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Lucid Dreaming

by Susan Kramer

In lucid dreams we carry on plausible conversations. When with another person in a lucid dream we are communicating on a more open, freer and a more intuitive level of our mindexperiencing in greater depth the mind that we already ownbut do not access in everyday living.

We are able to go into the greater depths of our mind in lucid dreams because our physical senses are sleeping and not distracting us.

A way to go into and access further into the infinite depths of our mind is by sitting still in meditationby making a firm resolution that we will disregard any sensations from our body for the 5, 10, or 15 minutes of meditation. There are only so many thoughts that can float up to our waking consciousness at any one moment. If we are distracted by bodily sensations, our mind is too distracted to get much new information at the forefront.

To make lucid dreaming a more valuable experience, decide before going to sleep what new information you would like. And decide that you will wake yourself up at the end of gaining the information so that you can immediately write out the new insights. Remember, in lucid dreaming you are accessing information already in your mind, that you have previously been unaware of. On the unseen levels we are all entwined and really there are no physical barriers. What one person knows we can all know, by tuning in to our own deeper, unseen level of contact in a lucid dream or in meditation.

For example, I get the information for all of my writings from the recesses of my mind by staying in consciousness of the Holy Spirit vibration that I have told you how to contact, in my recent writing titled: 'Quiet Time'. Part of the collection: Blazing a Trail.

On practical and spiritual matters, it is a question of ask and you shall receivebut you must set aside the distractions of the bodily senses in order to receive very much of what is hidden right below the surface of your mind. And the two ways that I began receiving information in depth were by lucid dreams, and quietly listening to the Holy Spirit vibration.

copyright 1999 Susan Kramer

Born and raised alongside the Chesapeake Bay, Susan Kramer pursued a career as a classical ballet dancer and taught academics through kinesiology during the 1960s; concurrently studying drawing and design and becoming an abstract color constructionist in the 1970s. From the early 1980s to the present, Susan has written over 500 articles, essays, and commentaries in a combination of verse and prose form--with many translated into the German language. More writings can be found at her website: email: 

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