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Letters From Me to Myself

By Aaron White

-Letter #1 January, 1999

The whispers of those who would speak through you fade in the background now. Clearly the messages have been handed to you.

You begin to hear your own voice arising from a long deep slumber--desiring an audience with the world that you know. There is a blending, a melding into your energy of lightbeings, gently sharing with you through the many languages of your soul. A mental fog surrounds you as the dust of rapid-awareness-growth gradually settles.

It has all been like an explosion. You race to process the floods of information bursting forth through newly formed gaps along the walls of your perception. You may not be aware of it, but you are in preparation.

You need not feel alone. There are countless others in your world who are beginning, as you are, to wake up. A new day is preparing to dawn in your reality.

When this sun comes up, it will be illuminating a reality transformed through the action of "remembrance waves" sweeping across your global consciousness. Highly charged times and events are boiling to the surface of your dimension. Greatly anticipated ones- we might add, which have no equals anywhere.

It appears that you may have the entire universe on the edge of its collective seat!

Whether you like it or not, you have volunteered yourself (as many others have) to be somewhat of a negotiator between the mass-mind, and the new-dawning frequencies. You will be fulfilling the destinies laid out in your master plans as you "go where no man has gone before."

You have called on us to back you up in this venture. Do you remember us? WE, ARE YOU!

It has always been our desire that we would interact with you in this way. We are honored that you invite us to your party. The task we are assigned is to help remind you of who you REALLY are.

You are remembering us while we reinvent you, and through your memories of us, we are reinvented.

This is all nothing but your own wisdom coming back at you. It belongs to you, and always has.

We are versions of you that vibrate differently than the one you see in your mirror. We do not live in your dimension, only you are allowed that experience.

The information that we impart is not intended only for your personal benefit. We reveal truths to you because you seek to recall the REAL story. For this reason, we desire to assist in defining what that story actually is. We are aware of your tendency to share insights. We therefore assume that you will enthusiastically share what is shown to you with others of like mind.

When there is sharing, it is for the good of the Whole. It is an illusion that we speak only to you.

We are actually speaking to everyone, because in the end All are of the One.

Do not mistake that there are divisions of "better than" or "worse than" within Consciousness. There is no-thing within the Whole that is not of divine significance. Careful that you do not judge whatever it is you perceive anywhere, for you must remember always THERE ARE NO MISTAKES!

All-That-Is _ or "God"- does not use any yardstick to measure rank or importance; there can be

no-thing in your experience that is not made of "Godstuff," and therefore -- nothing is actually good, bad, or in-between. All, simply IS--- and it IS as it is meant to be in this moment.

We understand how this concept can be difficult for you to swallow from your current perspective. However, as your evolution continues to unfold, your abilities to grasp the bigger picture will expand. More and more will you view things through the eyes of your larger self, of which, you are an integral component.

We recognize that you are presently stuck in the "self-awareness" amnesia that is typical within three-dimensional paradigms. Understand that you are IN one of these paradigms, so it is that the paradigm reflects the amnesia. Half of your innate perception you have forgotten, you do not see it. You have been split, and you have all been separated from yourselves. In the process you have turned your entire world backwards. It is almost comical to watch you so fervently doing battle with yourselves.

Because of your natural awareness, and utilization of duality & polarity -- you assume that there is separation -- that energy is flowing against you rather than from within you.

What you are now ready to realize is that putting yourselves in this position aligns you with your most famous nemesis, teacher, and adversary........FEAR. This "separation position" fortifies and propagates the wall between you, and your experience of "source-love"; while it simultaneously provides the stronghold which fear needs in order to exist.

Indeed, you have traveled 180 degrees away from the essences your spirits truly embody.

You are driving with your cars in reverse at all times. Finally, you are beginning to realize that you might not want to continue running over yourselves while driving blindly backwards.

You are beginning to remember that there are keys to unlock you. You are beginning to awaken. Something is telling you that there must be a way for you to change gears, so that you can drive and see where you are going at the same time. We are here for your assistance as you embark upon the great journey of re-membering. You are now ready to travel the path that will lead you home.

We would like to discuss your reconnection, and the resulting changes in your awareness. There is the hope that when others combine their own inner visions with your sharing---their knowing will, indeed become expanded in the mix. All of us are gloriously individual, though at the same time, we are ONE being. As a part grows, so then does the Whole.

So now it is the time to reveal what is happening within your personal reality:

Doubt is finally in retreat, it's lengthy and tenacious reign slipping away at last.

No longer does it hold the strength to cloud your understanding that everything is part of you --

as you are part of everything. There are so many things you could speak of. Things that you have been taught, or that you have read about, things you thought you knew.

However, the strangeness is truly upon you now -- an oddly familiar feeling that you have seen all this truth before. You become mystified with your awareness of alternate versions of yourself. There are so many faces of you. So many dimensional aspects of you -- -- some functioning only on automatic pilot, flying blind. How could this be?

More amazingly, you wonder how you could have been able to climb to this new vista of clarity while navigating on intellectual theory alone! There seems such a difference between the you that was, and the you that now walks through a TRANSPARENT reality. This is not the old solid, predictable world you remember. Suddenly you are able to see that all things are connected in mysterious, and magical ways.

Still, most people cannot understand, or refuse to accept what you are seeing.

You know they remain unaware, so you don't discuss these matters openly, this frustrates you. You feel you can only give subtle hints. It seems like any attempt at explaining yourself brings on suspicions of insanity. You have also witnessed reactions to your views taking the form of the "narrow-minded-scientific-arrogance-monster." When this happens, it seems that you slip into the role of your archetypal Columbus figure, finding it difficult to explain how he knows that the world is round, he just knows.

Everyone tells you that you do not "KNOW." That your truths are not "PROVEN FACTS."

Your inner wisdom violates the mental conditioning of modern man both scientifically, and religiously. This is where you begin to sense how age-old archetypal myths are related in many ways, to the truisms you are uncovering. For example: few people have been far enough away from their egos to see that the ego is not the center of the universe. Science has taught these ideas without ever really escaping its own boundaries. The boundaries act as a trap. In this case (as in many), it is the "Proof Trap": looking at reality strictly from the head (superficial ego) -- -- thereby denying the existence of that which is beneath the surface mind {"I don't-or won't accept anything without PROOF"}. The secret of the trap is that you can't see what is on the third floor when you refuse to leave the fourth. Consequently, from this perspective, you have no choice but to conclude that the third does not exist. You cannot visually see your proof. Interesting how you deny the validity of that which you don't see. Does it not occur to you that the most powerful forces in your reality are invisible to the naked eye?.....forces such as: gravity, electromagnetism, radiation, sound, vibration, air pressure, gases, and in the list could go on forever.

For hundreds of years you have been shown that man is not the center of the universe. This information has been deliberately misconstrued, a clever trick of the ego. The facts are turned around on you quite nicely in order to keep you away from your power. In actual truth you ARE at the center of your universe in every moment.

It is not the ego aspect of you however, which resides there. The real center would be where your heart or "third floor" is positioned. You are told not to believe this, told to deny the very existence of your heart center. What's more, is that beyond this, an even deeper truth is that your stomach is actually the core area for you. It is from your stomach that you may hear the knowing within. Pay attention to what your stomach tells you, it feels.

With this in mind, perhaps you can better understand the jealousy of the ego and it's subsequent hunger for control. Feeling threatened, the ego continues to fight the same battles that it always has. Hence its onslaught against all knowledge of man's natural internal sovereignty. You are programmed to believe that you are a small, helplessly weak victim of a randomly dangerous world outside of you. You are taught to seek the forgiveness of a God in the cloudsa God who does not approve of you. You are told that you are bad, an original sinner, a lowly mortal who's only hope of success or happiness is to accept the laws, and religious deities your culture tells you must honor? You have been brainwashed by manipulative elitist control-groups terrified of losing their grip on you. They are macrocosmic representations of the ego--in the realm of mankind as a whole. Sound familiar?

You may have suspected as much. You were correct. Such groups operate behind the scenes, running the show from where you cannot detect them. Furthermore, we must tell you that up until recent times, they have done a very effective job of blinding you to yourselves. Still, you would not want to be without them. Even your so-called "bad guys" have their crucial God-given roles to playout within the grand drama (though they would never admit to such a plan). When they have seen you start to grow, they have reacted by stunting your growth with ingenious technologies, the existence of which will anger you--when you eventually discover their presence. Such reactions, are the standard lines of defense for an outer-focused mass-mind. You are realizing this. You now are beginning to develop a type of awareness that poses a very real threat to those who perpetuate your society's myopic ego-based belief systems.

Truth can be very uncomfortable for people who insist that multidimensional reality is fiction, or who know that such types of knowledge will undermine their profit margins.

Then there are many who would simply prefer not to rock the boat. They would rather not see things in a more accurate light than the one their media, churches, and education you have shown them. It is more comfortable for them to remain as programmed sheep. This is not necessarily wrong, it is simply what they choose. It is not however, a choice that you can make because for you its too late, you know too much. This is not to say that your heart doesn't break a little as you attempt to reach the others.

Nevertheless, these changes continue to propel you forward. You are beyond the point of turning back, and you KNOW it.

No longer is anything "mundane" for you. The unreal becomes real, the impossible is possible, and definitions are not clearly defined. You hear echoes of your own voice in every sound. You see shades of familiarity behind everything in your vision. You know that you have not gone mad, but now it seems like your world is filled with actors in a movie, all conspiring not to speak of the truth -- all conspiring to act as if they didn't know. This does not frighten you; rather you are saddened as you can see that the actors do not remember they are acting. Your perceptions are always bathed in whirling mists of d???j??? vu ...strangely; it doesn't bother you in the least. Nothing surprises you, yet you are surprised by everything. Ideas and events instantly burst into form around you with obvious intent of symbolic Synchronicity---- this can't amaze you anymore -- it has become far too commonplace.

Indeed there is an overwhelming difference between knowing things theoretically, and knowing them experientially. Sometimes that difference can shake you up and leave you dazed -- -- it is this stuff that revelations are made of -- -- and it is this stuff that in-part, reveals man's true purpose. All things are of the One --so we will remind you that humans are experiential portions of God moving out of the Mindself (theory-imagination) into a self-reflected/created physical environment (the "lives" you experience).

There are some people that do not think blindly with the group mind as a whole:

You are one of those, and so, we suspect, is anyone who has read this far. The majority considers the way in which "your type" thinks, to be unfounded and ridiculously unproven -- even delusional. But as most of you who naturally bend in these directions are aware; often what was considered insanity in its day, turns out to be the -not so ridiculous everyday reality- later on. You also know that supposedly "delusional" fringe thinkers [or artists] are frequently found in hindsight to have been visionaries heroically attempting to alert people to their own inherent genius. Mankind is as yet, largely unaware of the vast potentiality laying dormant within the species -- -- awaiting an appropriate level of maturity to be attained in order to reveal itself.

To understand this, think about the millions who travel in airplanes everyday, giving it not a second thought -forgetting that not so many years ago, the very idea of an airplane was enough to have you outfitted for a straitjacket. You might also imagine, that had the invading Europeans flown aircraft in the Old West, far more havoc would have been wreaked than what was already achieved in the annihilation of the Buffalo, and the Native American Tribes

You must remain in a place of courage as you forge new pathways into territories where most people would not think to enter. These are the paths that will gain you access to your next evolutionary gateways. As you step bravely through these gateways, you are helping to pave the way for Mankind as a whole.... Including those who would turn a deaf ear on your vision, and laugh you away. They too, will be the beneficiaries of deeper and more powerful self-awareness. They are simply choosing to remain ignorant to who, and what they really are. Indeed, their entire lives may pass without them ever allowing themselves to accurately perceive their inner natures. People tend to block what they are not ready to understand. Some will have to wait for death to reveal to them what they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge in life, and this is all right, it is a matter of free will.

You, however, have not chosen the luxury of ignorance. You cannot ignore the greater consciousness that you now know you are a part of. Your chosen mission is to assist in the opening of eyes that desire to see. But you must remember that the most important eyes to keep open will always be... your own.

Gaining New Understanding

You are learning to understand yourself. There is a great deal of ground to cover in gaining this understanding; however, there are some key universal thought techniques that can be helpful as you begin. One must remember that delving into an exploration of consciousness requires an alert, intuitive mindset. Keep yourself aware of your beliefs, and what you verbally say in every "now". Utilize different expansive ways of looking at everything. Experiment, and apply non-limiting approaches within your day to day present moments. If you do this sincerely and without expectation of any particular outcome, you will be amazed and electrified with the results. Again, your biggest problem will be not to expect a problem. In a culture that wants scientific evidence for air before it will take a breath--overcoming negative expectations (doubt) can be quite a challenge. This is because fear is driving force behind your staunchly pessimistic "prove it to me" stance. In the future, we will discuss fear in more depth. For now, just be aware that fear is by far the most effective overall tool for smothering growth. Furthermore, just about any negative thought, emotion, or action can be traced back to fear as its root. It has been the main method of control for your government, your organized churches (religions), your media, and all other factions that profit from your ignorance to actual truth.

By not attaching expectation of particular outcome-- it is possible to circumvent fear before fear is able to trick you into staying stuck. You will remain stuck if you continue to you expect your outer environment to be the cause of your internal feelings. In actuality, there is nothing in your outer world that is not absolutely 100 percent the result of thought--conscious, or subconscious. Once you have come to a point where you know the truth of this in your bones you will know that you are becoming free. You will realize that you have never really been enslaved by the outside circumstances of your life; though the powers that be -- [ruled by fear] -- would have you believe otherwise, and have been quite successful in convincing you for a very long time. Another very important benefit of releasing expectation, is that you no longer narrow down your possibilities. When you follow the principal of allowance, you forget about expecting anything in particular for yourself (which is actually a form of judgment). As you do this you allow the universe to give you anything that you desire; and in fact, you usually get more than you bargain for. As you let go, you no longer cling to the door -- -- you are allowing it to flow openly, and as you have been told before, always, when you allow a door to close--a new one will open for you. The trick is that you are often granted your creation in a form that you do not see coming. Creation does indeed work in mysterious ways---so judge not---expect not. Allow your experience to flow naturally into your desires by riding along with the current, letting it take you there by grand design. Don't fearfully dogpaddle your way into a fitful circle where you are getting nowhere---------float.

Most of the time, you try far too hard! Open your minds...Open your hearts...and listen, carefully, to your stomachs. Ever had a "gut hunch"? A little secret: when you are stuck listening to the old-programmed chatter of your conscious minds, you can't hear the divine intuition tugging at you from your gut. Give in to the tug, your stomach is smarter than your brain. Believe it.

To Be Continued--

Aaron White is a millenium societal implant; he appears to have been placed in this reality at this time to assist in a "spreading of remembrance" in the awareness of himself, and others. For a while he thought he was a nut, or an alien, and he made himself very lonely. He has grown since that time. He now realizes the validity of his special perception.and is striving in the responsibility of sharing his insights . He is also 38 year old rock guitarist and fledgling writer currently living in Portland Oregon. His snail address is 8407 NE Fremont #109 PDX OR 97220. Toll free pager is 888-789-7921, voice mail is 503-271-6076, E-mail is

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