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A Living "Near Death Experience"

Carol S. Rios

I would like to share my experience that I had in my early twenties. I had the kind of experience that you hear people talk about that have died and been brought back to life. Only at the time I was not dead, sick or on drugs. I had just read a book about meditation and breathing. I was not successful at clearing my mind as you are supposed to do. I simply could not keep the noise of thoughts from flooding my mind. So I decided to create my own form of meditation. I created a small image of myself inside my head just behind my eyes. I pretended to see what the inside of my head looked like, and then proceeded down my throat to my stomache, feeling the body heat and experiencing the moisture. The strange thing that happended was , when I reached my stomache, it became very real. I decided to get out and then I realized I was trapped , (can you believe it) in my own stomache. I thought in a kind of paniic that I would bust my way out and started pushing my arms out to try to escape and the next thing that happened was a kind of expIosion, what I then experienced was this incredible light that was as big as the sun , only I was in the center of it, without a body, as I was part of the light. I was infused with the feeling of Love . I was bathed in the feeling of Love and the Light was this Love , I can only describe total exaltation. There were millions of light beings there and every beautiful soul that ever lived was there. The Angelic voices were singing this incredible beautiful song or sound that was like the sound of millions of Angels singing in harmony and the sound was a tangible real force that I knew was the power of creation or the tool for creation. The sound could be felt as a warmth and the warmth and the Light was Love. It said; "This is what you are, This is where you began , This is where you will return." Not in words , but in sound. At this time, (and time was not a factor), I don't know how long I was there but I did feel that I would burts from the mounting ecstasy . The longer I remained the more I was being filled with Love and acceptance and peace and joy and everything that anyone could possibly want in this world was already there , only a billion times better. I did not want to leave, but I did suddenly find myself sitting on my bed. I felt rejected and my body was drenched in persperation. It was not hot. I felt completely cleansed from the inside out, but now I recognized that the seperation I felt from being in one small flesh shell compared to feeling at one with the entire Universe is a Hell in itself. That was 27 years ago, Since that time I have gone through life knowing the essence of all life is Love, God is Love and believing that I will one day experience this again. One way or the other.

Carol S. Rios

Having many enlightening experiences during my lifetime, was directed toward the search for truth and enlightenment as a result of these experiences. Numerologist, Metaphysician, Certified Holistic Hypnotherapist, Artist. E-mail   

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