known . They have videos, Audio tapes, and booklets available on the subject. You may contact Drue at P.O.Box 586026 Oceanside, CA 92058-6026 or by Telephone/Fax at (619) 433-7876. Reprinted from Light News with permission.

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