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Memories From A Land Long Ago

by Shirley Andrews

When I was very young, I constantly thought about a land called Atlantis that I was sure lay in the Atlantic Ocean. Adults finally convinced me it wasnt there but, like an adopted child searching for a birth parent, my insatiable interest in the mysterious country persisted. I now realize that in a previous life in Atlantis I used my knowledge and skills in evil ways to gain power. As a novice priest I came under the influence of older magi, who encouraged me to take advantage of women and abuse my talents to control others. To atone for these misdeeds, I believe I must publicize what I know about the Atlanteans accomplishments in hopes of indirectly improving and maintaining life on this planet today.

For years, whenever it was possible, I read about Atlantis. I learned from ancient scholars, scientists, contemporary re- searchers, Native Americans, and the readings of Edgar Cayce and other reputable psychics. It startled me to discover how well the channeled material from the psychics correlates with more traditional sources, even though they had no access to one another. Before long, I was completely convinced that until about 12,000 years ago, the people of Atlantis did thrive on land in the Atlantic Ocean that, like so much else on the surface of our unstable planet, just isnt here now.

An extensive amount of the knowledge I have acquired about Atlantis is relevant to life today. Our Atlantean ancestors managed to live peacefully with nature without destroying it. They developed an admirable life similar to the type we presently strive to attain, a life in which individuals fully understand what lay within themselves, comprehended the magnitude and power of the universe and had a satisfying relationship with it.

Edgar Cayce offers a further advantage to study of the lost country. He maintains that many who lived in Atlantis chose to be reborn into the present time; these people retain latent qualities that influence their behavior today. Some carry an interest in science and technology. Others, because their land was so terribly destroyed, have a desperate desire for harmony, peace, and preservation of the Earth. Buried in humanitys subconscious are vivid memories of the distant past, and for many people today this means experiences in Atlantis. It is my hope that academic and intuitive examination of the lost land and its people will help us create a better world, modeled on that outstanding civilization of prehistory.

Striking parallels between accounts of the advanced accomplishments of Sumerians, who lived in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers about 4000 b.c., and descriptions of life in Atlantis became apparent during my study of prehistory. Attempting to understand the reason for the unbelievably rapid progress of human beings in Sumeria and its similarity with Atlantean feats, I was drawn to the research of the renowned scholar Zecharia Sitchin and others who suggest that extraterrestrials visited our planet in the past and assisted in the accelerated development of some primitive societies. If beings from outer space frequented the Earth in antiquity, the glacier-free, mineral-rich land of Atlantis would have been a logical destination for them. This explains Platos reference to the god Poseidon marrying a mortal woman and settling in Atlantis, and accounts for the Atlanteans amazing achievements.

There are those who predict that someday, Atlantis will rise from the sea. But others think that the enlightenment and spirituality of the Golden Age will rise again in its place. If we follow the example of the long-lived civilization of Atlantis and simplify our lives... if we emphasize love, compassion, and alignment with nature... if we eventually allow ourselves to take advice from helpful celestial visitors, then the human race and the Earth will survive. And, in spirit, Atlantis will rise again.

Although most accurate knowledge of long ago is lost in the mists of time, plenty remains in the bright sunlight, apparent to those who search for it. It is my hope that through my research, books, articles and lectures, I will arouse interest and curiosity, and encourage the pursuit of this fascinating subject in new and varied directions. Discovering the lost secrets of Atlantis can lead us on a most fulfilling journey towards discovering the lost secrets of our own origin and our destiny.

?Shirley Andrews 1997

Shirley Andrews is the author of ATLANTIS Insights From A Lost Civilization. She has has traveled from the jungles of Central America to the islands of Azores to uncover the truth of Atlantis, conducting intensive research at the British Museum, the University of Chicago, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia. Ms. Andrews stays quite busy as she continues her research and is in great demand with her lectures on Atlantis. You may contact Shirley at or visit 

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