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Meditation Experience

During an early morning meditation, I spoke to the Universe to God, to the Heavenly Angels and Divine Holy masters, and all of the Above, That I 'd receive knowledge that would show me who I am in this world. I tried to make it simple. As I gave thanks for all of my blessings I began to see a stairway of light. Extending quite far in the distance above was a door that was open. I could see someone going through the door, who turned to the left after passing through. There were Angels on both sides of the stairway looking at me, and there was one Angel I thought looked like Jesus, but then I thought, "This man has wings" This Angel (who was standing to my left) was very masculine looking, with a wide face and jaw. Bearded and thick eyebrows , and long dark hair. He held out his hand and took mine and then guided me up the stairs. He then crossed over in front of me to the other side of the staircase. He then held my other hand and up we climbed. When we reached the top, this Angel moved out of the way and I was to go through the door first. I was anticipating a glorious illuminating experience. I thought I would again see a divine Universe of light as in a previous experience. Perhaps experience the body of God, or just the light or something perfectly marvelous.

I walked through the door and was directed to the left then I seemed to be pushed out into what I can only refer to as a void. Total black nothingness.

There was a hint of light from what I perceived as stars in the very very far distance. But these stars were extremely far & dim. I was out in empty space in the farthest recesses of the universe, black and empty. Yet the feeling was not at all negative. just Void! No thing existed. This was not at all what I had expected because I had experienced the light in another experience, an all encompassing light of "all there is" in the universe. This was the total opposite. It was the absence of everything. A telepathic suggestion came to me to -" create something". The only thing that came to mind was "Let there be light." And behold -- in an instant it all became manifest before my eyes. I saw how the beginning of all things came into being with
one single thought, and the void was the source of all things. ("Things" the changeable temporary forms, molded from thought energy and it's definitions.) I was shown that out of nothingness is creation and manifestation made. Like a giant fertile womb, is the void, pierced only by the light of consciousness.
My consciousness and the desire to create, is what I am also. A spiritual powerful being seeking to know Self by witnessing my creations.

Then after this experience during the same day a greater part of this gift of knowledge. When I recognized that I did not want some "thing" trivial or major in my life, when I was faced with something negative or painful, I would mentally take it back to the void where it could be dissolved. The void is a place where all things can materialize or dematerialize according to our will. And we can bring all of our mis-creations, mistakes, etc. back there to correct them , or remove them. We may be able (through discipline and consistency ) to change our world by using the same tool that we use to create things in the world of illusion, disillusion, anger and fear, pain and suffering, sickness and death. To use our thoughts and
visualize taking it all back to it's true state of no-thing-ness You can be sure that if something is in your space and in your world, you had a part in it's creation. So the good news is - if you created it - you can change it, you can take it back to the Void. Allow it to be re absorbed and forget about it. Eventually your world and your life will show effects of transformation.

Carol S. Rios
Through many enlightening, mystical experiences I have combined spiritual knowledge with Metaphysical counseling, Numerology, and Art expression. The spiritual awareness we gain has a direct effect upon our world.  Numerologist / Metaphysical Counselor,   Certified Holistic Hypnotherapist,and Artist e-mail  

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